What are Bollards? Types and Uses of Bollards


Bollards are used in abundance when it comes to public safety on the roads. It is used in many different ways because bollards are customized and can be made in many different shapes, designs, styles, materials, etc.

They have been used for both vehicular and pedestrian safety on the roads. They are also used by people to protect buildings and other private property, etc.

The main focus of bollard installation on the road is to prevent vehicle collisions and reduce the impact of collisions.

What are Bollards?

If we talk in terms of general definition then a bollard is a vertical post that is mostly short in size. They are used to guide, manage, and control the traffic on roads. It is used to create a protective barrier around the space where it is installed.

When a bollard is used as a protective barrier, it is sued to maintain the flow of traffic on the roads. It is also used to control the traffic by guiding them about proper routes and places, etc. For example, a bollard can be placed to prohibit traffic to go on a particular route.

As described above, bollards are of many different shapes, styles, materials, etc. which is why the uses and types of bollards are also different. For example, a decorative bollard can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a place or building.

Types of Bollards

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Types of bollards vary according to their varying uses and requirements of customers. In some places, they are used as a visual barrier, while in other places they have to act s a physical barrier as well. Following is a list of different types of bollards that can be installed at different places and serve different purposes.

  1. Removable Bollards

As the name implies, removable bollards are used at places where you want to provide customized entry and exit of vehicles. They are mostly used at private properties where the owner wants to provide controlled access to people or vehicles entering or exiting the premises.

They can also be placed around the private premises to prevent unauthorized parking.

Removable bollards are easy to use by placing them when needed and removing them when not in use.

  1. Construction Bollards

This type of bollard is usually seen in places where any kind of construction is going on, for example, road construction, building construction, etc.

They are placed outside buildings where construction is going on in order to protect the building and the workers working inside. They prevent traffic or unauthorized people from entering the premises as it could be dangerous for them and can create hindrances in the construction work.

Construction bollards and posts are made of special shiny, colored plastic to make them more visible. Moreover, the plastic tape is placed on these bollards so that they shine in the dark as well and can provide guidance in the nighttime as well.

  1. Bicycle Parking Bollards

These bollards are placed on roadsides to provide a place for bicycle parking. They have a post and arm-like structure. Two bicycles can be easily parked with the post at one time.

On many busy roads, bicycle parking at unauthorized places creates hindrance and disturbs the flow of traffic. The installation of bicycle parking bollards helps to prevent this issue. It also provides a secure post for bicyclists to park without any risk of theft or damage.

  1. Decorative Bollards

They are the type of bollards that are used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a place or building. They are made in customized designs and colors in order to match the architecture of a building or some specific scenery, etc.

Round concrete bollards are an example of decorative bollards. They not only provide security for pedestrians but can also be used as a bench or stool for sitting purposes. Moreover, they are also available in different colors to enhance the look.

Uses of Bollards

Bollards are now used for different purposes because they are available in varied designs and types. They are not only used to guide and manage traffic but also provide protection for buildings and private properties. Some of the most common uses of bollards are given below.

  1. Safety for People

Roadside bollards are a perfect way to provide safety for pedestrians. They create hindrances in the flow of traffic so that any overspeeding vehicle cannot collide with pedestrians. Instead, the bollards prevent the impact of collision when placed logically. They also serve as a guiding barrier for vehicular traffic so that the drivers know where to lower the speed of vehicles.

  1. Protection of Susceptible Building Components

Bollards are also used to protect building components. For example, bollards are placed around gas or electric meters to save them from theft or any kind of damage. The presence of bollards around these components makes it difficult to destroy or damage the component and acts as a protective barrier as well.

  1. Protection of Government Buildings

Many bollards are used outside sensitive government buildings that are prone to terrorist attacks or other terrorist activities. Bollards are placed around building premises to prevent the entrance of unauthorized personnel or vehicles. For these sensitive areas, k-rated bollards are used. These are a type of bollards and driveway security posts that are tested against different levels of the crash.

  1. Protection Inside the Malls

These are the type of bollards that are used inside malls to protect different products, for example, crockery or electronic items, etc. they are also used to protect corners of refrigeration units. These bollards are made of stainless steel or plastic. Their main purpose is to warn the public against any danger.

Concluding Comments

Bollards are a very useful product when it comes to traffic guidance, management, and safety. They also serve decorative, protection, and security purposes. They are available in customized designs and styles to fulfill different customer needs and requirements.


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