What Is HdIntranet: Complete Guide 2023


Have you ever come across the term HdIntranet? Many of us are unaware of this word. For those who don’t know about Heartland Dental Intranet, We make a complete guide to know about this in a better way. We will discuss what HdIntranet is and how it works. How do you log in to the portal and access its outstanding features? If we forget the Password, what will be our next step? 

What is HdIntranet?

HdIntranet, also known as heartland dental Intranet, is an online platform that acts as a main communication hub for employees of Heartland Dental, and it is one of the largest dental support organizations in the US. HD intranet portal is an important resource that helps and supports the mission of Heartland Dental to provide high-quality dental care and build a team for teamwork, growth, and excellence. 

Heartland platform provides a wide range of resources and tools to help their employees get engaged, stay informed, and connect to the company’s latest happenings, news, and updates. Employees will also get access to training materials, job listings, and a variety of employee benefits. The portal interface is very easy, user-friendly, and easily accessible by employees. It also provides administrative and business support services to dental practices nationwide. Hdintranet’s easily accessible features will help employees do their jobs better and properly.

How Does HdIntranet Work?

Working on Hdintranet is very simple. You can easily use it by following the instructions that are given below:

  1. Open the browser on your device, whether it is a computer or mobile. Enter the Url of the portal in the address bar or open the link of https://portal.heartland.com/my.policy.
  2. From here, you can easily access the login page by pressing the button. 
  3. Just fill out the required form with your username and Password. An organization or IT department specifically provides these credentials; the username may be the employee ID, and the Password is according to the ID.
  4. Press enter, and you will be able to open the portal immediately.
  5. If you provide the appropriate credentials, you can access various features, resources, and communication tools on Hdintranet heartland dental. 
  6. If there is an issue with your Login or Password and you want further assistance, it is recommended to approach contact or IT support to handle the situation.
  7. In case you will forget your Password, the process to reset it is discussed below.

How to Login to HdIntranet?

Hdintranet access is given to employees and other persons through Log in process, and here we describe the login process in detail to help you to get HdIntranet access. Many users are facing difficulties while logging in to the HdIntranet portal; therefore, it is necessary to learn about its login process. 

Hdintranet Heartland dental portal access through search engine

The process to open the heartland dental portal is very simple and easy, and the process is as follows:

  • Put the query in the search box of Google. You will get Heartland dental portal website.
  • Here you will see two fields, one is for Login, and the other is for Password.
  • Put your credentials in the empty field according to your requirements and get access easily.

Get Direct Access to HdIntranet Heartland dental portal to Login

Some people don’t want to access the portal from Google. They have the option to open it directly by using the link. You will now access the login page when you click on the link. The direct link to the page is www.hdintranet.com\. Here you get the credentials, fill out the form and get access to the portal immediately. If you want to use this process again and again, bookmark the link to do this process easily. 

What to do If you forget your Password?

In case you forget of HdIntranet login portal, You can easily reset your Password by just following some easy steps and these steps are as follows:

In order to reset the Password for Hdintranet -Password, you have to open the portal and click on the link that is known as “Forget Password.” This link will take you to the reset page, and follow the instruction on the page. Here you have to enter your current Hdintranet username, your last name, and the last four digits of your social security number. You will instantly get the new login and password details to access the HdIntranet when you submit the details.


I hope this article will help you know about HdIntranet better, and you can easily log in to the portal to get access to all its features immediately. This comprehensive guide covers all the topics related to Heartland Dental Intranet.

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