The Best Conversational AI Platforms with Features


Ever wondered why AI conversational platforms have become such a big deal? Think back on what makes us human: our brain. With it comes our unique ability to comprehend language, feel emotion, and adapt quickly in response to life. For some time now tech enthusiasts and scientists have dreamed of building machines that match up the sophistication of human thought processes.


Conversational AI solutions can significantly transform your customer service offering. By imitating human interactions, this technology enables teams to handle higher volume requests while live agents address more complicated FAQs more efficiently.


Intelligent platforms such as these AI platforms can transform customer support teams. But in order to fully exploit all that AI offers, you need to find a tool ideally suited to your company and business model.


This article will look for the best platforms and break down the features that they offer 

  • IBM Watson 


IBM Watson Assistant can be seen as an AI platform capable of complete conversational intelligence.


Automated chatbots and virtual assistants from this platform help organizations address customer problems at their source, offering immediate relief at every touch point with customized support through web, mobile, and over-the-phone channels. 


One aspect that most impressed us about Watson Assistant was how seamless its transfer process is between bot and human-agent interactions – something uncommon among conversational AI platforms. Watson Assistant provides customers with voice support that allows them to submit queries without typing out every single letter of their question. Their disambiguation feature ensures there will be no queries that require multiple responses; rather, the bot automatically asks for clarification prior to providing its reply. Now let’s examine some other features:


Key Features

  • Watson Assistant keeps all data secure and in your possession. 
  • They use advanced language processing techniques for efficient conversations. 
  • For powerful predictive analysis of any information gathered.
  • Combine voice and texting simultaneously for faster information exchange. 




To help familiarize yourself with their platform, the IBM Watson Assistant offers a complimentary version called ‘Lite.’ Once familiar with it, upgrade to their “Plus” plan for $140 monthly and start meeting those customer experience goals!

  • Feed You


Feedyou is one of several AI conversational platforms offering customized solutions for specific business requirements, with automated chatbot communication powered by powerful AI tech that is configured based on three distinct business functions.


Feedyou offers an AI chatbot capable of conducting employee surveys and supporting transactions while engaging in human-like conversations, among many other uses. What we particularly appreciated about their platform was its easy scalability without compromising data security – this means pilot tests can easily scale without fear of their collected information being at risk. Let’s also examine some other features unique to Feed You such as these.


Key Features

  • Comprehensive no-code platform equipped with an interactive designer to easily build virtual assistants without writing code. Won’t compromise data security across channels.
  • Over 30 ready-to-use integrations and the capability of creating customized integrations for internal CRM, ERP, ATS, or e-commerce platforms. 
  • Outstanding user experience combined with powerful analytics. Simple team collaboration via live preview/testing functionality.



Their ready-to-use employee support solution costs 500 Euros monthly with one-off setup fees of 1500 Euros. If you would like pricing information about other solutions (ready-to-use or custom), contact them here.

  • Replicant 


Replicant Businesses cannot miss!!  The Replicant Thinking Machine in today’s fast-evolved conversational AI development market. This machine excels at solving customer inquiries through voice conversations – something it does brilliantly!


Replicant’s voice assistant makes calling centers seem ancient by comparison – quickly responding to customer calls in less than one second and finding context 94% of the time, taking over one thousand calls within 6 weeks!


Here are a few statistics that demonstrate why this voice assistant can be so beneficial to its clients:


Key Features

  • Unstructured calls are transcribed and clustered to identify key intents. 
  • Utilizatorilor Using their powerful Conversation Studio, create voice conversations. 
  • Prebuilt modular conversation components cover 80% of call flows.


Be notified in real-time as calls take place to see how well an assistant is performing, using one-time links sent during calls by thinking machines for optimal efficiency and to prevent delays on calls themselves.



To receive an accurate quote based on your unique business requirements and goals.

  • Cogingy


Cognigy was one of the many AI conversational platforms we explored for this article and proved itself adept at managing customers from different demographics, speaking different languages, and needing different solutions. Simply put, Cognigy offers value to businesses of all sizes through conversational AI services that add the appropriate service or solution.


Enhancing customer interactions through AI assistants, connecting customers to their respective departments or representatives quickly, aiding employees in solving customer issues quickly, or driving appropriate actions through smart processes – Cognigy has an AI solution for every situation.


No doubt they offer solutions for most customer experience problems – and if not they will find one! Let’s now examine their key features:


Key Features


  • These digital agents mimic human conversation while providing 24/7, round-the-clock communication via channels your customers prefer and scalable solutions with complete data security.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with detailed analytics functionality. 
  • Give training for your teams so that they can use this platform effectively.



At the conclusion of your free trial period, a pricing structure suited specifically for you will become evident.

  • Convy AI


ConvyAI stands out among up-and-coming AI conversational platforms by emphasizing providing customers with an omnichannel experience, helping them at any point they require assistance.


Simple user interfaces and solutions tailored for businesses frequently utilized are hallmarks of success for software providers, making the transition easy for both them and their clients alike. Let’s examine some key features here:


Key Features


  • Outstanding “one contact” query resolution that increases customer satisfaction. mes Provide an interactive ‘human agent’ from their bot without jeopardizing customer experience.
  • A seamless transition from basic chatbots to automated assisted chatbots in a context-aware manner.
  • Give your bot an individual personality that complements the brand identity, serving up to 1,000 customers without adding another human agent! 



