Best Payment Methods for Advertising on Facebook in 2024


In the world of digital marketing, where dynamics and multitasking take the forefront, effective management of payments for advertising campaigns becomes a key element of success. This is especially true for platforms like Facebook, where advertising campaigns require flexibility and promptness in financial transactions. But why is it sometimes necessary to use multiple bank cards for ad payments?

The reason is that managing multiple ad campaigns often involves the need to separate budgets, track expenses, and optimize costs. Additionally, using multiple cards can be associated with a desire to reduce risks and enhance transaction security. In such circumstances, when there is a need to launch numerous ad campaigns, the necessity for multiple sources of funding becomes evident. It’s precisely in these moments that services offering the creation of virtual bank cards come to the rescue.

Virtual bank cards offer several advantages, including ease of management, increased security, and flexibility in budget allocation. Based on this, we have compiled a list of some of the best services offering virtual bank cards in 2024, which can be invaluable tools for optimizing your advertising strategies on Facebook.

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For professionals involved in media buying and advertising campaigns, PST.NET offers a powerful tool in the form of virtual cards (VCC) in dollars and euros. These cards can be funded through various methods, including cryptocurrency and bank transfers, and used for advertising payments on popular platforms such as Google Ads, TikTok, and Microsoft Ads.

For those working with the META platform, PST.NET offers a special virtual card for Facebook ADS.

IMG 20240202 WA0014PST.NET is particularly advantageous for media buyers, offering PST Private conditions that include up to 100 free cards per month and a mere 3% commission on top-ups, as well as a 3% cashback on advertising expenses. This makes PST.NET one of the most attractive options in the market for optimizing advertising budgets and increasing ROI.

The user-friendliness of PST.NET is also noteworthy. With quick registration accessible through popular platforms and 24/7 support via Telegram bot, WhatsApp, and email, users can easily manage their cards and finances, enjoying a smooth and worry-free operational experience.


Furthermore, PST.NET offers advanced security features such as 3D-Secure-supported cards, providing additional protection and convenience. Comprehensive BIN quality monitoring and the option to use physical equivalents of virtual cards add a level of reliability and versatility, making PST.NET a trusted partner for media buying professionals.

There is also team functionality that allows the primary account holder to manage team members’ accounts and cards, set limits, and view transactions. This is convenient for organizations and groups involved in media buying and advertising campaigns.

Finally, PST.NET’s generous affiliate program offers significant rewards for referring new users, allowing users not only to save on operations but also to earn from network growth. This makes PST.NET not only a financial management tool but also a strategic asset that contributes to expanding business connections and increasing overall profitability.

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4× offers a solution for advertisers and marketers aimed at simplifying and optimizing the process of paying for advertising campaigns. The primary goal of the service is to provide convenient and flexible tools for working with advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and TikTok Ads. The service offers the following features:

Virtual cards for ad payments: Users are provided with specialized cards that can be used to pay for advertising services. This adds a layer of security and convenience as it does not require the use of personal or corporate credit cards.

Support for multi-currency transactions: The service supports various currencies, including USDT, euros, and dollars, making it convenient for international users.

Transparent financial monitoring: The platform provides tools for monitoring and managing financial resources, ensuring control over advertising budgets.

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FlexCard is a platform that offers virtual card services, with the goal of facilitating online transactions. The platform is designed for users who need virtual cards for online purchases, advertising campaigns, and other digital services. Key features include:

Services: Providing virtual cards for various online transactions.
Support: Specialized support channels, including contact information and a Telegram channel for assistance.
Security: Using SSL certification to ensure the security of online interactions and data protection.

In 2024, when the dynamics of digital marketing require not only flexibility but also a high degree of security and convenience in managing advertising payments, services like PST.NET, 4×, and FlexCard become key players in the market. They offer not just virtual cards for ad payments but comprehensive solutions that provide transparency in financial transactions, multifunctional support, and advanced security technologies. This approach not only optimizes advertising budgets but also enhances the effectiveness of each Facebook advertising campaign, allowing marketers and media buyers to focus on creating creative and compelling content.

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