Best Paid And Free AI Essay Writing Tools: A Comparative Review – 2023-24


Writing essays can be a daunting task, requiring time, effort, and creative thinking. However, with the rise of AI technology, essay writing has become more accessible and convenient than ever before. 

  3. – AI Essay Writer
  5. EssayBot By

In this article, we’ll delve into six AI-powered essay writing tools that offer both paid and free options, helping you craft well-structured and engaging essays effortlessly.

Tool Pricing Comparison

Before we explore each tool’s features in detail, let’s take a glance at their pricing options. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice or a feature-rich premium tool, these options cater to a range of needs:


Tool Pricing Type $5.99/month


Paid $9.99/month 


Paid – AI Essay Writer $7.99/month
Paid $7.99/month


EssayBot By $6.99/month


Paid Free Free – AI Essay Writer With a Perfectionist Approach

2 1 positions itself as a versatile AI essay writer for content creation. Its key features include an array of templates and a free paraphrasing tool. The interface is designed for quick and simple usage, facilitating hassle-free content generation. 

One standout aspect is its multi-input approach, ensuring that the generated content aligns accurately with the user’s requirements. It strikes a balance between speed and precision, offering quality content that matches your needs.

Other than that, this tool offers bilingual support, so students from diverse cultural backgrounds can compete with their counterparts on even terms. – An Initiative and Convenient Essay Writer

3 1 caters to those seeking simplicity without compromising on quality. It boasts two user-friendly AI essay generators and an essay outliner tool. This tool provides an effective solution for those in need of efficient essay generation.

After generating the essay, users can rephrase sections, check for grammatical errors and plagiarism, and even perform readability analysis. This essay writer has a straightforward interface that streamlines the content creation process. – AI Essay Typer Developed by Writing Experts


For students and professionals alike, CollegeEssayAI from emerges as an academic ally. It taps into an extensive database to craft original and high-quality content. 

The auto writing suggestions feature aids users in constructing coherent essays. Moreover, CollegeEssayAI offers a plagiarism checker, a grammar checker, and a smart citation finder. 

This AI essay writing tool becomes a dependable resource for augmenting your writing with well-researched and properly cited information. – An Advanced Essay Generator Tool


Emphasizing accessibility, is an entirely free tool that doesn’t compromise on quality. This AI essay generator stands out with its smart essay generator, crafting academic-standard essays swiftly and efficiently. 

Beyond just the speed, this tool ensures the generated content is both original and unique. Accompanied by citations and references, the essays are comprehensive and ready for submission. 

Its versatility shines through as it accommodates essays across various topics and academic levels.’s Essay Bot for Streamlined Essay Writing


Developed by, EssayBot combines efficiency and simplicity for easy and smooth essay generation process. With a user-friendly interface, this essay typer caters to those in need of quick and complete essays. 

EssayBot excels in its focus on essay creation, offering a streamlined approach that’s both practical and efficient. It’s particularly suitable for scenarios where a comprehensive essay is required without the need for extensive customization. – A Completely Free AI Essay Writer


In a never-seen-before manner, is providing its AI essay writing services for completely free! 

Leveraging this free AI essay writer, beneficiaries can say goodbye to their deadlines worries. Serving as a free tool, one would think that there is a catch somewhere, but rest assured, this tool is just as good as the ones we’ve mentioned before. 

With a free AI essay writer, outliner, content summarizer, and citation tool, this tool is a wonderful choice for those in need of well-structured and detailed essays.

As we wrap up our exploration, it’s clear that options like and offer premium features. 

While CollegeEssayAI fits the budget and tools like and EssayBot provide convenient essay writing aid. Having said that, is a free tool that students should use to excel in their academic journeys.

No matter what you’re looking for—precision, simplicity, or savings—these AI-powered tools are designed to make your essay writing process smoother.

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