How to start a Graphic Design Business?


Starting just any business is not an easy thing to do. This is especially in the current hard economic times where businesses are struggling with the post-covered hard economy. Some businesses such as the ones that are based on technology are even harder to navigate given the complexities that come with the internet.

One of the companies that you can consider starting is a graphic design company. The business deals in the creation of websites. Starting and growing a web design business takes many steps and processes that ultimately enable the business to run.

If you are thinking of starting a web design company, you need to follow some steps to ensure that the business develops from an idea to reality. Below, we will look at the tips that you need to follow to transform your graphic design idea from a model to a running business.

Choose a business name

The first step in creating a graphic design company is finding a name for your new business. When looking for a name for your new venture, what you want to achieve is presenting your identity while at the same time hinting at the type of services that you offer.

Brenda white, an expert marketer from Chicago suggests that one should pick a business name based on the region that they operate in, the type of business and their own identity. When done correctly, potential customers will be able to identify with you while understanding the type of business that you do.

Also, it is wise to choose a name whose domain name will be available on the World Wide Web for company websites. This very good point to consider since you would like your domain name to match with that of your business. In addition, you will have to create social media handles that represent your business.

Lastly, you have to choose a business entity. The business entity will determine the structure of your business, how you pay taxes, and your level of liability. This can be a sole proprietorship, LLC, or a corporation. The choice of the business entity depends on the size of the business and the places you want to operate from.

Normally, a sole proprietorship is run by the owner from one single location. However, if you want to have branches in different states, you need to register an LLC or a corporation.  With that information, it will be easy for you to make the right decision even as you start a graphic design business.

Choose your niche

A graphic designer might have many different specialties in their career.  Therefore, it’s wise to choose your niche correctly so that you can identify where your business lies. And although you may be tempted to do it all when it comes to graphic design, it is better to limit yourself to one niche.

After working on a couple of projects and learning what your customers want, it is time to focus on your specialties. It is time to concentrate on a niche market that only deals with the subgenre of graphic design. This can be web design, logo design, brand strategy, infographics, typography, and animation.

When you identify the niche that sells the most, you can make a wise decision of concentrating on it. When making your business decisions, it is important to identify the niche services that you intend to offer in the long term. That way, you will find the future of your business.

Create a business plan

Just like in any other business, a business plan is very important if you are looking to start a graphic design business.  This is because the business plan will provide you with a roadmap that will keep you on track through the early stages of your business.

If you are looking for funding from investors or even banks, it is wise to have a business plan in hand which will help the investors and the other parties to prove that your business idea is worth investing in.

A business plan has a lot of information about your business including financial projections, a summary of services, and a research on competitors. The business plan should also outline the amount of capital needed to start a business. In addition, the outline will touch on where the fund is going to come from.

At this stage, you should also take time to set your rate which should not be too far from what other graphic designers charge for their services.  In most cases, you can either charge an hourly rate or per project basis. Whatever the case, choose a pricing model that compensates for the time and effort that you put into the projects.

Plan your marketing

As you continue planning on your business, you need to plan your marketing. This process involves creating materials that you can use to market your new graphic design business. The material you choose should not only market your business but give away part of your portfolio and contacts. This will give potential clients a chance to talk to you and learn more about your expertise.

You should consider marketing materials such as a website and social media. These are the most prominent methods of online marketing today for they are affordable and easy to use.

Build a client base

The next step in stating a graphic design business is creating a client base. After settling on a business name, registering it and finding capital to start, it is time to find clients. You can easily do this by registering on job boards, using social media, online advertisements, industry events, and checking out freelance sites.

Consider expansion

As you start your graphic design business, it is important to consider how to finance expansion.  As you take in more clients, you may need to expand so that you can handle the growing demand.  Expansion may either require you to hire some employees to take on some project or purchase expensive equipment.


Above we have seen the process of starting a web design business. If you follow these points carefully, you will be able to start and run a successful graphic design company.

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