How to Report Compromised Facebook Account and regain access?


There are different incidents that are taking place in the shape of data breaches or some security issues which are making headlines on social media. In most cases, these incidents, like data hacking happening in our social circle, have become a headache for people using Facebook or other compromised accounts. Let’s find out How to Report Compromised Facebook account and Regain Access to Your Hacked Facebook Account.

What is Facebook Account Hacking

Dark webs are becoming the leading cause through which the data of the identities of more than 267 million people using Facebook accounts are at stake due to some cybercriminal minds, according to recent searches on the internet.

The personal information which is at stake consists of phone no’s, status, age factor, surname, full identification, addresses, email, and the last IP address. All this information is vulnerable to exposure through these hacking attacks.

If your Facebook account opens up irregularly, it doesn’t need to be a hacking attack executed by some professional hacker. If you open your account without trouble, you are in safe hands, but if your account shows some irregularity in the login process, it might be a hacker’s activity. So there are different ways to protect your social media account  

by taking precautionary steps. Inspite of all this, If you feel danger about the hack of the account or feel unsafe, then you have to follow these steps to regain control of your Facebook account.

How to Report Compromised Facebook Account

Remember before performing any activity on social media channels like Facebook. Ask someone closer to you to check whether you are safe or compromised if it is like this; then these activities are shown on your Facebook page, which we have discussed below.

  • A post is shown on the timeline page that you have not posted.
  • It shows someone unknown or a friend of you without recognition sends you a friend request.
  • If your profile pictures, some email activity, or address is changed in your absence.

Report the hack 

If you have difficulty regaining control of your Facebook account, immediately report Facebook about this hacking activity.

To regain this account, you must give your ID, phone number, or email information to the related search on Facebook. After filling out the submission form, it will take you to the specific list where you can regain control of the account you lost earlier.

Alert your friends

Now after being hacked by hackers, it is your ethical responsibility to aware your friends save themselves because these types of hackers use links that are often broken or fraudulent. Tell your friends that your account is under attack, so avoid responding to any activity generated from your account.

Delete suspicious apps

Facebook sources said that thousands of FB account holders exposed their personal information to different apps by login into the accounts, and they became the prey of the hunter.

So it is necessary to wipe out all the unnecessary apps from your active social media account because hackers normally access your personal information, data, videos, and images through these suspicious applications.

Now it is up to you, in which way you can save your account from hackers, but we will give you a free suggestion for removing those videos and photos which are generated by these apps to distract you. For this, you have suspended the option of app permission through which the hackers can’t be able to access your account easily.

Security system

Your social media account is still in danger if you do not take some precautionary measures to control the activity. According to privacy features and new security, Facebook uses a two-way authentication process, ensuring that Hacking is not possible in the presence of only one password. Google authentication app will help you to make the most of its use in this process.

How to regain a Facebook account after a hack?

We have discussed how to report compromised Facebook account, and now it is time to regain access; follow these simple steps to regain access.

  • Visit the official page of Facebook and, click on Forget password and click on the link located below the login field.
  • Enter your email address or phone number that is associated with your Facebook account that is being hacked. If you accidentally forget one, try the second option of a phone number.
  • Facebook assures many recovery options. Choose the easy one for you, such as receiving a password reset link via email or a verification code through SMS.   
  • If you choose the email option, your recovery password reset link is in the inbox of your email account. Open the given link and follow the instruction to create a new password.
  • If you choose the SMS option, you will receive a verification code on the personal mobile number you entered when you send recovering password requests. Enter the code on the Facebook recovery page and create a new password.
  • After successfully resetting your password, Facebook will allow you to review your recent Facebook account activity or enable additional security measures like two-factor authentication. Take these steps to enhance the security of your account.
  • Once you have regained access to your personal account, review your settings and privacy options to ensure they are set up according to your preferences. Changing your password step by step to maintain account security is also a good idea.


Hacking is now a daily activity because hackers introduce many new ways to hack accounts and use them for unethical and unlawful activities. This post is really helpful in dealing with how to report compromised Facebook account and regain access to your hacked Facebook account in detail. 

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