Career Guide for Women in Tech


One of the fastest-growing industries is technology. Computer and information technology (IT) occupations are expected to rise 12% over the next decade, outpacing all other occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

 Women make up only 5.17 percent of software developers worldwide today. 

Women make up only 5.17 percent of software developers worldwide today

The reasons behind this are complicated, and the reality is depressing. This is hardly a persistent situation, though. It’s a scenario that’s changing. Full stack developer course, assists you to explore the fascinating world of full stack programming and share insightful knowledge with other women who are considering this rewarding career path. 

If you’re a woman considering a career in computers, you might be wondering, “Is software development a good career?” Even though women are underrepresented in the computer sciences, there are numerous reasons to choose a career in this field.

Three Arguments in Favor of a Career in Software Development

We’re going to tell you three reasons why software development is an excellent job for women.

three reasons why software development is an excellent job for women

Reason 1: Software development is a rapidly expanding industry with a wide range of career opportunities.

 Why think about becoming a software developer? First, excellent work! Several software developer occupations are among the highest paying, according to Indeed. And secondly, it’s a quickly expanding field. 

By 2030, there will be a 22 percent increase in the number of software developer employment in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). As the demand for software engineers continues to outpace the supply, there are already roughly 250,000 open positions in the U.S.; we can anticipate an increase in that number. 

Reason 2: It’s Possible to Enter the Software Development Industry Without a College Degree

 The low entrance barrier is another benefit to considering software development, if the abundance of employment prospects and excellent compensation aren’t enough. You don’t necessarily need a degree in computer science to work as a software developer, albeit it depends on the circumstance. 

According to one survey, 27 percent of software developers lack a college degree, while 69.1 percent identify as self-taught. According to a survey on software development trends for 2021, “years of experience” is the most crucial factor to consider when employing software developers, along with communication and problem-solving abilities.

 Additionally, it’s simpler to obtain an education without having to pay for college because software engineers have a variety of self-paced learning options, including online learning, independent programming, boot camps, and certifications.

Reason 3: A Flexible Career in Software Development

 It’s a common misconception that a job in software development entails relocating to Silicon Valley, settling into the “boys only” culture, and enduring years of discrimination against women. This is untrue. Both large and small businesses require software engineers. Software developers can also work from home, so you don’t necessarily need to relocate to a tech area like Silicon Valley to obtain employment. 

womens representation in Big Tech

IT Jobs and Career Opportunities

Those interested in a career in IT and technology can expect a wide range of opportunities. Deciding weather service based vs product based While most employers require a bachelor’s degree and expertise or proof of involvement in computing, other occupations may require less schooling. Furthermore, IT occupations have been shown to pay more than other fields, such as the social sciences, and to deliver relatively high job satisfaction. Here are some of the highest paying jobs for females-

  1. Web Development

Website designers and developers either work for advertising agencies, consulting businesses, or are independent contractors. Depending on where and what kind of work web developers do, different educational requirements may apply. But proficient web developers need to be familiar with both programming and graphic design. 

Daily, most web developers:

  • Discuss the design of a website with clients or management;
  • Develop and evaluate web applications;
  • Write the website’s code;
  • Collaborate with other team members to decide what data will be on the website;
  • Collaborating with more designers to decide on the website’s appearance;
  • Include audio, video, and visual elements on the webpage;
  • monitor website traffic

Whether you’re just starting out in software development or looking to expand your career, geekster’s programs provide a variety of alternatives, allowing students to train in some of the fastest growing sectors of the industry. Upskilling alternatives for any stage of your career are available. 

The next step in web development is to master data structures and algorithms because they provide efficient ways to store, organize, and manipulate data, enabling optimized algorithms, improved problem-solving, and better performance in software development. Understanding data structures is essential for tackling real-world applications, passing technical interviews, and building a strong foundation for advanced topics in computer science.

  1. Programming

To create useful computer applications and software programs, computer programmers write and test code. Many programmers work in offices, but many can now do so thanks to advancements in telecommuting technologies. Even though the majority of programmers hold bachelor’s degrees, several companies employ people with associate’s degrees. Programmers frequently focus on a few programming languages to help them bring distinctive expertise to the business.

Every day, programmers for computers:

  • Create software using a range of programming languages;
  • Update and improve current programs;
  • Check software for bugs and correct problematic sections of code;
  • Using an integrated development environment (IDE), write and test code;
  • Implement code libraries.
  1. Data Analyst

Data analysts collect and translate enormous amounts of data to assist organizations in making educated decisions. Because every firm accumulates data, a data analyst can hold a variety of positions, including:

  • Analyst of budgets;
  • Analyst of market research
  • Analyst for operations research
  • Analyst of logistics;
  • Analyst for computer systems;
  • Financial analyst.

Data Analyst

  1. Cybersecurity

Information security analysts are a career option for those seeking to work in cybersecurity. The networks and systems of a company are protected by the security procedures that these experts create and implement. You need a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related discipline plus practical experience, such as an internship, to become an information security analyst.

Most information security analysts, on a daily basis:

  • Check the networks of a company for security flaws and look into infractions;
  • Installing and utilizing software to safeguard sensitive data;
  • compile reports that detail damages and security breaches;
  • do out testing to check for system vulnerabilities;
  • study current IT security trends;
  • Create security best practices and standards for the company;
  • Make security recommendations

Computer network support professionals typically:

  • Utilizing PC performance monitoring software, test and assess the current support systems;
  • Constant upkeep of computer networks;
  • Investigate LAN issues,


Of course, all the arguments apply to men as well as women who are thinking about working in software development. More motivation is, however, required for women who are still underrepresented in the field. For our daughters to have role models in the industry when they become older, we need more women in software development today. They will observe other successful women and realize they can too. 


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