Boltból: Know All Necessary Details 


Are you interested in sports and have a craze about the latest sports happenings? If your answer is yes, then you have heard a little about boltból. What is it, and what you should know about it as a sports enthusiast? We have heard it is a new, exciting game that is a mix of basketball, soccer, and quidditch.

In this article, we will give you all the details about the game, how it is played, and which equipment is used in this game. You will also come to know about the rules, how to join the game league, and where we will watch this specific game. Let’s find out what all this hype is about; this complete guide will help you know all about the emerging sports game that is gaining popularity very fast.

What Is Boltból?

First, we have to discuss what actually this game is about and how to play it. 

New & Unique Sport

It is a ball game that first originated and played in Hungary. It is a fast-paced game, and the players have to hit the ball back and forth over a high net. The net is very high as it is in the tennis game and the players confuse the team members of the opposite team to make a mistake so that they will win the game. The main difference between tennis and this game is that players have to hit the ball with their hands instead of the racket. The ball is slightly smaller and lighter than the volleyball.

Complex Strategy And Simple Equipment

The equipment used in boltból is quite simple. A simple high net, a ball that is slightly smaller and lighter than volleyball, and an item of specific and comfortable clothing just like in other sports. Playing this game involves some complex strategies and tricky techniques. Game players have to hit the ball in the air and keep it in the air before it reaches the other side. Players have to hit the ball thrice before sending it back over the net. Hitting is in such a way that the other team cannot return the ball. Players use different shots as well as kicks to be in the game and to return the ball in unexpected ways.

Fast & Energetic Sport

As we already learned, boltból is a fast-paced game that moves at a rapid pace. The main thing is that players should have strength, stamina, and energy and need quick reflexes and responses to play the game. They have to hit the ball continuously back and forth to win and take advantage. The opposite team scores points when the other team fails to return the ball or hit it out of the ground. The exact time of the play is typically about 30-40 minutes. Wo, this gameplay also helps to do an intense cardio workout. 

It is an exciting and unique sport that people love to play, and people have fun and excitement watching the game. With every passing day, it is becoming popular around the globe. It is a great combination of exercise and entertainment. The style of play is very unique and entertaining.

History and Origins of Boltból

Boltból are the most popular sports that have a rich and long history dating back over 1,000 years. The first game was played in the 10th century, but the written record of this game dates back to the 12th century.

Viking Connection

Vikings, who are settled in Iceland, have a passion for this game and physical competition with each other. It is descended from an old Viking game known as knattleikr. It is a fast and fierce game that is similar to cricket and is played with bat and ball. It starts with a simple and rough play with few rules and evolves with time according to sports’ new rules and equipment.

First Competition Experience

It was first introduced officially in Iceland, and the competition was held in 1787. Sports was soon popularized nationwide, which led towards the formation of the first boltból club. In 1905, Iceland’s national sports federation announced it as an official national sport.

Pro and International Popularity 

With Boltból’s popularity nationwide, its chants are also listened to in international media. Its first team was formed in 1907, and the first league of Iceland boltból’s premier league was formed in 1912. It was first introduced in Olympic sports in 1952, making it more popular in international games. In today’s world, the Iceland team ranks as one of the best teams in the world, but the game is played in over 70 countries competitively.

It is one of the most important parts of Iceland’s sports history and culture and acts as a national identity. That is the reason the people of Iceland are so passionate about this ancient sport. So, when we are talking about this thriving game we find out that it has a very rich history and has a strong cultural significance in Iceland history.

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How to Play Boltból Game

Boltból is a team game played with a ball, and you have to score goals at each end of the playing area. Two teams of six players have to compete with each other, and their ultimate mission is to score more goals than the other team. 


As the name indicates, the game is all about boltból. It is a round, small ball that is slightly smaller than a basketball and slightly bigger than a tennis ball. There are two goals attached with nets, and the goals have two vertical posts 6 to 8 feet high and set six to eight feet apart. It also has a crossbar connecting post.


All the teams in the game have six players. Two are defenders, two midfielders and two of them are strikers. The players who are doing the part of defenders stay near the goals to stop the opposite team from scoring. The player who is playing the part of the midfielder advances the ball and passes it to the striker. Strikers do another job as they score by getting the ball into the opponent’s goals.


