Plus-Size Shopping Tips for Every Body Type


There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to shopping for plus-size lingerie. The key to feeling confident and at ease in your lingerie is choosing styles that flatter your body’s shape. No matter if you’re pear-shaped, round, or anything else, the right kind of lingerie can enhance and boost confidence. In this article, you’ll learn how to shop for plus-size underwear and be introduced to an Australian supplier of plus size lingerie that empowers women regardless of body type.

Learn Your Body Shape

Determining your body shape before finding the best plus-size clothing is essential. Here are some basic body shapes, along with a description.

  • Hourglass:An hourglass has a defined waist with proportions equal to the chest and hips.
  • Apple-shaped bodies:Apple-shaped bodies are larger hips with a smaller bust.
  • Rectangle:A rectangular body has minimal waist definition with similar measurements at the bust, waist, and hips.
  • Triangles Inverted:Triangles Inverted have larger shoulders but smaller hips, waist and thighs.

Discovering your body type will help you choose lingerie designs highlighting your best features and offering support where needed.

The Right Styles

Bras Styles:

  • Balconette or Push-Up Bras:They can lift and enhance your breasts, making them a great choice for apple-shaped & rectangular body types.
  • Full-Coverage Breasts:People with pears-shaped breasts may prefer full-coverage underwear, as they provide sufficient support and reduce the appearance that a bigger bust is present.


  • High Waist Pants:These pants will enhance the waistline of hourglass or apple-shaped figures.
  • Men’s Boyshorts:The Boyshorts are a great option for men with pear-shaped figures because they can be worn comfortably and highlight the hips.

Baby dolls

  • Empire Wedge Styles:Baby dolls in Empire waists look flattering with a wide range of body shapes because they flow without clinging.

Corsets and Bustiers:

  • Enhance the Hourglass:A corset or bustier can emphasize the hourglass by tightening at the waist while supporting your bust.


  • Streamlined Style:Bodies create an elegant, sleek look that suits various body types.
  • Leg Lengthening:You can elongate your legs by wearing stockings with garters. This flatters most body types.

Color Selection and Fabric

It is also important to consider the fabrics and colours you choose. They can significantly impact how well your lingerie suits your body.

  • Choose Darker Colours:Darker tones like black or deep plum will have an elongating effect. They are also a good option if you’re looking to emphasize your curves.
  • Patterns or Prints: A strategic use of prints and patterns can draw the eye to certain areas or create a balanced appearance. A printed top can bring attention to your chest.
  • Fabrics Sheer and Lace:Fabrics sheer and lacy can give your lingerie a sensual and elegant look while revealing your skin.
  • Control fabric: Some Plus-size Lingerie include control fabrics in the midsection. They offer soothing effects and an extra boost of confidence.

Shopping for plus-size bras can be a positive experience, especially when you focus on your body shape, available styles, and comfort. Discovering your unique shape and the wide range of options available at an Australian plus-size lingerie supplier such as [Supplier] will allow you to celebrate your beauty. Remember that confidence is your most beautiful accessory. Wearing the right lingerie helps you to embrace it fully.

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