3 Proven Techniques to Make Your AI Content Feel More Human


Do you use AI to generate content but struggle to make it sound human & impactful?

Many others dream of this!

With AI-powered tools by your side, you can easily produce dozens of copies of your content. 

But let’s face the reality:

AI-generated content feels a bit robotic. 

Isn’t it?

Want to know the good news?

There are ways to make your AI content feel more human. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share 3 simple yet proven techniques to help you do just that. 

You’ve landed at the best place, whether you want to inject a human touch into your blog posts, make social media content more appealing, or simply create content that resonates with your audience.


  • Break up the monotony

First, you should find monotony in the AI-produced content. It’ll help you make it sound more human-like & natural.

But how to do so?

It’s simpler than you think.

Follow these hacks to break up the monotony in your content:

  • Variate the sentence structure

In addition to relying solely on lengthy sentences to convey the information, you also need to mix short sentences (2-3 lines) with them. 

Plus, use active & passive voice strategically. 

Example of AI

Example of Human Touch

“A hook statement is the heart & soul of an article’s introduction. With that in mind, you should try to make it eye-grabbing. 


It would be best to include ice-breaking facts, burning questions, & anecdotes. 

Once you finish writing the hook, you should provide readers with the context. This allows readers to understand the subject matter & its importance. 

Don’t forget to write a crystal-clear thesis statement that sets the stage for the entire piece.” 

Now, look how I used a variety of sentences (short & lengthy) to keep readers engaged. This is how you can break the monotony. 

Take inspiration from an AI humanizer tool

Looking for a source of inspiration to humanize AI content efficiently? 

A humanize ai lets you break the monotony of AI-generated content & make it sound more natural. It uses smart AI technology to transform robotic content into something that feels like it was written by a real person, not a machine.

The tool removes unnecessary words from the text, adds transition words, & replaces complicated words with simpler alternatives to make your text more appealing & impactful. 

In addition to this, the humanize ai text tool uses a mix of sentences (short & long) to keep readers hooked. This way, your content will be more human-like.

So you can head over to the tool to play around with different options & see what works for you. With a little inspiration & your own human touch, you can easily convert monotonous content to magnificent. 


  • Use transition words & phrases

Unfortunately, the content generated by AI doesn’t contain transitions. 

What are transitions?

Transition words let you connect one idea to the next one, making the flow smoother. 

These are all transitions: accordingly, first, hence, therefore, thus, to start, generally, etc.

You need to use transition words & phrases in your content to make it sound human. 

Example of AI

Example of Human Touch

“If you want to become better at article writing, you need to focus on creativity, precision, & clarity. Every single word has the power. In fact, it serves a particular purpose within the narrative. 

Honestly speaking, writing top-quality content involves comprehensive research, proper formatting, & a complete understanding of the target audience.” 

Here, I used “In fact” & “Honestly speaking” transitions to make content more relatable. 


  • Use a bit of informal language 

AI-written content often contains overly formal & impersonal tone. You can transform some of its parts into informal ones to make the conversation more natural.

Example of AI

Example of Human Touch

First, I would recommend you cut this “In conclusion.” 

How to give a human touch to it?

I am going to make the first line of this conclusion more relatable.

“So, you have mastered tips & tricks to craft a winning article, right?” 

  • Add your personality & voice 

Now is the time to infuse your own personality into your AI-written content. Most often, AI text is factually accurate. 

It doesn’t mean you cannot inject your own perspective (whenever relevant). 

You can highlight the ways in which a specific product fascinates you. 

Example of AI

The new feature streamlines the workflow. 

Example of Human Touch

“For people who constantly battle with a cluttered inbox, this surprising feature is a godsend! It streamlined the workflows of X company.” 


  • Use Humor

We all know that AI lacks humor. 

But it can be an effective tool for engagement. A joke, if well-placed, can make your content more memorable.

Example of AI

“This software is easy to use, even for novices.”

Example of Human Touch

“Even if you are a complete tech beginner, this software is so easy to navigate that your grandfather could master it. Yes, its user-friendly interface makes navigating a breeze.”

  • Welcome storytelling

Let’s face this reality: “AI written content lacks relatable narratives.”

If you weave a relevant story into it to explain a specific point, you will be able to beat the odds & humanize that content. 

Sounds interesting?

Yes, it does.

Example of AI

The customer support team is very supportive.

Example of Human Touch

Do you remember the time when you were facing nightmares & reached out to the customer service team of X company? Thankfully, they delivered matchless service. According to me, they were helpful because they went the extra mile to brush off your problems.


  • Use contractions 

In our daily lives, we use contractions extensively. They make our speed more smooth & natural.

AI content without contractions sounds robotic & formal. 

It lacks the natural rhythm of human language. 

Contractions like “can’t” or “don’t” are shorter than their corresponding full forms (cannot & do not). 

They help you improve the readability, especially for longer pieces of text.

And the end results?

Readers would be able to get tripped up by complicated sentence structures.

You need to make sure that contractions don’t create ambiguity. How?

For example, the contraction “it’s” has two possible meanings:

  1. It is
  2. It has 

It would be best to opt for the full form if there is a chance of confusion or misunderstanding.

This way, you can make your writing sound more natural & human-like. 

End Words

And there you have it! We’ve covered everything you need to know about making your AI content feel more engaging. The 3 practices explored in this guide will help you create quality content that resonates with your readers on a personal level.

So implement these techniques & break free from the robotic tone that comes with AI-crafted content. Happy content creation!

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