The total game time is not exactly known, but the game is of two halves with one of 45 minutes with a time break in between the games. Gameplay starts as one team advances the ball by passing it to teammates without using their hands. They can kick, cheat, head or knee by the ball of another teammate. Once the player possesses the ball, they must kick it within 5 seconds.

The Opposing team tries to score by kicking the ball into the opponent’s team. The team that scores the most goals is the winner at the end. If both teams score the same goals, they will be awarded more 15 minutes to make a decision about the winner. If both teams score the same goals again, the match between them is drawn with no winner announced.


Boltból has some different rules, and according to these rules, coaches can swap the players in and out throughout the whole game. However, if the game is out, they cannot enter the games. 

Players should avoid illegal activities as they consider them as foul, such as pushing and charging into an opponent. If some players commit a foul, the opposite team gears a free kick or penalty kick to restart the game.

It is important to learn the rules of boltból; it is very easy to learn its rules. Only developing the skills and teamwork is needed to become the winner. It takes several years of practice and experience to be an expert. So, keep on going and become an expert by playing the game.

Boltból Equipment and Rules

This unique game needs some essential equipment and official rules to follow, and these are as follows:


The game revolves around a ball that is known as boltból. The ball shape is hexagonal and pentagonal shape that making it move in all directions.  The ball is made from durable plastic that comes in all sizes, including kids and adults. Choose the size according to your size, grip and throw.

Boltból Net

Have you ever seen a boltból net? This specific net is of a triangular shape that has a hexagonal opening of different sizes.  Its net is placed between two teams, and scores by throwing the boltból. Net are with a frame to hold that net in its place during play.

Safety Gear:

The Boltból game is very intense, so there is always a need for safety gear like elbow knee pads and helmets, especially in the case of kids and beginners.  Protection against the game is required as it works against injuries.

Common Rules

There are some important rules to follow, and these rules are as follows:

  • Teams get a chance to throw the ball at the net. Both teams get three chances to throw to complete the game.
  • To get bonus points, the players have to make catches behind the net. Throw the ball again from behind the net.
  • Boltból had to go through an opening to score in the game.
  • Players should avoid stepping over the throwing line or beyond the net. You must follow the boltból and throw the ball within the designated area.
  • The gameplay ends when the team is at the point total of that game, which may be 10 to 15 points. The specific team with the highest score wins the game.
  • The most important thing you should follow is to have a sportsman spirit and have fun while playing the game. Boltból is an enjoyable game with all its equipment and rules.

If you follow the rules and use proper equipment, that will ensure that you have enjoyed an exciting game. So first play with friends and then local leagues to enhance your skill level. Practice will make you perfect and a pro in no time.

FAQs: Common Questions Answers

What is Boltból means?

Boltból is a popular sport that is a mixture of basketball, tennis and volleyball. The game is between two teams, and the team that makes more has more chances to win the game. It is one of the most popular Iceland games that gained the attention of many sports lovers around the world.

What is the way to pronounce “Boltból”?

“Boltból” is mostly pronounced as “bōlt-bōl.” The word  “ó” in Iceland makes an “oh” sound.

How to play Boltból?

It is a very simple and exciting sport with two teams playing opposite each other. Players have to score more goals than other teams. If a player breaks any rule of the game, that player is not allowed to return to the game.

What is Boltból look like?

Boltból looks like a basketball but is slightly smaller than that ball and a little larger than a tennis ball. The whole game revolves around that ball players have to use this ball to be in action and in the game.

Where does Boltból originate from?

Boltból origin is from Iceland. The people of Iceland love this sport and always want to play this exciting and thrilling game. At times, it becomes immensely popular internationally with a lot of following.

What’s the history of Boltból?

Boltból has a rich history and a specific cultural significance. It was first played in Iceland, and it is one of their favorite sports. 


We cover all the necessary information regarding Boltból. From its origin history to how to play, rules and equipment, everything is discussed on the topic. It is one of the most popular sports among Iceland people and one of the best fast-paced games.

Through this article, you will see how many enthusiastic fans Boltból have. Whether you are a new fan of the game or an ardent sports lover, this article will give you the most accurate insight. Through this article, you are also able to play the game with proper strategy and skills. Everyone needs a sheer dedication to master the game. No matter what your experience level, with dedication you can win the game. Teamwork and thrill make it more unique.


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