How to Walk in High Heels For Men


“How to walk in high heels for men” can be stressful for guys who want to try wearing high heels but don’t know how. High heels are usually considered a style for women, but they were originally men’s shoes.

And now high heels have gone in and out of style for both men and women. From cowboy boots to fancy pumps, heels let men stand tall, make a fashion statement, and show off their confidence and manhood.

Walking in heels may be uncomfortable initially, and it takes practice to do it gracefully. Still, with the correct planning and skill, any man can master strutting in various heels or wedge sneakers.

This complete guide will:
Compare traditional heel styles with secret heel styles (like elevator shoes),
Show you how to walk with poise and stability.

By the end, you’ll know everything you need to know to walk a mile in heels easily, even if you’ve never done it before.

How Men’s High Heels Came to Be

Most people think that heels were only made for women, but they were actually first made for guys. In the 10th century, Persian riders wore heels to keep their feet in the stirrups and stay stable.

In the 1600s, European aristocrats wore high heels to show off their wealth. People thought that the person wearing high heels was more critical.

By the 18th century, men’s dress wear usually included heels. The heel was thought to be more manly the thinner it was. Even though women started wearing heels in the 20th century, heels that aren’t specific to either gender are back in style now.

Men wear shoes today, from embellished stilettos to height-increasing shoes, to look taller, show confidence, and show who they are.

Traditional Men’s High Heels vs. Elevator Shoes with Hidden Heels

Men who want to wear high heels today have two main style options: regular or hidden heels. Heels like flats, platforms, pumps, and lace-up boots have a raised heel that is easy to see.

Traditional high heels are a strong fashion choice, but there are some problems with them:

Pros: They look cool and trendy, give you the most height, and come in many different styles.

Cons: Foot pain and discomfort, less balance and stability, and walking easily and confidently takes practice.

Men’s elevator shoes, which have “hidden heels for men,” have built-in heel lifts hidden inside the shoe. From the outside, these shoes look like normal flat sneakers, slippers, or shoes with laces.

2 to 6 inches

Pros of Elevator Shoes

  • They are more comfortable and support your feet better.
  • They stay stable so that you can move around more easily.
  • They give you a subtle and secret height boost.
  • They look like regular shoes. Hidden heels are less dramatic and bold on the outside, with fewer
  • styles than standard heels.
  • Possible social shame because of hiding

Pros of Elevator Shoes

When picking heels, it’s important to consider what’s most important to you and what you like, such as style vs. comfort and stability. Traditional heels are bold and stand out, while hidden heels are more about ease and adding height without being too obvious.

How Men Should Walk in Traditional Heels

To walk easily and gracefully in traditional heels with open lifts, you need to plan and practice often:

  1. Choose shoes the right size to avoid pain and irritation. For first-timers, choose heels with a bigger base and a height of less than 2 inches.
  2. Keep your back straight by using your core muscles and putting your weight on your feet. Instead of walking as usual, take shorter, straighter steps.
  3. Take steps from your heel to your toes, landing first on your heel and then rolling forward easily to shift your weight and push off from your toes. Don’t turn your knees too far outward or point your feet too much.
  4. Keep your balance by putting each foot about the width of your hip. Don’t move your arms or body too much from side to side. You can use railings, walls, or chairs to help you stand up.
  5. Use pads or shoes with cushioning for more comfort and support. Pressure on the balls of your feet can also be relieved with gel pads.
  6. Get used to walking on soft floors at home. As your skills and balance improve, you can wear heels for longer and on different surfaces. When wearing traditional heels, you can avoid falls, foot pain, and weakness by being prepared and careful.

How to Learn to Walk Naturally in High Heels

Men’s hidden-heel shoes with inner lifts require fewer significant changes in technique, but practice and getting used to them are still good:

  1. Choose a shoe size that gives you enough height while still being relaxed. Before wearing new shoes for long stretches, break them in slowly at home.
  2. Keep your back straight by using your core muscles, keeping your head level, and hitting the floor with your heel first. Roll from the heel to the toe of each step.
  3. Take natural steps and push off smoothly from your heel to your toes. Don’t lock your knees or turn your feet too much outward. Let your walk go with the flow.
  4. Do movements like calf raises, squats, lunges, and standing on one foot to improve your balance and leg strength. You can walk smoothly and easily with strong muscles supporting you.
  5. Think about using cushioned insoles or rubber sole grips to make your shoes more comfortable and give you more grip on slippery areas. You could also buy professional elevator shoes at Chamaripa, making you taller.

Hidden heels let you walk freely and comfortably while secretly making you taller if you keep doing it. Your friends will be surprised at how tall you look suddenly.

In The End

Men’s high heels have a rich cultural past that still affects gender-neutral fashion today. With the right preparation and understanding of walking in heels, you can improve your style and be proud of your shoe collection.

Start with lower heel heights and slowly move up as you get used to them. You can practice walking on different surfaces at home while maintaining balance and weight distribution.

Most importantly, choose heels that match your goals and comfort level, whether you want something bold and stylish or quiet and stable. Soon, you’ll be able to walk around in those boots confidently.


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