A Comprehensive Review of the Orange Curriculum


Think Orange takes a unique approach to kids’ church curriculum, making it stand out from other ministry resources. Their biblical materials help to bridge the gap between church and home.

They develop relatable lessons and provide various tools to encourage parental involvement. They also offer a free parenting app and media package with their curriculum trial.

What is Orange?

Orange is a ministry that offers church leaders a variety of resources for teaching kids and adults. They offer four age-based weekly curriculums that churches can use to teach their kids, students, or families about God. They also provide a wide range of free resources like blogs, downloadable guides, and podcasts.

Their philosophy is that the home and the church are critical influences in a child’s life, so they work to create resources that help both of these influential voices collaborate to impact kids’ lives. Their curriculums are centered on wonder, discovery, and passion. They believe that when these elements are combined, they can show kids who God is more effectively than either influence could alone.

The name of the organization is a reference to the color orange. They believe this color represents a combination of two powerful forces, yellow and red. The combination of these two colors is solid and bold, but it can also be beautiful and inspiring. 

They want to emulate this same kind of strategy in their ministry by combining the church’s and the family’s power to reach a generation for Christ. It is the core of their mission and what makes them different from many other curriculums.

What is the Orange Curriculum?

The Orange curriculum aims to connect the church and home environments to build strong faith for kids that lasts. They do this by focusing on the two most significant influences in a child’s life their parents and church community. 

By connecting the two environments, they believe that a child will have an authentic relationship with their Heavenly Father and that community bonds will be strengthened, faith will be fueled, and discipleship networks will be developed.

Unlike other church curriculum options, the Orange curriculum focuses on social-emotional learning and spiritual development. Their curriculum includes a variety of resources and tools to teach students how to manage their emotions, set goals, and develop healthy relationships. They also host multiple conferences and have many free resources, including blogs, downloadable guides, podcasts, and more.

Orange has four different age-specific curricula ranging from preschool to high school. Each one comes with a parent queues app synchronized with the weekly lesson that gives parents ideas for things to talk about with their children at bedtime, meal time, drive time, and more. 

Additionally, they work to provide a range of tools and resources for small group leaders, including videos, training guides, and other tools. Orange has worked hard to create content that is tech-friendly and easy to use for volunteers. 

The Orange curriculum has even teamed up with Playlister to make it simple for churches to broadcast their Orange content to TVs at their location. The Orange curriculum reviews are suitable for all the kids learning.

What is the Orange XP3 Curriculum?

As kids grow older, they move through different phases of life. That is why Orange created a curriculum that reaches each age group where they are. Their curriculum is designed with the help of child development experts and church leaders to meet kids where they are at. It also includes tools to help parents converse about faith with their kids at home.

One thing that sets Orange apart is its focus on family. Their goal is to create biblical materials that link the influence of church and home because they believe two combined voices are more powerful than alone. It is reflected in their name, as they use the color orange to represent what happens when the light of the church (yellow) and the heart of the family (red) come together.

At ENCC, we utilize the Orange XP3 curriculum for our children’s ministry, LAUNCH. Students attend the worship portion of the service in the main auditorium and then are dismissed to their clubhouse-style classrooms for the rest of the time. In their classrooms, they participate in activities and discussions centered around the theme of the weekly Orange curriculum. It helps students build a solid Biblical foundation that will allow them to apply scripture in their youth ministry lives.

What is the Orange First Look Curriculum?

Orange First Look is a children’s ministry curriculum for kids new to the faith. It helps kids understand that God loves them and is always with them. The curriculum also introduces kids to small group time during worship service. It is available in four different age groups.

Orange also provides resources and training for church leaders. They have a large conference each year, smaller tours nationwide, and free resources like blogs and podcasts. They aim to help churches reach kids for Christ and build up their leaders.

In addition to its curriculum, Orange also offers a family ministry app and VBS programming. They are known for their fun and relatable lessons, designed to be used with the 252Kids curriculum. They offer a free trial of the curriculum, access to a ministry specialist, and a media package. This makes them a good choice for small to medium-sized churches.

What is the Orange 252 Kids Curriculum?

The Orange 252 Kids Curriculum focuses on preschool through elementary age groups. It is designed to bring fun into every lesson while being biblically based and spiritually impacting. The curriculum consists of small group experiences. Teaching videos are shot more like VLOGs and various other resources that make them engaging for children.

The preschool and elementary curriculum combines child development with theology to help kids learn that God made them, He loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever. It helps kids build a foundation for their faith that they can carry throughout life.

As kids move into middle and high school, the XP3 Curriculum continues to develop the core insights that Orange has been known for. It also addresses the unique needs of each age group, making it a powerful resource for churches to use in their ministry to students.

Regardless of your church’s children’s ministry curriculum, it is crucial to have a system for regularly training volunteers. That includes having a volunteer structure that allows new volunteers to apprentice with an experienced leader and to be part of a larger team. It will allow them to grow in their leadership skills while continuing to build a strong community of believers.

What is the Orange XP3 Middle School Curriculum?

Orange focuses on building solid relationships between church and home to support faith formation in the next generation. Research shows that parents influence their child’s faith development most. As a result, Think Orange creates biblical materials that connect with parents so that they can continue the conversation in their homes. This approach to ministry sets Orange apart from other kids’ curriculum options.

With detailed children’s ministry curriculum options for all ages, Orange also offers a free parent cue app to help families develop spiritual habits in their homes. It helps parents keep their kids on track with the weekly lessons they learn at church. It is a great way to involve parents and encourage them to take their child’s faith formation into their own hands.

With a downloadable middle and high school curriculum, the Orange XP3 Curriculum is an excellent option for churches looking to expand their youth ministry offerings. It is designed to help teenagers experience the wonder of who God is, the discovery of who He created them to be, and the passion for loving others. For pupils to comprehend and apply complicated realities to their life, the XP3 Middle School curriculum assists in breaking them down into age-appropriate ways.

What is the Orange XP3 High School Curriculum?

Orange has developed a curriculum designed to help teenagers connect with God in the way that best fits their life stage. Each curriculum is built with the two primary influences in a teenager’s life in mind: their parents and their church. By connecting the home and the church, Think Orange aims to help strengthen community bonds and ignite faith.

This approach separates Think Orange from other children’s ministry curriculum providers. While most curriculums rely on parents to drive their children’s spiritual education, Think Orange is designed to keep families involved throughout the week. They provide biblical materials to help parents have critical conversations with their kids at home and offer a variety of helpful apps like Parent Cue designed to simplify the process for parents.


The Orange curriculum consists of four programs: First Look (preschool), 252 Kids (elementary school), XP3 Middle School, and XP3 High School. Each curriculum focuses on meeting teenagers where they are, instilling a deep understanding of the Bible in their minds, and helping them find the passion for loving God and others. In addition, Think Orange offers a variety of training resources and an annual family ministry conference that can be an excellent resource for churches to draw upon.


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