Which Is the Best Data Science Program In India?


In today’s world, any organization cannot achieve its full potential without relying to some extent on the data regarding consumer response, industry trends, and profit-loss analysis. Whether it is a small-scale or large-scale company, a hospital, an academic institution, or any other organization, its systems primarily rely on data and technology to maintain order, keep records, estimate profits, and devise action plans. But data on a large scale can be complex to understand, analyze, integrate, and interpret. And this is when you need a data scientist.

Data science is a continually progressive field offering prominent career opportunities with some of the most high-paying jobs in India. But to become a data scientist, you need to be well-versed in the tools, techniques, and technologies involved in data collection, interpretation, integration, manipulation, and interpretation. A degree in data science or a professional certification greatly works in your favor if you want to become a data scientist.

But with so many institutions offering different courses in data science, how do you choose which is the best data science program in India? Don’t worry; we have done the homework for you! We have reviewed different data science degree and certification programs offered in India and prepared a list of the best ones. Go through the list, analyze the course specifications, and decide which one caters best to your needs.

Best Data Science Programs Offered In India

Various institutions offer data science programs in India. Be it a degree course or a professional certification, having an educational background in the field imparts you the desired skills and favors your resume.

Here are some of the best data science programs in India.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA)

This is a full-time postgraduate diploma course of 2 years offered jointly by three of the leading educational institutions in India, IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur, and ISI Kolkata. Here, you get classroom education from these three institutions combined. The classroom training of 18 months is followed by an internship or project work for six months. This not only gives you the necessary theoretical knowledge but also imparts the knowledge of the practical application of these skills.

The course program focuses on the different tools and techniques involved in data science. It also educates you about the different mathematical and statistical techniques and their application in the field of science.

Full Stack Data Science Course

This is a three-month certification program offered by Almabetter, an institution reputed for its data science courses. The highlight of this course is the guaranteed placement policy. This institute guarantees placements in leading multinational companies, and you can pay the course fee after you land your job. Almabetter has a “Pay After Placement” scheme blueprint where you can sign an “Income Share Agreement” and pay your fee after getting the job and have your enrollment fee refunded.

This course offers you knowledge of Python, machine learning, data engineering, and mathematics & statistics for data science. These skills build the foundation of your role as a data scientist and open several opportunities in the field.

Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Engineering (PGP-DSE)

This is a 5-month data science and engineering course offered by Great Learning in Gurgaon, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune. The course includes:

  •   A blend of classroom training for conceptual understanding.
  •   Practical sessions for the application of techniques.
  •   Conclaves with industry professionals for better field knowledge.

This level of exposure gives you great insights into the data science industry and its dynamics.

The course plan involves programming languages like Python and SQL, exploratory data analytics, machine learning, and other data science techniques.

MTech in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

This is a full-time course of 2 years offered by Mukesh Patel School Of Technology Management And Engineering. The curriculum involves classroom training to provide conceptual knowledge of the techniques and applications associated with data science. This is paired with internships to allow the students to understand the practical applications of these theoretical concepts.

The course module includes basic skills relevant to the field of data science and artificial intelligence, like data handling, interpretation, wrangling, prediction, and modeling. It also provides knowledge of probability, analytical progression, financial analysis, and data gathering. This compound course plan endows you with the skills desired in the field of data science.

Postgraduate Program in Data Science

This program offered by Praxis Business School is a full-time course of 9 months. Previously, the course was named Postgraduate Program in Business Analysis and includes a curriculum covering the basic and some advanced skills required in a data scientist.

The course module includes knowledge of programming languages like Python, SQL, R, Amazon AWS, and other essential concepts like Excel, machine learning, data mining, and others.

Things To Consider A Data Science Program In India

It is difficult to choose the best course plan for data science when the options include some reputed institutions with remarkable course structures. Surely, there are some advantages and disadvantages to every module. And some will suit your expectations and goals more than others.

So how do you decide which is the best data science program in India for you? Here are a few things to consider when you make that decision.

Course Module

This is among the most important factors you need to look at.

Does the program course include the skills and concepts that your target job position requires?

How diverse is the course plan?

Does the curriculum focuses on a single aspect of data science or offers a dimensional course that opens multiple opportunities for you?

You must consider these questions to select the data science program most suitable for you.

Course Duration

Do you want to pursue a full-time degree course or a professional certification course spanning a few months? Both degree and certification courses have their pros and cons. Compare the factors and consider how much time you can and want to invest in the program.

Course Cost

Data science programs are often costly. But you can still narrow it down to some institutions that offer a promising data science course at reasonable rates. Or, you can consider choosing between a degree or a certification course based on your budget. Both qualifications are valued in data science as long as you have the skills and expertise.

Choose The Data Science Program That Caters To You

The best data science program for you is the one that offers you the desired curriculum in your budget. The course duration and your career scope after completing the program are also important factors.

Evaluate your options closely and choose the best program based on our suggested suggestions. 


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