Traditional and Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts


A leather gift is traditional for the third anniversary. From jackets to wallets to these pressed leather coffee cups, they’re a thoughtful and long-lasting pick for your lovebird.

She can keep necklaces, earrings, and rings safe and secure with this navy blue leather jewelry box. It also includes compartments for change, a zipper pocket for ID, and two additional pockets for receipts.


Leather is the traditional gifting material for this anniversary, as well as a modern symbol of strength and protection. Whether you follow traditional themes or eschew them altogether, these thoughtful leather gifts are sure to please your house-proud partner.

Give them a new way to hold their most beloved treasures with this personalized valet serving tray. Designed to be personalized using one of two unique methods, they can stash it on their nightstand or post it near the front door for quick access to jewelry and other trinkets.

Honor your loved one’s third 3rd wedding anniversary gift with this thoughtful keepsake crafted from strips of vegan leather woven together and printed with your names, wedding date, or short message. A framed option makes this a stylish wall art piece that will look good anywhere in the home.


If she loves flowers, consider gifting her this incredibly elegant rose made of crystal. The facets catch the light beautifully, and it can be personalized with her name and wedding date.

If you’re not into flowery gifts, try this pretty leather vanity case that is perfect for holding her favorite lipsticks and other cosmetics. It can also be personalized with a message to make it more special.

Or, give her something that’s just as practical but with a cool twist like this vegetable-tanned leather desk pad. It has a large compartment for an iPad, two additional pockets for bills and receipts, and it can be personalized with her name for a lovely touch. She’ll love it. And she’ll think of you every time she uses it.


The traditional gift for the third wedding anniversary is glass, which represents clarity and honesty that you have developed in your relationship. Give your spouse this lovely decorative piece to display in your home and serve as a reminder of your love for each other.

She can store her favorite earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in this stylish leather jewelry box that can be personalized with a message of your choice. She’ll cherish this unique gift for a long time.

If she’s a fan of reading, surprise her with this wooden valet that holds her book and offers space for her glasses and a beverage. It can be engraved with a romantic message to make it even more special. She’ll appreciate a thoughtful 3rd anniversary gift like this.


For couples who love a good glass of wine this elegant crystal stemware set makes the perfect gift. It can be engraved with your names and the date to make it even more special.

Jade is one of the two modern gifting materials associated with the third wedding anniversary and symbolizes the beauty, clarity, and honesty you share in your relationship after three years together. Whether you go for jade or crystal, these modern theme anniversary gifts are sure to be appreciated by the love of your life.

Designed from tooled leather, this beautiful bracelet can be engraved with your name and wedding date to make it an unforgettable piece that will remind her of you every time she wears it. You could also pair it with a matching earrings and necklace for an even more striking ensemble.


For those who don’t feel like sticking to the traditional and modern gifting themes for their third anniversary, there are plenty of other wonderful gifts out there. Whether you opt for a leather wallet for the jet-setter or a wood-wrapped candle with notes of musk and spice, these gifts will help your partner celebrate their love over the past three years.

Bamboo plants are known to flower in a unique pattern called “sporadic” flowering, which is triggered by environmental factors rather than genetics. This type of flowering usually happens once every 130 years, so your loved one is bound to enjoy this beautiful bamboo-inspired gift!

Give your spouse a place to keep their favorite book and a little bit of their own history with this wooden valet. The piece has a slot for a book and also offers a spot for reading glasses, a cup of coffee and their phone – all the essentials for enjoying a good read together!

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