7 Reasons to Contact a Criminal Lawyer


A conviction for a criminal case can result in a long jail term and affect your future. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, consult a Los Angeles criminal lawyer for the best possible outcome. Here are seven compelling reasons to get a criminal defense attorney:

1. Understand the Law and Court Processes

The law is complex and always changing. Criminal defense attorneys devote their time to studying, practicing, and keeping up with the latest legal developments. They can guide you through your case so that you can understand it and the potential consequences.

Find a Los Angeles criminal lawyer to help you avoid falling victim to self-incriminating choices or legal loopholes. During your initial in-person appointment, your attorney can help decode the criminal justice procedure by offering an overview of the court proceedings. They help you navigate the legal system depending on your particular situation. 

2. Get a Favorable Outcome

A criminal record could result in jail time, the loss of your driver’s license, and your inability to work. Having legal representation may help boost your odds of the best possible result. An experienced lawyer can help reduce your charges, lower your penalties, or even withdraw your case. Should a trial result in a conviction, your attorney can offer the greatest plea mitigation.

When a lawyer helps drop charges against you, they avoid damaging your criminal record and potentially keep you from losing your job. They can also save you from jail time by lowering your potential penalty. Their understanding of the criminal justice system helps you get the best outcome.

3. Safeguard Your Legal Rights During Police Interviews

Having a lawyer with you during questioning is a legal right that you should take advantage of. A criminal defense attorney can clarify what to say and how to behave during a police interview. They offer you assistance and much-needed knowledge about your rights at such a key stage of the criminal justice process.

4. Present Evidence Correctly

An expert attorney will create the most effective strategy to present your evidence before the court. They know how to ask the right questions and how to phrase them, and they are skilled in strategically cross-examining witnesses. A good criminal defense attorney may also present the case to the judge for the relevance of a line of inquiry that the prosecution has objected to.

All evidence must adhere to certain standards to be accepted in court. A criminal defense lawyer can examine all the evidence filed by the accusers against you for discrepancies. If they find any issues with the evidence, they can argue a total dismissal in your favor. 

5. Identify Case Weaknesses

A criminal defense attorney can identify any flaws in the prosecution’s case as well as your own. During the trial preparation phase, the attorney may review evidence that the prosecution cannot use. The attorney can get in communication with the prosecution to confirm they will not present that evidence before the case goes to trial.

6. Avoid Going to Trial

Your criminal defense attorney can determine whether it is appropriate to present the prosecution with a public interest argument for why the jury should drop the charges against you. A positive outcome means the charges are dropped, and you can avoid going to trial. Submissions about the public interest should be prepared in a certain manner and meet specific requirements. A skilled criminal defense attorney will be familiar with such standards.

7. Have a Successful Bail Hearing

When you get arrested following a criminal charge, you can secure your release only after a bail hearing. A criminal defense attorney will represent you at your bail hearing and fight for your release while you await trial. They will assist you in preparing and presenting your bail application at the bail hearing for higher chances of success.

Contact a Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer Today

If you or a family member is facing criminal charges, contact a criminal lawyer immediately. A reputable lawyer will provide a legal assessment of your case and give you advice on how to conduct yourself. With an experienced Los Angeles criminal lawyer, you will have the support you need during every stage of the process.


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