Navigating the Digital Landscape: Essential Features for Travel Apps


Living in a digital world is no less than a blessing as it has made everyone’s lives so much easier. People can now shop online at their convenience, connect with friends & family living across the world, and more. 

Technological advancement is more than this, where people are now able to book their complete itineraries before going on a trip. Isn’t it interesting? Finally, those days are gone when people used to make instant bookings, but not anymore- all thanks to the rise of advanced technology. 

The travel industry has witnessed a rapid transformation ever since travel apps came into existence. With the help of travel mobile applications, travelers can easily make all their travel bookings under one roof, enjoy 24*7 accessibility, etc. After seeing the success of travel applications, business owners have begun to invest in a travel software development company to meet their end goals. 

As a business owner, you should know what are the essential features you should add in your travel app that will deliver a streamlined user experience. 

In this blog, we’ll talk about the incorporation of significant features that can attract your targeted audience and make your existing users more loyal to your travel app.

Must-Have Features You Should Include in Your Travel Mobile App

If you are planning to build an app like MakeMyTrip, you must add the following features to your travel app to deliver an exceptional user experience. 

  • In-App Language Translation

International traveling is on the bucket list of many people, and with time, it has also become a global trend. But, going on a foreign trip comes with a significant challenge, and that is the native-language barrier. And, to avoid creating such unpleasant situations for travelers, you must integrate an in-app language translation feature. 

A study has shown that 46% of travelers avoid visiting places where the language barrier is a huge issue. In such a case, AI-based voice recognition or computer vision technology can do wonders for your travel application. Travelers can scan the text to translate the message into their language for a streamlined experience. 

  • Secure Payment Integration

The next essential feature of your travel app is the integration of secure payment platforms. Users must feel that the information they are sharing on the travel app, like phone numbers or credit/debit card details will be protected from any unauthorized access. 

You should also add multiple payment gateways, like PayPal or Credit Card because you don’t know through which platform your user will make the payment. You can even add a currency rate converter feature to make the entire process of checking the currency exchange rates feasible. The integration of this feature enables travelers to easily pay for transportation, hotels, etc. 

  • Travel Itinerary Generator

Will travelers download a travel app that can plan an entire trip for them? Of course, yes, and that is why, you must add an itinerary feature to deliver a smooth user experience. With the help of this feature, travelers can just sit back & relax and enjoy their whole trip without worrying about anything. 

A travel itinerary generator feature will plan everything for a traveler, from the best sightseeing to accommodation. The end goal of this feature is to make trip planning easy & accessible to travelers. TripAdvisor is a well-known example of a travel app that helps travelers find the best restaurants and other tourist attractions. 

  • Emergency Services

One of the most important features in a travel app you should definitely add is emergency services because you might not be ready for any unfortunate event. If you are planning to develop a travel app, you must incorporate this feature in order to be on the safer side and not hamper the traveler’s overall experience.

You can add location-based emergency numbers or directions to nearby pharmacies, clinics, or police stations to help travelers when in need. Making travelers safe your priority can help you have a higher number of downloads of your travel app. 

  • User Ratings and Reviews

Last but not least, a feature you should consider adding to your travel app is the rating & reviews section to build travelers’ trust. 

Positive feedback or reviews from the user’s end is the only genuine source that can build trust in new users. It can boost your brand visibility and enhance your business’s reputation. Furthermore, as a business owner, you can learn about your existing users on a deeper level and can accordingly provide services. 

According to a report, 80% of customers check the review section before selecting any accommodation for their trip. That means user ratings and reviews have a significant role and the potential to level up your business game. 

Concluding Words

The travel industry is booming and will continue to do so- all thanks to technological advancement. Now, thousands of travel applications are ruling in the market, and if you also want to be a part of this list, integrate the above-mentioned features. 

The integration of these features can help you attract your targeted audience, which ultimately helps you in achieving your end goals. Besides the incorporation of these features, you should also focus on the UI/UX of the travel app to catch the attention of new users. 

So, navigate the digital landscape of your travel app and streamline the user’s journey. 

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