Exploring the options of Heat Shrink Film roll: Types and their Applications


Learn the range of heat shrink film roll options available on the market and different types of heat shrink film for particular purposes and uses you must know about.

Packing things, shipping them to far-off places or storing objects for a long time have become important processes and tasks in every industry. It is, therefore, important to focus on the factors and components that support the overall options correctly. Heat shrink film rolls have become necessary for all industry processes where packing, sealing and securing products are the main concerns.

Heat shrink film has become important for bundling, packing and sealing products for temper-proof packing options in nearly all industries. Due to its clear composition, it keeps products visible to the people while still keeping them safe from any damage and issues from the outside.

Heat shrink film rolls have various features and these shrink film rolls and can be chosen according to the required usage. It is available in various options like Polyolefin, PVC and Polyethylene.

Let’s explore the features and perks that users must know about before they choose the right packing and protection materials for their products:

Polyolefin Heat Shrink Film as a popular choice for packing

Polyolefin heat shrink film roll is 

the most popular choice for packaging objects. It is because heat shrink film roll is clear, durable and can be used on various surface options with an assured presentable packing.

Polyolefin film is derived from high-quality synthetic polymers to ensure customized packing and provide durable cover. The key properties and uses of Polyolefin heat shrink film that must be understood are as below:

  • These are exceptionally clear, making them suitable for retail packing so the buyer can see the products clearly without opening them.
  • Polyolefin heat shrink film is easy as it works fine with automatic packing machines and can also be used manually to wrap objects and various products, whether food products, fresh items or electronics.
  • Polyolefin offers quicker, better shrinking upon heat application; hence, it is considered more suitable for irregular surfaces or products of various sizes.
  • The heat shrink film roll made from Polyolefin is non-toxic and safe for use on fresh food items.
  • It is tear-resistant and ensures the package stays resistant to any damages during transit or when stored. With tear-resistant features, manufacturers can ensure safe packaging to ensure nothing is at risk when the products are shipped to the buyers.


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Heat Shrink Film


PVC heat shrink film roll is also a perfect hat shrink material with its perks and features to provide protection and coverage. The polymer is derived and obtained from vinyl chloride monomers, offering perks and applications as follows:

  • It’s rigid and stiffer than Polyolefin film for added safety and protection against external damage. PVC films work better for products that require rigid and stiff support for long-term protection.
  • PVC film also comes as clear coverage options for retail items’ packaging. It can also be used for displayed products and allow visibility and protection simultaneously.
  • PVC heat shrink film rolls are cost-effective and offer a low-cost, high-quality product packing and storage solution.
  • The durable, resistant and high-protective coverage provided by PVC heat shrink film allows people to use it as one of the best packaging and storage components where risks are anticipated.
  • Due to lower cost, PVC heat shrink film rolls provide a cost-effective solution to the packing needs of most manufacturers and sellers. A smaller budget means the manufacturers will get the right packaging without huge costs.
  • It has a lower shrinkage level, offering better cover for larger packages and products with bigger sizes that need stiff and durable protection.

Polyethylene Heat Shrink Film

PE heat shrink film rolls are available in different options, like low-density and high-density PE films, suitable for various purposes and options.

PE film is flexible and works perfectly to wrap around any shape and size of products. This works perfectly for products with irregular shapes and may need a snug fit cover when packed.

PE film can be used for a wide range of packing styles, whether on a huge carton, a few products without a box or medium-sized product boxes.

With higher shrinkage capability, the PE heat shrink film offers greater sealing and packing power and better cover for temper-proof packing. Most PE packing options are eco-friendly and provide better packing options. 

Branding made easy


For branding purposes, manufacturers can rely on printing polyolefin packaging materials. PE shrink film rolls are also available for printing, providing a range of suitable options to ensure the users get all possibilities for packing their goods safely.

Manufacturers can get their custom-printed branded film rolls according to the product needs. These are cost-effective, durable and high-grade coverage options for various products.

Heat shrink film rolls are the basic packing requirements for packing, labelling, sealing products for safer storage, and shipping to buyers worldwide, ensuring product safety and quick, customized solutions.

Polyolefin, PVC and PE heat shrink film rolls are available in various customized thickness and density options. Depending on their packing and branding requirements, manufacturers and retailers can get the best product packaging solution.

The exceptional coverage, protection, and customization options ensure that the heat shrink film meets nearly all packing requirements, either as a resistant layer or a branded top layer on the product with labels.

Businesses can choose the right heat shrink film according to their packing requirements based on the materials, shrink range and clarity of the film that is preferred. The heat shrink films come with various features, and users can decide on the kind of heat shrink cover without worrying about budget issues or applicability. This is because the heat shrink film is a perfect solution for product packing in various circumstances and provides protection against all possible risk factors.

The heat shrink film rolls can be customized for any packing due to its highly flexible nature and advanced features, ensuring an easy, budget-friendly and environmentally friendly packing option.

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