Top 5 Features Of The New FI-8170 Scanner


Your scanner makes a huge difference in your office’s information management system. From accurate data capturing to enhanced productivity, the right scanner can make your work faster, simpler, and more efficient. It’s no surprise why the Ricoh fi-8170 is one of the top-selling scanners on the market — it delivers all these benefits and more. Keep reading to learn about its top five features you’ll definitely want in your office.

Image Monitoring

Skewed and stapled pages can jam a scanner and ruin the originals. The Ricoh fi-8170 prevents these problems by pairing Image Monitoring with Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection (ISOP), safeguarding your originals while ensuring more accurate scans. Image Monitoring tracks incoming scans for skewed pages, while ISOP uses an ultrasonic sensor to check for unusual sounds during the feeding process. If either feature detects any abnormalities, the scanner halts the job in progress so you can correct the problem. The fi-8170 also includes Lag Detection, which checks for unusually long intervals between scanned pages.

Manual Feed Mode

Like the ScanSnap iX 1600, the fi-8170 includes both manual and automatic feed modes. Manual feed is ideal for scanning photographs, index cards, ID cards, and booklets with a maximum thickness of 7 millimeters. The fi-8170’s manual feed mode can be used for both single-sided and duplex scanning. For automatic scanning, the 8170 includes a 100-page automatic document feeder with enhanced handling and an exit stacker design for smooth feeding and keeping your originals organized.

Advanced Paper Handling

The fi-8170 effortlessly handles documents with multiple paper sizes. Thanks to the 100-page ADF and adjustable paper guides, mixed paper sizes in the same batch feed and scan effortlessly. Other time-saving features that improve scan quality include blank page detection, hole punch removal, vertical streak reduction, and index tab cropping.

Clear Image Capture

Ricoh’s Clear Image Capture is among the clearest and most accurate imaging technologies in existence today. Using more than 4,900 color levels, the fi-8170 significantly reduces problems such as color shifting and line distortion. Photos and text are clearer, resulting in higher-quality data captures and enabling OCR to more precisely read and translate text. Clear Image Capture is automatically included on the fi-8170 and all other fi-8000 series scanners, including flatbed models.

Faster Scanning Speeds

The Ricoh fi-8170 can scan up to 70 pages per minute. At speeds like these, scanning becomes faster and more efficient. This includes both single-sided and duplex scanning, expanding your capabilities and allowing you to capture more data. With features like Image Monitoring, Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection, advanced paper handling, and Clear Image Capture, you can significantly improve your organization’s document digitization, data access, and productivity.

You may recognize the fi-8170 under the original Fujitsu brand, which is now part of the Ricoh product family. Ricoh has continued production and support for the fi, SP, and ScanSnap series machines — so if you need a ScanSnap iX 1400 driver or software for your home office scanner, you can still download it for free. You can also add these machines to your office setup and bring their benefits to you and your users.

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