What Truck Drivers Should Do in the Event of an Accident?


Truck drivers must be prepared for the possibility of an accident happening. Accidents can happen, whether it is due to a mechanical failure, cargo shifts, or an act of negligence. In the event of an accident, there are certain things truckers should do immediately and in the days that follow. These steps will help them ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

1. Exchange Information

Ensuring the truck driver and any other parties involved in the accident exchange information is essential. It helps to establish who was at fault and ensure everyone has the proper documentation for their claim. It may seem obvious, but getting the truck driver’s name and insurance information is crucial. It includes their insurance company and policy number. Ensure that the name they give you matches what is on their driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Getting specific information about the crash can help your attorney speed up the process of recovering compensation for you. They can follow up with the other driver, witnesses, and any potential sources of video footage. The Levin Firm truck accident lawyers can help to build a solid case on your behalf.

2. Call the Police

Truck drivers need to contact police after an accident. It helps law enforcement create a report and ensures all parties are safe.

Truck drivers should also exchange insurance and driver’s license information with other parties involved in the accident. They should also ask for witness information, including name, phone number, and email address.

Truck drivers should take pictures and videos of the scene after the accident if possible. It will provide visual documentation of the truck crash and help your attorney establish facts at trial. If you can’t get out of your truck due to safety concerns, it’s okay to walk around the accident scene and note things like weather conditions. Be mindful of traffic, and don’t get too close to damaged vehicles.

3. Get Medical Attention

Truck drivers should always pay attention to the road and vehicles around them. They should also make sure they check their mirrors and blind spots regularly. However, even the most cautious drivers can still get into accidents. Truck drivers should always ensure that everyone is safe and that no injuries are sustained during an accident. 

They should also help injured people stay calm until emergency responders arrive. Truck drivers should also move their vehicle(s) out of traffic and put on hazard lights if it’s safe. Injured truck drivers should also seek a medical evaluation at the scene and from their primary care doctor. It will create immediate documentation of their injuries and can help in the event of a claim.

4. Stay at the Scene

Truck drivers who flee the scene of an accident run the risk of being charged with hit-and-run. In addition, a criminal record will prevent future employers from hiring the driver. A truck driver can gather information from each person involved in the collision by remaining at the scene. 

They can get contact information, names, and insurance policy details. Additionally, they can take pictures of the crash site and road conditions. If a truck driver doesn’t have a cell phone with a camera, they can ask their supervisor for a disposable one. Taking photos of the accident scene helps document all essential details. It also helps with evidence collection. Drivers should use a cell phone with a time stamp on the photo.

5. Take Pictures

Truck drivers should take pictures at the accident scene if it is safe. If you cannot take the photos, ask a witness or family member to do so. Concrete proof of what happened can make all the difference later in court when the other side tries to spin things their way.

Also, capture photographs of the vehicle positions, license plates, skid marks, and more. These photos are essential if the weather played a role in the accident, as forensic experts will need to know what the weather was like during the crash.

Final Words

Another vital step is getting the names, addresses, and contact information of witnesses and victims, including insurance policy information. Taking a picture of all this information can help prevent it from being lost later on, as people may need to remember.

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