Insta story saver: Which 5 are best


The digital era is all about sharing content and expressing your thoughts through stories, and It may be Facebook, Instagram and many other social media platforms stories. We see many people’s stories on Instagram, but how to save stories to see them later is many people’s major concern. Is there any Insta story saver, and how does it work is still not solved? Let’s talk in detail about Insta story savers and the best Insta story savers.

What is an Instagram Story Saver?

Instagram stories are uploaded on Instagram only for 24 hours, and we don’t have access to these stories after 24 hours. Therefore, many companies introduce apps like Insta story savers that save Insta stories to see them later. People who want to save their favorite star stories can benefit from these apps. 

How do these tools help Instagram users?

These tools are very helpful in saving Insta stories very easily. You don’t have to make an effort to download it manually. It is hard to save your and others’ Instagram stories because they disappear after 24 hours. Before these brilliant Insta saver tools, you could only take screenshots of your stories and store them. Downloading stories is difficult and requires a lot of effort; therefore, these tools are introduced to save you time, and you can easily save your stories. 

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How to download Instagram stories on a PC or Mac?

You can easily save Insta stories through these Insta stories savers. The process to do this easily and safely is as follows:

  • First, open your device browser and open Instagram. Click on the Instagram icon on the right corner of your screen, just like a grid of squares.
  • Copy the link to the option from the menu.
  • Open the desired Insta story saver and paste the link in the available field where you see the paste option. Click on the download button to instantly get the story.

How to download Instagram stories on iPhone or Android?

If anyone of you doesn’t have a Pc or Mac, you can also download it on iPhone and Android. Let’s discuss the process of how to download Insta stories on your phone. 

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone, whether it is Iphone or Android. 
  • Open the three-dot icon in the right corner on the top of the page screen and select copy link. 
  • Please copy the link of the desired story and paste it on the desired Insta story saver website. 
  • After the link is pasted into the desired field, click on the download button shown next to the paste link. You get your or others’ Insta stories instantly without any interruption. 

Best Instagram Story Downloader

Many Instagram story downloaders are available in the market, but finding the favorite one that works according to your needs and choice is difficult; therefore, we have collected some best tools that will help you save Insta stories without disturbance. You can download photos, download video stories in mp4 format very fast. These tools are free, reliable and, easily accessible and compatible with all devices, including PC, Macs, iPhones, Android. The best 

available tools are as follows: Story Downloader is an online Insta story saver tool compatible with all devices from Windows to Mac. The process of saving Insta stories is very simple by using this app. Open their official page and enter an Instagram username, hit the download button and get your favorite content on your device instantly. 

Storiesig Story Downloader

It is an online web application that I used to save Insta stories rapidly. The process is not complicated, but you just have to save it by copying the URL of your Instagram account and paste it on the official website of Storiesig. Press the download button and get your favorite stories on your device, whether it is Windows, Mac or Android. Open the folder of the device and find the desired content. It supports various devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

Aloinstagram Story Downloader

It is one of the best tools that is available online to save Insta stories easily. You can check these stories later in your leisure time. Open the website’s official page and paste the link of the desired URL to get the video or the content of the stories. Its best part is that it is compatible with all devices, from PC, Macs to all smartphones. 

Ingramer Insta story saver

Ingramer is a web-based, easily accessible free tool to get Insta stories. To save these stories, log in to your Insta account, open the profile link, and get your favorite stories inside your personal devices; copy the link of the desired profile and paste the URL in the Ingramer official page empty field. Click on download and get the content you always want to have on your device to see them later. This particular app (Ingramer) is compatible with all devices.

Instaview Insta story saver is compatible with Android, iphone, Mac and Windows systems. Download your favorite Insta story on your device with this brilliant tool instantly. Copy the profile link or the username of the Insta account and share your favorite stories on your devices to see them later. Paste the desired link and press the download button to get your desired story. 


Insta story saver is the best solution for those who want to see Instagram stories after 24 hours. You will easily get your desired videos instantly on your devices. Save your story or your favorite star on your phone or another operating system easily and enjoy them later. 


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