How to Download GB Insta? Complete Guide 2023


Suppose you are waiting for Instagram to update its app and are bored with its current features. Those in this state do not have to worry; we have found the solution for you. Are you excited to know about the latest modified version of Instagram? In this article, we will discover what GB Insta is and How to Download GB Insta? What features make it more beneficial and different from the official Instagram app in detail? 

What is GB Insta?

GB Insta is a more advanced and modified version of the Official Instagram app that comes with more exciting features and benefits than an official Instagram app which makes it amazing and more appreciable by people. 

Features of GB Instagram

When it comes to features, GB Instagram is one of the best apps with various exciting features and is safe and secure to use. Some of the details of the prominent features are as follows:

Image preview option

On Instagram, you don’t have any option to see the profile picture by clicking on it. GB Instagram gives you the facility to see the image, and you can also zoom it by clicking on it. The best part is downloading the image while viewing it in its original quality. Tap on the three dots and get the preview option from the menu.

Anonymous Story views

If you want to see the story of a person without being known to the person. GB Instagram will help you to see the stories of others anonymously. You can be safe and hide your identity from the person whose story you are seeing.

Wide Customization

You can easily customize it without any hindrance because it provides different customization options that help to save you from boredom, and you can enjoy different styles on your profile. You can also apply and check different colors.

Safe and secure option

Having a GB Instagram option on your device is safe and secure; unlike other third-party apps, you can use it safely and securely without any hindrance.

Get media files in your gallery

You can easily use the media files in your gallery because Gb Insta provides the facility to download media files in the gallery. You can download anything directly from Instagram and send it to your gallery.

External player support 

GB Insta supports external players for watching videos. You have to click on three dots to get the option of the external media player and use it easily. 

Multiple account support

One of the best features is that it will support multiple accounts at a time, and you don’t have to sign off from one account to use another. Instead, you can use both of them at a time. 

Other Features of GB Insta

  1. You can easily turn off the right and left dragging options.
  2. Wide customization options are available.
  3. Mark your message as a star with this app. 
  4. Build-in translation options are available.
  5. You can easily copy the bio of another user.
  6. Zoom the profile picture or copy any text from the Instagram option and paste it into another place.

How to download GB Instagram For Android

You can download it easily by following some simple steps.

  • Open the GB Instagram APK file on any downloading website and download it. 
  • Once the download is completed, open your Android, go to the settings, and then to security settings.
  • From here, open the unknown sources to get access to the app.
  • After opening unknown sources, the file is downloaded in the folder. Open the folder and use the app as per your preferences.

How to Download Gb Insta For Mac

You can also download Gb Instagram for Mac and Windows, and the process is as follows:

  • Your first step should be to open the Bluestacks programme by opening the browser.
  • Search for GB Instagram and open it.
  • You will have an option of download button, Click on it and download the file to use the app.

How to Install GB Instagram

The installation process is simple but important to complete the process, and the process is as follows:

Open the download file and click on it; a pop-up of the installation appears, and you have to click on it to install the app. After clicking, you will be able to use the app in just seconds.

What is new in the latest version of Gb Insta

The latest version includes some extra features that are as follows:

  1. Video call has been added to the new version and also supports IGTV.
  2. You can add tags to the stories.
  3. The best part is that you can also add voice notes to your stories.
  4. It also fixes different crashes on its own.

Requirements & Permissions 

Permissions and requirements to use Gb Instagram are as follows:

  • A strong network connection is required to use it.
  • The location of the device should be on to use this version of Instagram.
  • It requires external storage and modified audio settings.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
View story anonymously Work slowly
Download images and videos from your gallery
Check followers
Save stories


GB Insta is a good app for those who are bored with the current official Instagram app features and want to get more features and customization options while using the Instagram app. It is a safe, secure and reliable third-party app that is used without any hindrance, and you can get all its benefits free of cost.

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