The Importance of Automation in Manufacturing ERP


Automation aims to improve the quality and flexibility of manufacturing processes. ERP software for manufacturing contains functional modules that no other kind of business needs. These include Bill of Materials (BOM) and order routing, production management, Order Management, Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), and planning and scheduling.

Automation in manufacturing is quickly becoming a standardized tool across all businesses. In this article, we explore the importance of automation in manufacturing ERP and all it has to offer.

To know precisely how Bista Solutions’ ERP software can help the manufacturers, first, we need to understand the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. Following are the challenges faced by any manufacturing industry:

  • A Gap In Manufacturing Skills
  • Environmental Consideration
  • Process Effectiveness
  • Product Quality
  • Production Development
  • Operating Costs
  • Traceability & Standardization

Benefits in the Manufacturing Industry with ERP Automation

Collaboration & Coordination: Seamless experience for the teams to work as one business

Easy Forecasting & Reporting: Forecast and plan resources to streamline inventory

Enhanced Security: Ensure the utmost data security to succeed in today’s market

Improved Productivity: Unleash innovation by optimizing the resources to the fullest

Increased Employee Efficiency: Motivate employees towards a productive work environment

Mobility & Flexibility: Work remotely from anywhere, anytime and any device

Saves Money & Time: Eliminates errors, delays and unnecessary expenses

Manufacturing ERP Automation with Bista Solutions

At Bista Solutions, we provide manufacturing ERP software solutions tailored to suit the needs of each business we work with. With over 30 years of experience, we have seen first-hand of all the benefits of ERP software in the manufacturing sector. We can help you reach not only your business goals but also improve on current processes to ensure better efficiency, a reduction in costs, and streamlined production.

Increased productivity: ERP systems with centralized databases also facilitate data access between departments within the company, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity even more.

Improved corporate responsibility: Our ERP automation makes it possible for a company to go paperless, which reduces paper-related transactions like invoices, payments, and bills as well as the carbon footprint associated with in-office productivity. We will also make your systems collect data to proactively plan manufacturing downtime or closed-office remote work schedules, giving companies more control over their social impact.

Lower costs: By using an ERP system to automate aspects of the workflow, a smaller workforce can accomplish what would otherwise require a larger team. Our automation can also help find other cost-cutting measures, such as more effective inventory management to reduce carrying costs.

Real-time accuracy: With Bista Solutions ERP automation, data can be robust and timely, allowing a business to get ahead of the competition and adjust strategies quickly and effectively. ERP systems also can automatically ensure data is compliant with internal company policies and external government and financial regulations.

Reduced human error: Human error is a risk that grows each time data entry is done by hand. Burnout can increase that risk further for workers who manually enter data all day, such as accountants or other staff members. That’s where our ERP system comes into play. It reduces human error and avoids costly mistakes by automating repetitive and tedious tasks.

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Final Thoughts

Workflow automation, increased supply chain visibility, and improved communication are all made possible by enterprise resource planning software. The manufacturing sector is undergoing fast change, and businesses that adopt the best ERP systems hold a significant position in the market.

Bista Solutions ERP software helps to connect all these processes from start to finish. It helps to unite all the different departments involved and helps them work together more optimally. It helps to increase efficiency, streamline their work, and reduce human error.

If you want all the advantages an ERP offers but don’t know where to start, we can help! Our team at Bista Solutions can help you through every step of implementation. We are one of the top ERP Implementation companies and Odoo Gold Partners in North America! Contact us today to get started!

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