Top 10 health benefits of’s silk bedding


Luxurious, beautiful, and therapeutic – creates silk bedding that promotes better rest and well-being. Their 100% mulberry silk provides science-backed health advantages for sleepers. Keep reading to discover the top 10 health benefits you’ll gain by upgrading your bedding to Promeed’s quality silk pieces.

1. Deeper, More Restorative Sleep

Quality shut-eye is the foundation of health, and Promeed’s silk bedding delivers. Their lightweight, breathable silk regulates body temperature throughout the night. This prevents overheating or chilling that disrupts deep sleep cycles. Promeed’s pillowcases allow facial skin to absorb anti-aging night serums and treatments fully. The result is rejuvenating sleep that restores both body and mind.  

2. Relief for Sensitive Skin

Those with skin conditions like eczema find welcome relief in Promeed’s hypoallergenic silk. The fabric contains no irritating chemicals or dyes that provoke reactions. The ultra-smooth silk fibers prevent chafing and minimize friction that triggers sensitive skin. Promeed allows even reactive skin types to relax into tranquil rest. 

3. Skin and Hair Moisture Retention

Unlike cotton, Promeed’s mulberry silk does not absorb your skin and hair’s natural oils and hydration as you sleep. The silk helps lock in moisture so you wake with supple, glowing skin and shiny, frizz-free strands. Their pillowcases also prevent product absorption, so serums and treatments work optimally overnight. 

4. Minimal Sleep Wrinkles and “Bedhead”

The slippery surface of Promeed’s pillowcases allows skin and hair to glide freely without tugging and friction. This prevents fine lines, creases, and morning fuzziness. Less disturbance of your skin and hair while you sleep makes for a more youthful, polished look upon waking.

5. Allergy and Asthma Relief

Promeed’s chemical-free silk avoids irritating histamine reactions that trigger allergies and asthma symptoms at night. The smooth fabric also minimizes exposure to dust mites and other allergens. Their hypoallergenic properties provide easy breathing for uninterrupted rest.

6. Thermoregulation for Menopause Relief

Women suffering from hot flashes and night sweats find relief in Promeed’s temperature-regulating bedding. Their lightweight, breathable silk dissipates heat while providing warmth when needed. Promeed’s pieces support a consistently comfortable microclimate for menopausal women to get quality sleep. 

7. Lower Stress Hormones  

Promeed’s relaxing, undisturbed sleep environment helps reduce cortisol and other harmful stress hormones. Their pillowcases even enhance calming melatonin secretion. With hormones balanced, you awake renewed rather than wired and tense. This promotes better mental health and cognitive function throughout your day.

8. Pain Relief for Joints and Muscles  

The cloud-like softness of Promeed’s silk cradles pressure points rather than creating them like regular bedding. Even finicky sleepers remain properly aligned and supported for less next-day aches. The silk’s gentle compression increases circulation to ease muscle tightness and pain.  

9. Stronger Immune Function

Quality rest on Promeed silk optimizes cytokine immune proteins and natural killer cell activity. Their bedding also reduces inflammatory biomarkers that impair immunity. Bolstered defenses mean you’re less prone to getting sick. Fend off colds, flu, and infection risks with Promeed’s protective bedding. 

10. Heart and Metabolic Health  

Promeed’s uninterrupted sleep regulates glucose control and lowers LDL cholesterol for essential heart health. Their breathable bedding also avoids hypertension and blood flow issues that disrupt cardiovascular function at night. Promeed silk nurtures all aspects of wellness for an energized you.

Treat yourself to the everyday luxury of Promeed’s mulberry silk bedding. Their allergy-free, thermoregulating covers, sheets, and pillowcases deliver multiple evidence-backed wellness benefits for a life vibrantly lived. Invest in the sanctity of sleep with Promeed silk.


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