Diagonaux: Enhancing Dynamic Visual Interest to Web Designing


Web designing is an innovative field that has seen a significant increase in demand in recent years. Web designers worldwide have been working hard to provide new and exciting elements and strategies to improve the aesthetic appearance of websites. 

Various well-known web designers have successfully built millions of websites that are captivating to us and have excellent content layouts for better understanding. Now, the thing to ponder upon is what hits us the most when we see a website.


Diagonals are one of the best approaches to increase your website usage. Using a diagonaux/diagonal is an excellent technique for giving websites a deep and elegant design. Diagonals enhance the look of a website by increasing its dimensions and concepts and adding depth to the layout.

Let us go through how and why diagonals have become necessary in web design. 

What is a Diagonaux?

erik van dijk uAWRPtZ6n0s unsplash

Before digging into the significance of diagonals in web design, we need to understand the significance of the fundamental concepts. 

To begin, we must define what a Diagonal is. For those of you who may not know;

A Diagonal is a shape which connects the two opposing corners of a square, rectangle, or polygon through a straight line.

Moving on, you may wonder how a diagonal and a diagonaux are different. 

A Diagonaux is a specialized term for web designs that feature diagonals.

You may think of a Diagonaux as a descendent of a diagonal or a more precise form. Nevertheless, if compared to a diagonal, it is primarily used in web designing

How Can We Add a Diagonaux to Improve Web Designing?

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you click a website link? It is the website’s visual appeal. You enjoy the website if you can find your desired pages or search for them. Easy navigation is the fundamental key to gaining traffic. 

Considering Sephora’s website is a good idea, why? Because the website displays all of the beauty products in such a compelling way that you can’t help but scroll through it. The designer there has also used an array of diagonals in every way to divide the content in a manageable way. 

Similarly, using Diagonaux on your website might improve the way it looks in the following ways:

  • Dynamism of a Website

A Diagonaux uses horizontal and vertical lines to help allocate the website layout. It automatically makes the website more engaging and straightforward to use. As a result, it boosts a website’s efficiency. 

  • Movement of the Design

Diagonals on a website generate an eye-catching path for readers to scroll down on your page. It generates a sense of convenience and allows for an improved use of the data on the website. As a result, it improves the user experience of the website.

  • Depth of the Layout

If you’re wondering how to boost the depth of a website, it’s a simple concept. When diagonaux is used in a website, it requires setting up various unique functions such as pop-outs and borders. Again, this makes it simpler to use and a better performance. 

How to Use Diagonaux While Designing Good Websites?

visual design pl9DrjAMV6I unsplash

Several practical options exist for including diagonaux, or diagonals, in your web pages. 

For example;

  • Use Text in a Diagonal Position

Placing diagonal dialogue boxes with text like “What to know” or “Fun facts” can entice readers to read that part.

  • Try Diagonal Dividers and Grids

Dividers and grids can be used diagonally to organize and alter webpage content. As a result, there will be less content on the same page, reducing the possibility of a cluttered appearance. 

  • Match Backdrop Theme with Diagonal Images 

To give depth to the website, use diagonal photos in the background to make it look more artistic while being professional. 

  • Adapt to Reactive Diagonals

Ensure your diagonals are responsive to the page layout for a consistent user experience. If they fit within the dimensions of the website, the website will appear more accessible.

  • Create Logos with Diagonals

Several prominent companies use diagonal lines and forms in their logos to entice visitors to visit them. Such logos demonstrate the brand’s creativity even more effectively. 

Tips and Tricks to use Diagonaux in your website

You can now find help for everything online. As a result, we’ve compiled a collection of simple and popular ideas to help you employ diagonals in web design. 

Consider using the following strategies to make your website look more enticing:

  • Only use diagonals if they blend well into the design – Make sure they complement your website design. If they don’t fit anywhere, don’t force them to. It will make the website design appear rushed.
  • Do not compromise on user experience – If the setting up of diagonals puts the website’s functioning at risk, delete them. Use diagonals wisely to avoid making a mess. A website should always have good navigation. 
  • Try your design with a mobile device – Always test your website on a smartphone before launching it. In today’s society, most consumers use their mobile devices to navigate through websites. As a result, if the diagonals seem well on a mobile device, it’s a thumbs up. 
  • Balance out the Color and Contrast – While adding diagonals enhances the aesthetic, it may also impact the website’s colors. Match your website’s theme and contrast with the diagonals to ensure optimal flow.
  • Get customer feedback – Allowing certain people to use your website initially and seeking feedback is fantastic. So that if a problem with the design arises, you can address it before the website is made public. 

Applications to Use for Adding Diagonaux to a Web Design

nordwood themes ubIWo074QlU unsplash

Everything is becoming easier to do as technology advances daily. The same is valid for web design. Previously, people had to spend days designing their websites. They achieved everything, from drawing a single line to creating a page.

However, we now have several tools that can assist web designers in completing their tasks in less time and more conveniently. Different applications can assist you in adding diagonaux to your website designs and provide better suggestions to improve the look of your website.

Following are some standard software used to design websites with diagonals:

  • WIX is the most popular web design software at the time, with over 900 templates for your website. It also provides several diagonal website designs. 
  • DRIBBLE is a well-known website that offers unique design concepts, such as using diagonals to draw users’ attention.
  • DESIGNMODO is another site that offers easy diagonal templates to help you quickly customize a design of your ideas, saving you a lot of time and work. 
  • CSS is a web design language that stands for Cascading Style Sheets. You can customize and build the website with adaptable elements to suit your preferences. 

Examples of Diagonaux’s Use on Popular Websites

If you still lack confidence, consider the following notable websites, which are widespread globally and are known for their design due to the use of Diagonaux:


Porsche, one of the most well-known car manufacturers, has a website that millions of people visit every day. It’s due to the lovely design, which incorporates diagonal automobile images into the background. When people come across these visuals, they experience immediate excitement.


TED has become famous over the years due to its instructive material and elegantly designed website. It separates newsletters, podcasts, and blogs using diagonal graphics and dividers, making it more user-pleasant. 


Stripe is a widely recognized online payment platform that is prominent for its features. Like the others, STRIPE uses several diagonals on its website for background animations to make it look lively. 


Diagonaux is also efficiently used on the popular shoe website Nike. People claim that it improves the athleticism of the website, making the merchandise appear more attractive.


Spotify also uses Diagonaux images in its playlists and icons, as shown in the image above, to draw users’ attention. It is, once again, one of the most commonly used websites worldwide.

Final Verdict

In modern times, a website is designed to visually tell the story of what the manufacturer is attempting to sell. So, generating traffic and customers primarily depends on web design. Including appealing components, backdrops, and styles in a website’s design improves efficiency. A better way to accomplish this is to incorporate Diagonaux into the web design. It not only produces a pleasing layout, but it also gives an excellent user experience. 


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