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Asset management is at the heart of any organization. Successful asset management relies on the effective storage of maintenance documents. These documents contain data and relevant information that is critical for any maintenance program. In this post, we investigate the essential benefit of computerized maintenance management software(CMMS) in collecting, organizing, storing, and sharing maintenance documents.

Importance of Documentation in Asset Management

Asset management begins and ends with documentation. Below are the reasons keeping data and other asset-related information is critical to asset management:

Asset Registry

Maintaining an accurate and updated registry of asset information is the foundation of any successful asset management program. An asset registry holds information such as every asset’s name, its manufacturer and contact number, make, and model, serial number, location, and other information. The asset registry can also contain other documents such as the asset’s user manual, usage demonstration videos, and other references. Maintenance teams use the asset registry when locating assets, identifying asset-appropriate maintenance, and claiming warranties. The asset registry must be organized and accessible so that asset information is readily available whenever needed.

Maintenance Tracking

Any maintenance work done on every asset must be recorded for future reference. Maintenance tracking involves recording the details of any maintenance work or repair done on an asset. These records must include critical information such as the work or repair type, date, technician, or personnel involved, parts or tools used, cost, and other details. With proper documentation and effective maintenance tracking, teams can plan efficient schedules, minimize backlogs, prioritize critical tasks, and extend asset lifespan.

Performance Evaluation

Records on asset maintenance are a minefield of information on the performance of assets, maintenance programs, and technicians or personnel. The data from maintenance or repair history provides asset performance metrics such as downtime, failure frequency, cost of repairs, etc. These data can also help in analyzing whether the programs in place are effective in achieving optimum reliability or otherwise need improvements. And lastly, these records also provide personnel performance information including the number of tasks accomplished, hours spent on tasks, overtime hours rendered, and many more. By evaluating the performance of assets, programs, and personnel, teams can optimize and streamline their process more easily.

Health and Safety

Proper documentation is also critical to maintaining health and safety in any facility. The use of dangerous assets, such as heavy machinery, must involve adherence to safety precautions. Thorough and regular maintenance is one of these precautions. By keeping detailed records on the asset’s maintenance history, teams can track and reduce a machine’s risk of causing harm and injury to operators and facility workers. 

Regulations Compliance 

Keeping maintenance records is critical in proving that a facility is compliant with existing regulatory standards. Missing files, records, checklists, and other forms may lead to fines and penalties from regulatory organizations. Aside from these fines, facilities failing to meet regulatory standards also lead to negative customer and client perception, and, to income loss.

Asset Decommission

Records on assets are essential when replacing or disposing of them. Facilities often decide to decommission assets when they no longer provide the desired performance for the cost rendered to maintain them. The decision to replace or dispose of such assets depends on data on maintenance and other documents. There are also instances when these assets have the potential to be sold. Maintenance records and related documents are essential for getting high resell value for these assets.

Asset Document Management with CMMS

CMMS promotes asset documentation and provides the following benefits:

Digitized Asset Information

Paper-based documentation is time-consuming and prone to errors, misplacement, and worker fatigue. With asset CMMS records, asset information can be digitized and stored securely in the cloud. This way, users can access and manage files through any device and from any location with the swipe of a finger. Digitized forms also make it easy for users to accomplish checklists and forms, minimizing pencil whipping and increasing productivity.

Centralized Database

Asset information must come from a centralized source to avoid inaccuracies, confusion, and delays in maintenance implementation. CMMS acts as the database and platform where users can save, organize, and share information with every user. In addition, your asset CMMS files allow for storage of information in a variety of media including files, photos, videos, etc. Any electronic information can be collected and stored in one place for easy access.

Integrable Functions

Maintenance involves working with inventory, accounting, human resources, and other departments. CMMS can easily be integrated into other systems allowing other areas of the business access to maintenance data and vital asset information. Thus, eliminating data silos and increasing collaboration and efficiency within the company.

Maintenance Program Support

Effective preventive maintenance programs depend on collecting information, compiling data, and analyzing results in a feasible time. These tasks are no longer possible through manual maintenance documentation. CMMS supports preventive maintenance programs even with complex assets and processes through its intelligent computing software.

Maintain Your Asset CMMS Records with Redlist

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Redlist’s CMMS is a meaningful change for your asset management and documentation. It comes with the above benefits in customizable functions and a user-friendly platform. You can tailor Redlist’s CMMS to your current business processes and workflows. It is easy to set up and even easier for users to learn. With Redlist, maintenance documentation is simple and headache-free. 

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