How to Convert YouTube to MP3: Easily and Securely


Convert YouTube to MP3 easily and securely with Fireflies. Works on desktop and mobile. Download transcripts and summaries too. Learn how.

Why use YouTube videos to MP3 converters?

  1. Easy download of audio from YouTube videos. YouTube videos contain both video and audio elements. Converting the video to MP3 allows users to easily extract just the audio track. This lets them listen to YouTube songs and videos like playlists without having to watch the video each time.
  2. Saving storage space. MP3 audio files take up significantly less storage space than the original YouTube video files. This is convenient for saving music and audio from YouTube to play later without using up too much phone or computer storage.
  3. Syncing to devices. MP3 is a widely compatible audio format that can be transferred and synced to most devices like smartphones, tablets, music players etc. This means the converted audio can be enjoyed on various devices easily compared to syncing the YouTube video files.
  4. Playlist creation. YouTube to MP3 converters allow bulk downloading of audio from multiple videos which can then be added to playlists and music libraries. This makes it easy to listen to favorite tracks or podcasts sequentially without switching between YouTube videos.

How to convert YouTube to MP3?

Here is a table outlining the steps to convert a YouTube video to MP3:

Step Action
Step 1 Go to a YouTube to MP3 conversion website like or
Step 2 Paste the URL of the YouTube video which you want
Step 3 Click the “Convert Video” button next to the video result
Step 4 Select the MP3 format and click the download button
Step 5 The website will process your request and provide a download link for the MP3 file
Step 6 Click the download link to save the MP3 file to your computer

Convert YouTube videos to MP3 using the web browser

1 SSyoutube

Best for: The straightforward and simplified design of SSyoutube makes it accessible even for first-time users new to YouTube to MP3 conversion. 

Salient Features:

  1. Allows batch conversion of multiple YouTube links at once for efficient audio extraction.
  2. Provides customizable settings for file formats, quality, tags and more.
  3. Provides direct download links for converted audio files.
  4. Works fast to process conversions in minimum time.

Verdict: Its straightforward web interface enables even novice users to seamlessly extract audio files from YouTube videos. By allowing simple paste and click conversion, it reliably processes YouTube links into downloadable MP3 music tracks in just seconds. 

Download Cost: Free to use.

Pros Cons
Quick and easy conversion process Limited customization options compared to desktop software
No software installation required Reliant on internet connection for conversion

2 ythunter

Best for: ythunter is a feature-rich YouTube to MP3 conversion service that allows extracting high quality audio from videos up to 4K resolution. It offers all standard conversion tools along with advanced customization options.

Salient Features:

  1. Extracts audio in high resolutions up to 4K for optimum audio quality.
  2. Provides advanced settings to customize file formats, tags and metadata of converted files.
  3. Allows merging multiple converted files into one for simplified file management.
  4. Offers bulk conversion of playlists and batches of links for large volume extractions.
  5. Maintains download history for keeping track of previously converted files.

Verdict: Ideal for users looking to extract near-studio quality audio while also having control over file parameters. The high fidelity conversions and customizability make it a full-featured YouTube to MP3 solution.

Download Cost: Free service for common uses. Paid Pro version available for commercial use.

Pros Cons
High-quality MP3 conversion Premium version required for access to advanced features
Batch conversion for efficiency May be overwhelming for users looking for a simple, no-frills conversion tool
Playlist downloading capability Limited free version available with reduced functionality

3 FlV2mp3

Best for: FlV2mp3 is a no-frills website designed for quick, ad-free YouTube to MP3 downloads. With its barebones interface, it focuses only on the core functionality of audio extraction.

Salient Features:

  1. Provides a clean one-click interface to directly download MP3s.
  2. Automatically recognizes the YouTube video URL pasted by the user.
  3. Extracts high quality stereo audio from the original quality video.
  4. Comes without distracting advertisements or sign-up barriers.
  5. Works consistently fast compared to alternatives.

Verdict: A reliable option for users only interested in fuss-free YouTube to MP3 conversions without extra tools. The focused feature-set and speed makes it great for basic, episodic audio downloads.

Download Cost: Free service.

