Is Hiring a Hit and Run Accident Attorney Worth It?


In a typical accident, the at-fault driver will take responsibility for their actions. They may pay restitution as part of a criminal restitution order.

A hit and run accident attorney will work relentlessly to secure fair compensation for your losses. They will interpret and apply the law, handle the countless paperwork and legal formalities, and negotiate with insurance companies.

1. Professionalism

If you’re involved in a car accident, it can be traumatic and confusing. Dealing with injuries, property damage, and insurance claims can feel overwhelming. Trying to handle the case alone could lead to errors that negatively impact your chances of securing fair compensation.

A professional attorney will handle all aspects of your case, from obtaining evidence to filing a claim. They will also keep track of any deadlines and statutes of limitations. This helps ensure you don’t lose your right to pursue compensation because of missed time limits. A skilled attorney will work to uncover evidence that proves liability and demonstrates a connection between the driver and your accident.

They will also determine whether someone other than the hit-and-run driver might be responsible for your damages. They will work to get you compensation from those parties as well. It is best to read the concepts this article explains to know the next step after an accident.

2. Experience

You can still seek compensation if a driver is at fault for causing your accident and flees the scene. However, the only way to do this is to track down the driver and bring a civil claim against them. An experienced hit-and-run attorney will use every resource to locate the driver, including police resources and stolen car databases. They can also help you pursue compensation from your insurance company under your PIP and uninsured motorist coverage.

Without an attorney’s specific knowledge of hit-and-run law, you may miss out on damages like lost time at work, loss of enjoyment of life, and even punitive damages if the at-fault driver is especially reckless or malicious. Your attorney will know how to navigate best the complex legal process, including insurance claims and courtroom procedures, to protect your rights. They will also be able to identify any initial mistakes you might make that could harm your case.

3. Expenses

If the at-fault driver is identified, your attorney will file a personal injury claim and pursue compensation through the civil court. This may include compensation for your medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Your attorney can also seek punitive damages to punish the at-fault party and deter similar behavior.

Hiring a hit-and-run attorney can also help you secure more money in your settlement or judgment. They will work with you to review your losses and expenses and then calculate the amount you’re entitled to receive in compensatory damages. These might include co-pays, mileage to and from doctor’s appointments, treatment and therapy costs, loss of income, and more.

Your attorney will also negotiate with the insurance companies for a fair settlement. They can also pursue uninsured motorist coverage and other sources of compensation on your behalf. Moreover, they will handle all the legal formalities and ensure your case is filed correctly.

4. Time

For most people, being in a car accident is stressful and upsetting. However, settling the damages is relatively straightforward if the other driver pulls over and exchanges insurance information. It gets significantly more complicated when the other party flees the crash scene.

An attorney can help you determine the identity of the hit-and-run driver. Depending on the severity of your injuries, this can be a critical factor in establishing your entitlement to compensation.

Final Words

A lawyer can also handle negotiating with the other party’s insurance company. These professionals know how to leverage a settlement that addresses the full extent of your losses. They can also counter unfair tactics that the insurer may employ. They can also prepare your case for trial if a fair resolution cannot be reached. This will ensure you can present your story to a judge and jury.

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