How to Maintain a Cool Bedroom This Summer


We dream of summer to enjoy the good side of it, but with the growing heat, it becomes nearly impossible to survive without making appropriate arrangements to deal with it. This is especially true in Lahore, where temperatures soar to over 45 C in peak summer season.

One way to cool the house is to use an expensive AC system to cool each home, but this is also not ideal as the energy bills are also touching the sky.

The other solution is to plan and build your house using ingenious architectural hacks. Here, an experienced architect will help you in planning your home.

Usually, in modern construction, essential layout design factors are typically ignored. This results in excessive use of cooling devices that are heavy on pockets and generally inefficient in the long term. Not so long ago, particular focus was given to the building layout design, including factors such as the ideal house position, insulation, cross-ventilation, and many more!

Cool Bedroom Maintenance

This blog will guide construction planning to avoid humid and warm bedrooms this summer. Whether you are a builder, homeowner, or in the process of building your house, this read will help you analyse bedroom design mistakes to avoid them at all costs!

Right Orientation

As a builder, locating the orientation that receives the optimum amount of sunlight during winter and a balanced amount of wind during summer is an ideal location to build your house. Keeping the direction of sun rays and wind in mind, planning the room’s location is the first thing you can do to avoid trouble.

As a seasoned architectural firm in Lahore for the past decade, I suggest orienting a more significant portion of the house towards the north and south. Moreover, the more windows you open towards the south, the more perfect your bed design becomes to deal with weather challenges.

Cross Ventilation

An effective cross-ventilation system is one with air entering from one side of the house, moving all across, and leaving from the other. Concerning small bedroom ideas, this strategy of bed design ensures that your room is cooled adequately by maintaining the ideal flow of wind across your room. BUT WAIT! These bedroom ideas work only when your house is built in the proper orientation.

The orientation of your house plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of cross-ventilation. It is important to consider factors such as prevailing winds and the positioning of windows to maximise the airflow throughout your home. Additionally, incorporating features like adjustable window openings or installing ceiling fans can further enhance the cooling effect in your bedroom.

Reflective Roof

You might have seen plain concrete roofs across your locality. This is because, in Pakistan, the house design is inspired by the old British era themes. However, let me tell you, a bedroom wall design with exposed tops creates uncomfortable hot conditions in your house. It is the single leading cause of high temperatures in summary.

This is mainly because plain concrete absorbs more heat than insulated layers that reflect heat waves. You can install protective metal sheets, clay tiles, or simply a layer of protective paint to make your indoor and particularly bedroom cooler.

Thermal-Resistant Materials

Thermal-resistant materials with low mass are ideal for heat absorption in your room. These materials work by absorbing most of the heat during the day and releasing it into the environment, leaving your room cool throughout the day.

Many people prefer low-cost construction materials such as cement bricks for residential building plans, but let me tell you something interesting! The cost of keeping your interior cool with them would be much higher than spending on burnt clay bricks at construction time. This is because cement bricks have a higher thermal conductivity, meaning they transfer heat more easily. On the other hand, burnt clay bricks have a lower thermal conductivity, making them more effective at insulating your room and reducing the need for additional cooling expenses.

Avoid Too Much Glass

No matter how much modern bedroom designs excite you, certain factors should be considered if they are practical. Too much use of glazing materials such as Glass creates a greenhouse effect that traps all the heat inside, resulting in a warm and humid room.

A thoughtfully designed bedroom interior with limited Glass and sunshades can lighten this effect and create a cool and relaxing interior.

To sum it up! While you may be tempted by the modern architectural ideas in Lahore and Pakistan, remember that these ideas must be modified per Pakistan’s extreme weather conditions. This can only be done if you hire an architect or an experienced home builder in Lahore to help you make it more reliable.

Emerging researchers are showing urgency to deal with global climate issues. The need to deal with extreme weather conditions is undeniable.

Now that you have substantial information to deal with the summer heat problem, practically implementing these construction strategies can help you avoid the worst effects on your room.

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