Puka Shell Necklace: History, Revival, and Style


We can understand the importance of the Puka Shell necklace as it is an accessory that showcases a carefree vibe and laid-back. At present, we can recognize the simplest and most attractive pieces of jewelry, which is possible just because of its attractive, different, and natural design. Here, we will explore more about polka shell necklace, which include style, meaning, and history, with the purpose of attracting people all around the globe.

The Origins of Puka Shells

We found the origin of puka shell necklaces an important factor named puka shell in Hawaii, which is famously known to be a place with a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

We can consider”Puka” as Hawaiian, which comes with the meaning of “opening” or whole,” and along with this, it is famous due to its donut-like shape with a hole present naturally in its center. Its main presence is found on Hawaii shores, which include the shores of Oahu and Kauai. People say it is the remaining cone snails found on shores and beaches. Once you collect these shells and mix them up, you will create the puka shell classic necklace.

The Cultural Significance of Puka Shell Necklace

puka shell necklace

These puka shell necklaces are connected with Hawaii through a vast and deep importance regarding its rich cultural heritage. People of Hawaii put them mainly women and men as they considered it as a persona of spiritualism, security, and good fortune. The hole in the centre of puka shells is symbolic as people regard it as a passage of positive vibes of energy and safety comes out of it.

Mostly, people use the puka shell as a gift for friends or loved ones to ensure a good fate. People use it for different rituals and occasions, especially in Hawaii. It has gone beyond the island borders as a spiritual symbol of Hawaii.

Puka Shell Necklace Revival

Having deep cultural and historical importance in place, we can understand the term puka shell necklaces. This term gained a wave of popularity in Western societies between 1960 to 1970. The counter-movement accepted this term as a freedom and calm symbol along with a deep connection with nature.

The popularity graph that was going down regained its shape back in the 1990s and 2000s when pop celebrities and personalities started to embrace it. People took it as a must-wear accessory, regarding it as the fashion sense that is an alternative to the Bohemian style.

Modern Puka Shell Necklaces

Communities from all around the globe with various backgrounds and ages are using it, and it has a huge wave of fame that is going on and on. The original puka shells are applauded for their unique persona and authentic touch in place. You can go in different styles and sizes which suit your budget the most.

Genuine Puka Shell Necklaces: 

This kind is prepared from the original puka shells coming all the way from the shores of Hawaiian. Their price comes in particular because of their variety and attraction when you find a difference in history behind each shell.

Imitation Puka Shell Necklaces:

When preparing it, it is also prepared from ceramics, plastic, and wood. This attractive puka shell necklace provides the most affordable option with an attractive essence of classic design in place.

Contemporary Designs:

When we experience some present-day puka necklace, we will see that it has indulged some other items like gemstones, beads, and metal as well just for the creation of a different look.

DIY Puka Shell Necklaces: 

The individuals who work purely from hand often go with their own puka shell necklaces, which further permits them to go for custom design.

The Meaning of Puka Shell Necklaces Today

When we see puka shell necklaces, we can call them a fashion sense that showcases the base of a free-spirited lifestyle. People from different areas wear them to show affection and love regarding the beaches and the carefree attitude connected with this environment.

When we talk more about a sense of appeal, we find a sense of positivity regarding positive energy, vibes, and security. Many consumers make its connection more with natural forces. Hence, it has both significance regarding fashion and personal use.

Styling with Puka Shell Necklace

It becomes easier to indulge in puka shell necklaces in different styles, sizes, and shapes. You can go for styling, having different types in place.

Casual Beach Look:

You can connect to the top tank with your puka shell necklaces and flip-flops for an attractive outfit.


Go with the mixture of puka shell necklaces with some other necklaces in place to look elegant and stylish. 

Surf Style:

You can wear this puka shell necklace while surfing or during swimming when going against the waves.

Everyday Wear: 

We can wear it with a normal routine outfit, which gives your clothing a natural beauty look.


We can experience that these puka shell necklaces have their long base from the beaches of Hawaii. Look if you are going with the real Puka shell necklace or choose some other version. These attractive jewelry items will keep on attracting the eyes and hearts of the community, creating deep cultural meaning and connection regarding nature. 


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