Their sales team will contact customers individually regarding pricing.

  • ServisBOT


ServisBOT, an AI conversational platform with bots that converse like humans, stands as our definition. They have done groundbreaking work towards increasing robotic process automation (RPA) back office while still offering a conversational interface front office to optimize both AI and RPA benefits; their bots act to solve queries or purchase requests while conversing as humans do – the result being excellent customer experiences!


Key Features 

  • For Bot Deploy multiple bots seamlessly across customer requirements. Centralize and manage them easily from a central hub. 
  • Assemble AI engines best suited to meet business requirements – there’s no need for just one NLP engine!
  • Make full use of their bot maturity stage functionality to deliver better customer experiences for accounts. 
  • Their library of AI services can also prove extremely helpful in accomplishing this feat.



Reach out to them so you can learn about their solutions’ pricing structure and compare.

  • offers one of the most comprehensive AI conversational platforms you’ll find today, featuring industry-specific AI models for banking, insurance, healthcare, retailing, education, and customer support teams alike. Their solutions also cover marketing sales HR customer support as well as powerful solutions designed specifically to work with WhatsApp or Google for business messaging purposes.


What else could possibly make this AI platform remarkable? Additionally, their smart search product provides on-site searches in an intuitive fashion for clients while their hybrid chat product facilitates effortless automated conversations between two parties. They even feature smart alerts if their clients fail to locate what they are searching for as quickly as possible! Other notable features are also present.


Key Features


  • Utilize their conversational chatbots to quickly capture leads. 
  • Their virtual assistant provides customers with personalized recommendations to make the buying journey smooth.
  • Superior NLP capabilities guarantee better performance and accuracy, and powerful built-in analytics help unlock customer insights directly through bot conversations.



To gain more clarity into their costs and service quality, book a demo based on your needs and see their pricing structure firsthand.

  • Amazon Lex


Amazon Lex is part of Amazon Alexa and serves as a service that facilitates conversational user experiences using voice- and text-based interfaces, making conversational interfaces possible across any application.


Amazon Lex is one of the most powerful NLP engines on the market and an invaluable asset in conversational AI solutions for businesses. Their massive variety of solutions, in-house NLP engine, bot designing & deployment characteristics, and numerous design & deployment characteristics make Amazon Lex an appealing option.


Amazon Lex makes available the deep learning technologies powering Amazon Alexa to developers across businesses, making them capable of building sophisticated natural language conversational bots in minutes that increase contact center productivity, automate tasks, and increase operational efficiencies within companies. Of its many features, some key ones are as follows:


Key Features 


  • Amazon Lex is a fully managed service, so it scales automatically. 
  • No need for ongoing infrastructure management issues; easy-use console to guide through chatbot creation/design process and deployment across selected channels in one step; etc.
  • Integrates seamlessly with AWS platforms for optimized usage and data processing, providing solutions for virtually every conversational problem you can think of at no additional cost! Highest grade security comes standard.



If your bot processes 8000 voice requests per month, that costs just $32.

  • Microsoft Bot Framework


The Microsoft Bot Framework is an AI conversational platform with integrations into nearly the entirety of the tech ecosystem. Their intelligent bot can connect to online sites, apps, Slack channels, Cortana voice assistant, Skype calls, Telegram chat groups, Messenger SMS services, etc. allowing seamless interactions across systems and environments.


Our powerful bot can deliver smart recommendations based on customer needs, translate languages, or recognize individuals from images. This conversational AI integrates with Microsoft APIs including Bing search, Text Analytics API, and Cognitive Services with specific target markets such as travel, banking, and entertainment industries.


Voice commands built into their bots also allow organizations to streamline activities and deliver an improved customer experience to clients. Other key features should also be mentioned here such as:


Key Features


  • Use their cognitive services to build bots that can speak, listen, understand, and learn. 
  • Access a vast collection of SDKs and tools for testing and improving bots. 
  • Scalable solutions designed to integrate into existing IT ecosystems.
  • Get enterprise-level data security and ownership.



Test out Azure bot services for free and become familiar with their prices.

  • Acquire 


Acquire is another automated chatbot platform like designed to answer frequently asked queries in order to free employees’ time for more complex matters or functions. Requires no coding knowledge whatsoever and seamlessly connects employees with human representatives for each problem situation.


Send targeted personalized chatbot messages on key website pages of your website using Acquire’s chatbot for maximum qualified lead acquisition. Attract more prospects through tempting offers or limited-time coupons; when qualified prospects qualify they’re sent straight over to your sales team! Its other great features are as follows:


Key Features 


  • Optimize chatbot performance using an easy and customizable dashboard. 
  • In less than 24 hours you’ll understand all aspects of its platform.
  • Build and edit chatbots until they meet your exact standards using their powerful visual editor. 



To assess pricing accurately, obtain an individual quote tailored specifically to your needs.



These software solutions can add significant value to any industry and business model. More businesses are turning to conversational AI tools as a cost-cutting measure while expanding revenue and customer service offerings; moreover, this type of approach ensures customers receive quick assistance at low costs – this article details more of the AI revolution.


The AI revolution has arrived and is revolutionizing how businesses engage their customers. Artificial intelligence development companies are rapidly growing more popular across all industries from customer service and marketing to customer care and personalization – offering more accurate, efficient, and tailored service – making AI an indispensable business technology asset. If you own your own company this type of tech could prove invaluable!


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