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Users of the Voopoo Drag 4 can select between replacement and rechargeable batteries thanks to the dual-18650 mod. The DRAG 4 kit’s ability to replenish batteries makes it more convenient and economical than specific gadgets with built-in batteries that might only be used once.

Double 18650 Battery Setup:

The voopoo drag 4 kit can hold two detachable 18650 batteries since it uses a dual 18650 battery design. Longer vaping sessions, more power capacity, and easy battery replacement or recharging depending on user preferences are just a few benefits of this design.

Battery Rechargeable:

The drag vape 4 kit’s mod allows rechargeable 18650 batteries to be used. This is a significant benefit for consumers who would rather have the ease of periodically recharging their batteries rather than having to buy new ones. Rechargeable batteries enable consumers to prolong the life of their batteries through several charging cycles, making them an economical and ecologically beneficial choice.

USB Charging Port Type-C:

The voopoo drag 4 mod has a Type-C USB charging connection to make recharging easier. Using the included Type-C USB cable, users may connect the mod to a suitable power source via this port. It’s vital to remember that even if the mod allows USB charging, it’s usually advised to use an external battery charger for the best possible battery health and safety.

Display of Individual Battery Percentage:

One useful feature on the mod’s screen is the individual battery % showing when charging. Users can track the individual battery percentages as they charge. Users can determine when to anticipate their batteries to attain a full charge thanks to this real-time information that sheds light on each battery’s charging status.

Vaping through a passthrough:

Notably, voopoo vape kits devices do not offer passthrough vaping, even if the DRAG 4 kit is USB charging compatible like VooPoo Drag Nano 2. With passthrough vaping, customers may keep vaping even when the device is charging and attached to a power source. Because passthrough vaping is not supported, users should not vape while the mod is actively charging. This is a precautionary approach to prevent any problems when charging.

Charge Cycle and Charge Rate:

The Type-C USB charging connector of the voopoo vape DRAG 4 kit has a specified 5V/3A charge rate. If the connected power supply permits it, the mod may charge at a maximum rate of three amps. It’s important to remember that the power source being utilized might affect the actual charging rate. Each battery looks to be charged separately by the mod in cycles as it is charging. 

By ensuring a balanced charging experience for both batteries, this method promotes the general health of the batteries. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that using an external battery charger is regarded as best practice as it makes changing batteries simple and helps users prevent any dangers from charging in the voopoo drag 4 box mod

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Suggestions for External Battery Chargers:

Battery Health: Over time, improved battery health is encouraged by the more even and efficient charging that external chargers provide.

Swappable Batteries: Users may have extra batteries on hand by using an external charger. Users may rapidly switch out exhausted batteries for fully charged ones, guaranteeing continuous vaping sessions.

Safety: To provide additional security throughout the charging process, external chargers frequently come equipped with safety features like short circuit and overload protection.


Conclusively, the voopoo drag kit sets itself apart by providing consumers with a dual-18650 mod that allows them to select between disposable and rechargeable batteries. Users who wish to recharge their batteries will find it more convenient with the Type-C USB charging connector and 5V/3A charge rate included. Users can watch the charging status and enjoy transparency thanks to the individual battery % display during charging.

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