Pros Cons
Simple and straightforward conversion Limited features compared to more robust converters
No software installation required Reliance on internet connection for online conversion
Fast and efficient conversion process Potential quality loss depending on internet speed and server load

4 Allavsoft

Best for: Allavsoft YouTube to MP3 converter is well-rounded software suitable for both occasional and power users. It offers a full suite of audio extraction and editing tools.

Salient Features:

  1. Enables time-shifting of audio by setting start and end points for trimmed conversions.
  2. Batch converts multiple videos simultaneously for bulk processing.
  3. Supports merging, splitting and customizing ID3 tags of converted files.
  4. Offers options to change video quality, extract only audio and more.
  5. Maintains lists of favorite YouTube channels for easy access.

Verdict: A comprehensive YouTube to MP3 solution ideal for users seeking precise editing alongside standard conversion needs. The variety of features make it highly customizable for any audio extraction task.

Download Cost: Free basic online converter. Paid Allavsoft software available for $19.95.

Pros Cons
Support for multiple video platforms Premium version required for access to advanced features
Batch conversion and playlist downloading May be overwhelming for users looking for a simple, no-frills conversion tool

5 Kapwing

Best for: Kapwing is an online video editor that doubles up as a YouTube to MP3 converter. Along with audio extraction, it provides basic multimedia editing capabilities.

Salient Features:

  1. Enables simple video edits like adding text, photos and audio tracks.
  2. Extracts MP3 audio from YouTube videos within the online editor interface.
  3. Offers collaborative editing options to work on shared projects.
  4. Exports edited/converted files in common video and audio formats.
  5. Comes with additional tools like making GIFs and converting YouTube playlists.

Verdict: A suitable 2-in-1 solution for users seeking basic video editing combined with audio-only conversions. The versatile toolset makes it a good all-rounder.

Download Cost: Free to use. Paid premium plans available.

Pros Cons
Customizable audio editing tools Limited free version available with reduced functionality
Support for importing audio from various sources Pricing may be prohibitive for some users, especially for infrequent or casual users
Collaboration features for teamwork Reliance on internet connection for online editing

Steps to Convert YouTube to MP3 with Online Tools

Here are the key steps to convert YouTube videos to MP3 using free online tools, outlined in a bullet point list:

  • Find a reliable, legal YouTube to MP3 converter online. Some popular options are,, or
  • Copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video which you want. Make sure you have the accurate video URL copied.
  • Paste the YouTube URL into the input box on the MP3 converter site.
  • Click the “Convert” or “Download” button to start the video URL to MP3 file conversion process.
  • Select MP3 as the file format you want when prompted. Some sites may autoselect MP3.
  • Wait for the online tool to process and convert the video file into an MP3 audio file. Processing time varies depending on video length.
  • Download the converted MP3 file when available. Most sites provide a download link or button once the conversion finishes.
  • Save the MP3 file to your computer in your preferred audio download location.

Convert YouTube videos to MP3 using the mobile app

On mobile, dedicated YouTube to MP3 converter apps provide an even more hassle-free experience:

1 Fireflies

Best for: Fireflies is a dedicated YouTube to MP3 converter app for iOS and Android that offers fast, high quality conversions on the go. Alongside standard audio extraction, it provides additional features like automatic playlist creation, file renaming and transcript downloads for utilized hands-free usage.

Salient Features:

  1. Extracts high fidelity MP3 audio from YouTube videos in the background.
  2. Creates auto playlists based on subscribed channels and watch history.
  3. Allows file renaming, tagging and organizing for neat file systems.
  4. Downloads video transcripts for hassle-free referencing offline.
  5. Maintains download history and progress for interrupted/continued tasks.

Verdict: A well-rounded all-in-one YouTube to MP3 solution on mobile with thoughtful extra tools for enhanced usability. The variety of useful features make it highly effective for on-the-go audio access.

Download Cost: Free app with in-app purchases available for pro features.

2 YTD Video Downloader

Best for: YTD Video Downloader is a versatile YouTube downloading app that enables saving any part of videos – including just the MP3 audio. It streamlines batch and playlist conversion processes on phones and tablets.

Salient Features:

  1. Downloads audio, video or both formats individually or simultaneously.
  2. Supports conversion of entire playlists/channels in one tap.
  3. Resumes failed/paused downloads seamlessly.
  4. Extracts audio from low to high resolution videos.
  5. Organizes downloads automatically into intuitive folders.

