Embracing AI: The Secret Weapon of a Thriving CEO with Crohn’s Disease


Do you have this feeling that there don’t appear to be enough time during the week to complete everything? In the midst of deadlines, a busy career and a frenzied social life — the CEO and founder of S&S Creative, a podcast host, and, most importantly, a mother. What makes her stand out is not only her lengthy CV, but also the daily struggle with Crohn’s disease.

If you have a busy schedule, Natalie knows the risk of burning out all too well. She is juggling many obligations and has realized that in order to avoid burnout it is important to be aware of the way she spends her time. What’s her plan? It’s easy: she employs Artificial Intelligence, or AI as her method of keeping track of the latest developments.

The application for AI in Natalie’s life is an excellent example of how it could assist entrepreneurs who suffer from chronic illness or disabilities. The expression “work smarter, not harder” isn’t an empty phrase but the path to take in the age of AI as the primary driving force. From taking over mundane tasks to providing information to guide decision-making, AI enables Natalie to concentrate on her strengths which is being a leader, innovating and empowering others.

How AI Became Natalie’s Right Hand

Natalie’s story of success makes an argument for the use of AI. It helps save time, eases stress, and helps to achieve peace in your life. In this day and age of technology advancement should we not let AI manage the tasks that take up our energy and time in a way that is not needed?

Here’s how Natalie makes use of AI:

Being aware of your health conditions is essential to controlling a chronic illness. For Natalie that requires keeping an eye on her health statistics and patterns. Wearable AI is useful and specifically, she uses an application known as The Oura Ring. The device measures a variety of bodily conditions, including heart rate, stress levels as well as sleep quality and many more and provides Natalie with invaluable information on her overall well-being.

To enhance its effectiveness A second app that is connected with The Oura Ring monitors Natalie’s menstrual cycle, providing her with an all-encompassing health tracking system that is as easy as putting on a piece of jewelry.

Making Business Operations more efficient with AI

Natalie utilizes AI to alleviate her burden of work. AI can take care of a lot of the mundane tasks that consume much hours of time including the entry of data or social media posts.

By using AI for these jobs, Natalie can focus on the essential areas of her company. She utilizes a variety of applications and programs to organize her time and work however, you must discover the one that works best for your specific needs. According to Natalie states, “There’s project management apps, workflow apps …. so many different things you can use inside your business to manage your calendar, to manage your projects, to manage your to-do’s.”

Leveraging AI for Strategic Insights

But the intelligent application of AI does not stop with handling personal tasks. Natalie utilizes AI to help her understand her clients more effectively. She is able to get detailed information on their voice and their content, which helps her to come up with the most effective strategies and plans.

Why AI Should Be Your New Best Friend

Natalie offers a challenge to the entrepreneurs with a lot of energy out there–“AI is your best partner. It has helped me manage my health and work and there’s plenty of technology to help you succeed.”

She continues, “If you haven’t tried any AI programs yet, I really recommend it. It’s a powerful tool that can help you in so many ways.” Here’s why:

The efficiency: Automation of the everyday and allows you to have the time to concentrate on the things that truly require human passion and creativity.

The Personalization At Scale system Provides customized experiences for your customers, increasing loyalty and satisfaction with no need to continuous supervision.

Data-driven insights: Aids in making educated decisions by analysing massive data sets at a high pace, something that is humanly impossible.

Accessibility: For those who manage disabilities or health issues, AI tools can significantly bring the game to a level playing field and provide solutions to meet different requirements.

Innovation: Stays at the forefront and ensures that your company remains relevant in an ever-changing digital environment.

If you’re an entrepreneur suffering from disabilities, managing the effects of a chronic illness or seeking to improve the efficiency of your work, AI has something for you. AI isn’t about having robots do all the work It’s about increasing the capabilities of your team, improving your capabilities, and, perhaps most important, protecting your health.

Leveraging AI in a Fast-Paced Life

Natalie’s story inspires us to get rid of our doubts and take on AI as a useful tool to simplify life’s challenges. She advocates for the benefits of AI and encourages people to get started benefiting from the many AI instruments available. Her story offers an opportunity to investigate the potential of AI not only as a tool to aid in the growth of businesses, but as a potential partner for our personal lives, allowing us to live an enhanced and balanced life.

If you’re intrigued by how AI can revolutionize your approach, why not explore further? Visit S&S Creative to see how we leverage technology to bring your brand’s story to life. For more insights into navigating the world of entrepreneurship, chronic illness, and everything in between, tune into their podcast, Sick and Successful.

Don’t put off making your work easier and easier. It’s 2024, so even if AI isn’t working for you now, maybe it should!

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