Opening an Individual Panama Bank Account Online


Privacy of banking services offered by Panama financial institutions has become renowned among entrepreneurs involved in global business. The country’s legislation adeptly safeguards the interests of account holders while remaining compliant with international transparency regulations. This delicate balance between banking privacy and legitimacy makes Panama an enticing option for international business activities. Explore the opportunity of establishing a personal account with a Panamanian bank, all from the convenience of your office anywhere in the world, with our professional guidance.

Panama Current Bank Accounts for Individuals: A Seamless Remote Process

Opening a bank account for individuals in Panama is a streamlined process that doesn’t require a physical visit to the country. Our team of International Wealth experts is ready to assist you in efficiently gathering and submitting all the necessary application documents, enabling you to establish a bank account in Panama remotely.

For foreign individuals, the initial step involves a mandatory deposit of 500 USD, which serves as the registration fee. Additional deposits are required to ensure the full functionality of your Panamanian bank account. The account owner must transfer 50,000 USD within 15–30 days to activate the account and maintain a security balance of 100,000 USD throughout the year.

After creating an account, you will receive complimentary access to an online banking platform, on which you can perform various operations such as obtaining account statements, transferring funds between accounts, making local and international payments, paying mortgage and utility bills, and obtaining various banking products without making a personal visit.

The Panamanian bank extends the option to open a multicurrency (USD and EUR) current/checking account. If this aligns with your preferences, an initial deposit of 3,000 USD is required to initiate the process.

Diverse Account Types to Suit Your Needs

Private individuals from foreign countries have a range of account types to consider when engaging with the Panamanian banking sector. This Latin American financial hub provides an array of options tailored to meet international clients’ unique needs and preferences. It incorporates such features as multicurrency support, online banking platforms, and specialized services.

These accounts, meticulously designed by Panamanian banks, go beyond mere transactional tools. They serve as comprehensive financial solutions, incorporating state-of-the-art online banking platforms with advanced functionalities that allow account holders to obtain detailed bank statements, seamlessly transfer funds across different accounts, execute local and international payments, and access various specialized banking products remotely.

Panamanian accounts contribute significantly to capital growth. The country’s banking regulations, aligned with international standards, promote a robust financial ecosystem, in which foreign individuals benefit from the opportunities to safeguard their assets and utilize capital appreciation tools.

The following types of accounts are available for foreign investors:

  1. Regular Account:
  • Manageable online or through a smartphone.
  • Eligible for a Clave Debit Card.
  • Interest accrues monthly.
  1. Premium Account:
  • Requires a minimum deposit of $3,000 (remote).
  • Bank interest applies to deposits between $3,000 and $20,000.
  1. Ahorro Educativo Inteligente Account:
  • Designed for accumulating funds for future educational expenses.
  • Earn life insurance as a bonus.
  • Variable interest rate, up to 7%.
  1. RYA Account:
  • A savings account for planning for the future.
  • Fixed interest rate, up to 7%.
  • Includes life insurance.

Fixed-Term Deposits and Credit Cards

Individuals looking to grow their wealth in Panama can explore the option of investing in fixed-term deposits, a financial avenue that typically requires a minimum deposit of $10,000 for a minimum term of 30 days. This form of investment provides a stable and predictable return on funds over the specified period, aligning with the country’s robust banking practices.

The Panamanian banking sector also extends opportunities for financial flexibility. By offering a range of credit card options, individuals can access varied solutions tailored to their specific needs. These credit cards provide a gateway to diverse benefits, from cashback rewards to travel perks, enhancing the overall financial experience for account holders.

By combining the stability of fixed-term deposits with the versatility of credit cards, individuals can create a well-rounded financial strategy that aligns with both short-term goals and long-term wealth growth.

Various bank cards in Panama have different features and advantages:

Visa Classic: Designed for clients aged 21 to 65, this versatile card allows payments for goods and services both locally and internationally. Cardholders enjoy a 1.54% monthly interest on the outstanding balance, along with the ability to accumulate bonuses for airfare coverage. Additional perks include eligibility for a loan (up to 36 months) and a $75,000 travel accident insurance. Fees associated with ordering a Visa Classic card include a $45 annual membership fee, a $55 yearly bonus program fee, and a $20 charge for acquiring an extra plastic card.

Visa Gold: Offering enhanced services and personalized care, Visa Gold cardholders earn a 1.41% monthly interest on the outstanding balance. Additional advantages encompass a $150,000 life insurance coverage (including $750 for baggage insurance) and comprehensive concierge services. For an annual fee of $65 and a $30 cost for acquiring an extra card, Visa Gold cardholders also gain access to a Miami mailing address at no extra charge.

Visa Cash Back: Providing partial reimbursements for purchases, Visa Cash Back cardholders receive 2% reimbursement in select outlets and 1% in others. The card ensures round-the-clock remote customer support and includes a $500,000 travel accident insurance for added security.

Visa Platinum: As an elite bank card, Visa Platinum allows cardholders to apply for a minimum $10,000 bank loan. With a $115 annual membership fee and a $55 charge for an extra card, Visa Platinum offers extensive benefits, including medical insurance, free access to VIP airport areas, and coverage against hijacks, fraud, and baggage loss.

The bank utilizes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network for secure fund transfers, ensuring protection against hacking. Transactions can be made globally, with the bank charging a 7% ITBMS tax for transactions conducted on behalf of clients.

For any inquiries regarding the remote opening of a personal bank account in Panama, reach out to our experts.

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