Verdict: A powerful all-rounder YouTube downloader focusing on efficient audio extraction at scale. Ideal for tasks requiring high volume mobile conversions.

Download Cost: Free app with paid Premium upgrade.

3 Snaptube

Best for: As a general purpose video downloader, Snaptube lets users save any YouTube video to their device for offline access. Along with downloading the full video, it simplifies extracting just the MP3 audio.

Salient Features:

  1. Saves complete videos or individual audio/video streams as desired.
  2. Plays converted files seamlessly within the app’s built-in media player.
  3. Works as a simple downloader without advanced editing features.
  4. Supports batch downloading multiple items simultaneously.
  5. Extracts high quality AAC/MP3 audio from various resolution videos.

Verdict: A user-friendly YouTube video saver that serves both amateur downloaders seeking basic audio conversions as well as those wanting full resolution recordings. The integrated playback makes for continuous consumption.

Download Cost: Free app with optional premium upgrade.

Pros Cons
Fast and simple conversions directly on phones and tablets for portable audio enjoyment. Limited storage on mobile devices can fill up quickly with high quality high resolution audio files.
Dedicated apps optimize the YouTube to MP3 process for smaller screens and interfaces. Data costs may apply for large file downloads over mobile networks.
Additional features like playlists, transcripts and auto renaming extend functionality. Closed format conversions without options to tweak settings like tags, formats etc.
Background processing allows multi-tasking other tasks while downloads occur. Mobile apps typically lack advanced tools for tasks like file editing, merging available on desktop software.
Convenience of one-tap conversions from YouTube videos already being watched on mobiles. Higher battery drain compared to web-based conversions may occur due to resource-intensive processing.
Built-in media players on some apps allow continued listening immediately. Copyright limitations still apply even for personal non-commercial use downloads.

Steps to Convert YouTube to MP3 with apps

Here are the key steps to convert YouTube videos to MP3 using mobile apps, outlined in a bullet point list:

  • Open the YouTube app (or browser if using Android) and find the video which you want.
  • Tap the share button next to the video title, then select “Copy link” or “Share” then “Copy link”. This copies the video URL.
  • Open your MP3 converter app and paste the copied YouTube video URL into the input field.
  • Start the conversion process. There will typically be a “Convert” or circular arrow button. Tap it.
  • The app will now begin downloading the YouTube video file and converting it into an MP3 audio file on your device storage.
  • When complete, you will find the converted MP3 file in your device’s Music library or a folder in the converter app.
  • You can now listen to the audio MP3 version of that YouTube video offline on your phone or tablet!

Safety Considerations when Using a YouTube to MP3 Converter

While YouTube to MP3 conversion provides a convenient solution to enjoy music and podcasts offline, certain risks should be avoided for a secure experience:

  • Only use apps from trusted developers and avoid downloading from unknown third-party sources which may contain malware.
  • Refrain from extracting audio tracks which you do not have proper rights for. Consider contacting artists for commercial use licenses.
  • Monitor permission access of chosen apps and deny authorizations that are not essential for the main functionality.
  • Use a reliable antivirus solution to screen downloaded files and scan the device periodically to prevent security breaches.


Which YouTube to MP3 Converter is best & safe?

  • – Very popular and reliable, no adware
  • – Secure site with no viruses
  • – Reputable with no malware downloads
  • – Clean interface, recommended

What is the safest online MP3 converter?

  • Avoid sites with intrusive ads or pop-ups
  • Use a reputable site like Online Video Converter or ConvertFiles
  • Don’t download EXE or other odd file types after conversion
  • Check if the site uses HTTPS secure encryption
  • Never provide personal info or payment details
  • Use a virus/malware checker app to scan downloads
  • Check reviews and Reddit or forums for safety reports


In summary, converting YouTube videos to MP3 format provides an easy way to listen to your favorite songs, podcasts or speeches offline. Both browser-based tools and dedicated apps offer quick and usually free conversion. While very useful, exercising some caution with respect to copyright, security and privacy is advised when using YouTube to MP3 converters. Fireflies, SSyoutube and ythunter are great starting points for secure, high quality conversions.

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