Choosing the Best Reseller Hosting: Ultimate Guide


Have you ever thought about making money online? It is a great idea to start a reseller hosting business. As a starting point, you will need a reseller hosting provider.

Reseller hosting often appeals to small businesses and startups looking for cost-effective WHMCS reseller hosting options.

To help you make an informed decision for the best unlimited reseller hosting, we’ll provide key factors to consider. Also, we’ll discuss some of the best reseller hosting providers.


Reseller Hosting – What is it?

A web hosting service provides space where web applications and websites can live. An online service used to store, serve, and deliver content to users. There is a difference between “web hosting” and “web server,” which are confused terms.

Web hosts connect their computers to the Internet using protocols like HTTP, HTTPS (secure HTTP), FTP, and SSH (secure shell). You can run many software applications on a server, process data, and offer other systems services. 

As a reseller with cheap cpanel reseller hosting provider, you have the flexibility to create customized hosting packages tailored to your client’s specific needs. A reseller is a distributor, wholesaler, or retailer.

A network’s “system administrator” manages the operation of the entire network or organization. In essence, a reseller buys a larger area from a distributor so that he or she can sell through the channels of their own company. 

Best Reseller Hosting Companies You Should Check Out

We have compiled a list of some of the top reseller hosting companies below.


MilesWeb is a web hosting service provider that offers reseller hosting plans. Reseller hosting is when clients purchase web hosting plans in bulk from a service provider. The service provider then resells the plan by dividing it into parts.

MilesWeb offers cheap reseller hosting plans that start at a nominal price and can host unlimited websites. The plans are mainly divided into Linux and Windows, and offer four types of reseller hosting plans. MilesWeb reseller hosting plans include benefits like the cPanel control panel and free WHMCS.  With this, resellers can manage your clients and hosting accounts effortlessly with built-in WHMCS integration. Automate tasks, create customized packages, and handle billing seamlessly.

Build your brand identity by white-labeling the control panel with your own logo and company name. Get round-the-clock assistance from MilesWeb’s experienced support team whenever you or your clients need help.

  •       SSD NVMe storage
  •       Free SSL Certificate
  •       cPanel+WHM
  •       Wide Range of Plans
  •       Unlimited Bandwidth
  •       Unlimited Accounts


  • DomainRacer

There is no better web hosting service provider in India than DomainRacer. Among the most reliable reseller hosting companies, DomainRacer offers higher profits. 

Providing excellent service and technology to your customers is the key to starting a web hosting business. With DomainRacer, you can pick the domain name for your website from a wide variety of options. 

Unlock new possibilities for your business with DomainRacer VPS Reseller, your gateway to high-performance, efficient virtual private server hosting services that will help to get massive income without any interruption.

Your brand will enjoy their exclusive, fast unlimited reseller hosting. A white-label vendor that you can trust. The goal of DomainRacer is to transform your small business into an industrial giant.

It’s easy to build a 21x faster web hosting business with DomainRacers’ cheap reseller hosting packages. The company provides a web hosting solution that is fully white-labeled for resellers:


  • Storage on SSD & unlimited cPanel accounts
  • With LiteSpeed technology, you can expect 99.9% uptime
  • As per plans, WHMCS billing is free
  • Resource Links for Reseller Hosting
  • WHM/Softaculous access through cPanel
  • RAID Controller & JetBackup Optional
  • HostGator

HostGator’s reseller hosting plans are some of the best in the industry. WHMCS management tool and cPanel customer management tool are included. You specify the packages, storage space, and bandwidth for your reseller hosting customers. 

HostGator, the leading web hosting provider, offers entrepreneurs an exciting journey as entrepreneurs. High-quality hosting services are something you can offer by choosing their unlimited reseller hosting cPanel.

Having unlimited domains is one of the benefits of hosting with HostGator. Manage many MySQL databases, as well as create customized email accounts. Ensure your clients’ websites are accessible and online at all times with our 99.9% uptime guarantee. 

You can navigate any challenges with ease thanks to HostGator’s extensive tutorial library. A WHMCS management platform automates billing and customer support in all web hosting reseller plans.

  • BlueHost

Despite its recent entry into the reseller hosting market, BlueHost is not an old company. The best reseller hosting service is definitely not something they slouch around with. 

An expanding customer base makes the company one of the most popular reseller hosting providers. Their reseller hosting offers features including private name servers, spam protection, and free builder. 

Also, you can register unlimited domains and subdomains with them. Unlimited MySQL Databases and cPanels with intuitive interfaces. Unlimited email addresses with an email platform that is secure and unlimited FTP accounts are also available.

Reseller hosting from BlueHost also offers a webmail interface that supports three web-based email platforms. Web hosting companies only offer web-based email access to reseller plans at present.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Reseller Hosting

When choosing the unlimited reseller hosting, consider the following factors.


The first step is to select the best-unlimited reseller hosting package with enough bandwidth and storage. Make sure that the packages and products you offer your clients are tailored to their needs. 

You can provide your clients with customer support and security certificates. A comprehensive support team at 10GB Hosting provides help to your clients 24×7 so problems are resolved.


Be sure to set a price that is profitable for you when thinking about how much to charge. Moreover, it is appealing to your clients. Overcharging your customers would result in them opting for your competitors. 

Avoid hidden costs when setting your price. Select the cheapest reseller hosting package with the highest profit margin which DomainRacer has in their plan.

Service Uptime

An uptime rate is an important factor to consider when choosing a hosting service. A server’s uptime is usually measured in days, and it’s expressed as a percentage. The level of customer satisfaction depends on the provider’s uptime guarantee, which should be 99.9%. 

If your company’s uptime is less than 99.9%, your customers will experience problems. Due to an error message, they will abandon their shopping carts.

Standards of Performance

A brand’s website’s speed affects how people experience it. There are reseller hosting plans that can help your website load faster and reduce common errors. Your platform choice will determine the amount of effort you have to put forth. 

Search engines rank websites based on their performance as much as their design. Reseller Hosting providers should pay attention to website speed. As a result, you will prevent your e-commerce site from being abandoned by dissatisfied customers.

A White Labeling Service

The reseller hosting provider should also provide you with some white-labeling services. A solution that allows your business name to be displayed on your services. Neither the reseller hosting provider nor its location is mentioned.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing businesses that wish to expand their range of services should consider reseller hosting. Hosting your clients’ websites with reseller packages does not need you to configure your web server. 

There are also some excellent reseller hosting companies listed, and DomainRacer is one of the best. This is why many web developers start up a reseller hosting company. We have listed some factors to consider before getting a cheap unlimited reseller hosting plan. 


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