ACCA Course Eligibility After Graduation


ACCA is the globally recognized Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants, it is present in 181 countries with more than 600,000 students and 200,000 members. This esteemed credential is essential for a prosperous accounting profession overseas.

Aspiring professionals in accounting and finance can profit greatly from studying ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

ACCA Certifications Eligibility 

ACCA has specified the eligibility requirements for the exams that will be held in 2024. Before applying, candidates should carefully read these requirements.

ACCA Eligibility: ACCA after graduation

Commerce majors earning degrees such as B.Com, BBA, and BMS are eligible to sit for the ACCA examination.

Similarly, graduates with BA or B.Sc. degrees from accredited universities are eligible to enroll in the ACCA program, if they fulfill the prerequisite of earning the ACCA Foundation diploma.

ACCA Eligibility: ACCA after 12th 

As per the ACCA’s qualifying standards, candidates must be at least eighteen years old and have completed their upper secondary education with a minimum cumulative score of fifty percent and a combined score of sixty-five percent in both English and mathematics/accounting in all other subjects. 

ACCA Eligibility: ACCA after 10th 

The ACCA exam is separated into three levels, although there is an additional level called Foundation in Accountancy for students who want to continue with ACCA following their tenth-grade education.

This is especially meant for people who have completed their 10th grade and have no prior accounting experience. The three ACCA levels are Knowledge Level, Skill Level, and Professional Level for individuals pursuing non-FIA careers. To obtain ACCA certification, candidates must pass 13 tests, which are divided into different levels.

ACCA Eligibility: ACCA after CA

Chartered Accountants (CAs) can grow to the professional level with just 4 examinations to clear by obtaining up to 9 exemptions from the ACCA’s 13 papers. This shortcut offers a strong qualification in addition to time savings. Additionally, there is an exemption from participating in five ACCA papers for Foundation and Intermediate CA IPCC students.

A complete finance expert is created by ACCA’s global learning combined with your CA expertise. Also, your internship with a CA following IPCC group 1 contributes toward your ACCA real-world experience requirement. The passing percentage for CA is famously high, although the ACCA’s is easier, at 40–50%.

The Minimum Age Requirement for ACCA Course

A minimum of 16 years old is needed to enroll in the ACCA Foundation diploma program.

The Complete ACCA Syllabus

ACCa covers the complete aspects of chartered accounting, including accounting, financial reporting, auditing, taxation, business finance, and financial management.

The ACCA Syllabus consists of 13 exams in all that a candidate needs to take. Three levels comprise the thirteen exams: Knowledge, Skill, and Professional.

The Knowledge Level examinations are available for use 365 days a year and are available on-demand. Exams at the Skill and Professional Level are held in March, June, September, and December each year.

Exams for the Professional level were paper-based until 2021, but as of right now, computer-based assessments are used for all three ACCA levels (CBE).

In summary

ACCA certification is one of the most respected accounting certifications in the world. Due to its widespread acceptance, the ACCA qualification makes exciting ACCA jobs and prospects in a variety of industries both in India and beyond possible.  You can pursue your degree while integrating the certification path into your lifestyle thanks to the exam’s flexible framework.

After earning your ACCA qualification, you can join the professional workforce and land jobs in prestigious companies with starting salaries that are competitive. With experience, certified individuals can and highly sought-after positions like CEO or CFO.

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