How To Communicate to the Family That an Elopement Wedding Is Your Choice?


You’ve chosen to elope and have your ideal wedding, but you’re not sure how to tell your family. This type of marriage will most likely not be traditional or what your family members envisioned for the both of you, but it can be a celebration that is true to you and who you are. You don’t want to hurt their emotions or start a dispute, but you also don’t want to give up on your decision. 

So, how do you tell them you want an elopement wedding? This blog article will provide pointers and advice on managing this sensitive scenario. We will assist you in preparing for the talk, selecting appropriate language and tone, and dealing with any potential responses. We’ll also show you how to get the best elopement packages to clarify your intentions for your families.

How To Perfectly Get the Decision to Your Family

United in Their Decision

The key in communication is that you as a couple agree and want the same thing so that you present yourself as a united front about your decision.

Take Into Account Your Preferences

Remember that in this elopement wedding, the guest list is smaller; decide together who is essential for that day. However, if you prefer the idea of ​​just the two of you, that’s perfect! They can even manage an online broadcast so that their loved ones can accompany them from a distance and send them live messages.

Avoid Creating Expectations

If you know from the beginning that this will be your style, you can begin to discuss it among your family members so that expectations are not created with another type of ceremony.

Without Guilt or Emotional ‘Debts’

You should know that some of your family and friends will be disappointed, sad, hurt, or upset when they find out that you will not be attending your wedding. Remember that you cannot and should not try to control or avoid these emotions; it is best to face them together and with courage. 


Validate those emotions and allow someone who wants to ‘vent’ or discuss the issue with you to listen to them, but do not enter into a debate about the decision you have already made. 

Share With Your Family What an Elopement Wedding Is

Sharing with your family and explaining what an elopement wedding is can help clear up legal concerns or other traditional issues that may arise.

Make Them Participate

Once you have the photographs of the event, create a virtual album with the best shots of that day and share it with your loved ones. 

Include them in plans such as:

  • Organizing a special meal with them after the wedding.
  • Having them accompany you to buy their wedding outfits.
  • Making a virtual transmission of your union.
  • Asking them to write you their good wishes through letters you can open later in the ceremony.


Once you have clearly communicated your decisions with your family and you have gotten it finalized. The next step to getting your choice of marriage is getting a destination wedding planner that can get you a proper elopement guide. You can contact the ideal planner we recommend on their website to choose one of the best elopement packages.

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