Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look More Professional


YouTube is the preferred medium for distributing video material on the internet. It is the hub of online video, with over 1.9 billion monthly active users and a billion hours of video viewed daily.

Making videos alone, however, isn’t enough to succeed on YouTube. A lot of successful innovators make hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day. What, then, is the key to success on YouTube?

We’ll be sharing methods from popular YouTubers today that explain what you should and shouldn’t do while making videos for the platform.

Use Plenty of Light

Lighting should be your first priority when recording since it has a major influence on the final product of your professional video. It doesn’t matter how good your video is; if the lighting isn’t right, it will seem unprofessional to your followers.

Use a Clean Baackground

To keep everything looking professional, choose your filming backdrop with care. Your video’s quality can take a hit if the backdrop is too busy or distracting.

Think about going with a solid-colored backdrop if you want to seem professional. A wall, a bedsheet, or even a huge roll of background paper might do the trick. To avoid having shadows thrown on the background, make sure your subject is at least a few feet away.

Choose a Good Video Editing Program

Think about the tools that will improve your film when you choose video editing software. Make sure it has features like the ability to add text, cut films, segue between scenes, change the aspect ratio, apply filters and overlays, and access to stock footage and audio.

Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro are professional alternatives, whereas Wave. Video, Camtasia, and iMovie are easier possibilities.

Keep Your Editing Simple

Video editing is a great place to play around with effects, but if you want your finished product to seem professional, keep it basic. Keep these things in mind whether you’re conducting the editing in-house or via a service:

  • Use noise cancellation to remove ambient sounds.
  • If needed, change the illumination.
  • Eliminate uncomfortable silences and pauses.
  • Finish it off with some background music and transitions.

Clear Audio

Having high-quality audio is more important than having excellent visuals. Viewers may put up with less-than-ideal images, but they won’t remain for muddled or distorted sound. Straightforward audio captures their attention right away.

Avoid Shaky Footage

The unprofessional-looking and sometimes nauseating shaky camerawork detracts from the overall quality of your video. Stay away from it if you can; holding a steady camera is no picnic. For more steady photos, use a tripod or steady surface to set up your camera.

Rule of Thirds

One of the most important ideas in cinema composition is the rule of thirds. Imagine your landscape covered in a grid with nine equal portions. Place your topic along a gridline rather than in the middle. When feasible, attempt to position important pieces at the intersections of lines since they make for effective focus points.

Use Your Phone the Right Way

Missing that DSLR? Not a problem. For a lot of purposes, your phone can adequately record video that looks professional. However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind while making videos on your phone.

  • For superior quality, use the back camera.
  • If you want your recordings to look great on bigger screens, try recording in landscape mode (horizontal).
  • Keep your shots level and eliminate tilting by using the grid overlay option, if available.

Work On Your Camera Presence

Your attitude can have a big impact on how your material sounds while you’re on camera for your professional videos. It might take viewers’ attention away from your message if you seem tense or fidgety.

Here are some important tips to remember while recording yourself if you don’t have a natural camera presence:

  • Keep your body language open and composed. 
  • Remain upright, with your shoulders back and your muscles loose. 
  • Avoid seeming closed off by crossing your arms.
  • Always remember to smile, particularly when your video first starts. 

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