Innovative Solutions: LF Construction Services’ Expertise in CLT Cladding and Hoarding


One such innovative product used for mass timber construction is CLT, which stands for cross-laminated timber. By sequestering carbon and minimising waste, CLT Cladding contributes to eco-friendly construction practices. Moreover, in the event of a fire, its charred exterior preserves the structural integrity without compromising the interior, ensuring safety and durability.

This, therefore, makes the material especially rigid and appropriate for making floors, walls, and roofs. CLT is also a sustainable and fire-retardant choice, as it sequesters carbon, eliminates waste, and is charred on the outside in case of fire without compromising the inside, keeping the structure intact.

A Sydney-based firm, LF Construction Services is a market leader when it comes to carpentry and joinery company that has an interest in CLT construction as well as cladding. 

They have the expertise and resources in order to create well-designed and good-looking structures from CLT, which are then finished with high-quality, long lasting cladding materials. 

Some of the services they offer in this area are: 

  • CLT cladding: For CLT structures, LF Construction Services can fit cladding panels outside or inside the structure made from
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass 
  • Or Rockpanel

NOTE – Rockpanel type of panel that is fire-resistant and recyclable as its base material is basalt. The cladding system can improve the aesthetics, functionality and security of the CLT structure as well as give it a character.

  • CLT hoarding: Hoarding solutions are also offered. Using CLT panels to construct temporary fences or barriers near a CLT construction site will secure and enclose it. CLT hoarding is a cheaper and better environmental solution since it can be reused, recycled or repurposed after the project ends.

Why Opt for CLT Cladding and Hoarding in Your Project?

Choosing CLT cladding and hoarding for your project can have many benefits, such as:

  • Aesthetics: The use of CLT cladding and hoarding on your project allows for natural beauty in the timber grain, which can be counterbalanced by materials such as metal, glass or Rockpanel that makes modern architecture look stunning. 

In addition, CLT cladding and hoarding can be designed according to your preferences, such as colours, shapes, sizes, and patterns.

  • Performance: CLT cladding and hoarding can enhance the performance of your project as well as make it more durable since such cladding protects the CLT structure from weather, fire, moisture, and pests. The cladding and hoarding of CLT can be used for the insulation, soundproofing, and ventilation of the structure, hence increasing its efficiency and comfort.
  • Sustainability: CLT cladding and hoarding help minimise the environmental burden of your project as they rely on a sustainable material that is also recyclable, sequesters carbon, and limits waste. More energy and resources can also be saved by CLT cladding and hoarding since they are easy to install and remove, and little labour and equipment are required.
  • Innovation: When using CLT cladding and hoarding, you can show your innovative spirit and creativity because those products are associated with the latest technology in mass timber construction. CLT  and hoarding can also demonstrate your dedication to sustainable and green building practices.

Why Opt for LF Construction Services in Relation to CLT Cladding and Hoarding

For instance, if you are in need of CLT cladding and hoarding services in Sydney, then you will be looking for a reputable company that can offer these services. In that case, you should choose LF Construction Services because:

  • Their carpentry and joinery experience spans over 20 years of operations, with a successful track record on many projects delivered to different customers in residential, commercial, and industrial categories.
  • Additionally, they have a team of accredited and certified carpenters who can work on any CLT cladding and hoarding project, considering they are trained for it, from designing all through to removal.
  • They create sturdy products by making use of the best CLT and cladding materials, including wood, metal, glass, and Rockpanels. They are also masters of off-form and board-form concrete, which are methods that give the concrete a distinctly rustic look on its finish.
  • They collaborate with the customers and get a clear understanding of their needs, tastes and preferences in order to give personalized solutions that suit their space, style as well as financial plan. They also provide free consultations and estimates as well as customer satisfaction and quality assurance.
  • They undertake and complete projects, finishing them on time and doing so within budget requirements, as well as offering after-sales service support, including maintenance and repair of the completed work.

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CLT has become increasingly popular in Australia as a material for both the customer and the builders.  It is a breath of fresh air from previous materials used in everyday construction. And a ‘Breath of fresh air’ is an apt saying as it’s sustainable, and all the best construction firms have moved to CLT in recent times.  Sydney has many options in this field, but not all of them are GOOD. Always look for experience and previous work to get referrals from before you start. You’ll have no problems there with LF Construction services. 

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