Ulta Credit Card Login: Register, Apply & Activate Guide


Do you want to know about Ulta Credit Card Login? You have to take a round-up of complete information given on the Comenity Bank MasterCard Reward Credit Card given by the clients of Ulta Beauty. How can I apply for an Ultimate Rewards Credit Card? Which way can you activate your account online? Which way can you log in and ensure payment online? Utilizing complete credentials in this article, we are reaching the complete information. So, could you take a look at the Ultra credit card login? 

Ulta Beauty Credit Card

We can see that it is only the credit of an American retail brand, Ulta Beauty, that it provides a diverse range of cosmetics employing its brick-and-mortar localities and online stores. Qualified customers can apply for a rewards credit card mainly through Ulta Beauty, which provides 2x rewards points on all purchases, whether executed online or from the store. The customer’s prerogative is to verify the balance of rewards points and apply mainly for an Ulta Credit Card. We find three various types of reward credit cards. 

  1. Ulta Credit Cards
  2. Ultimate Rewards on Credit Cards
  3. Ultimate rewards for World MasterCard. 

Prominent  Advantages of Ulta Credit Card:

  1. You can earn two times as many points on each purchase. Customers who come in with $1 can embrace two points in the shape of prizes or rewards.
  2. We see no cost on both cards.
  3. When customers show interest in spending $500 other than Ulta Beauty in the first three months ensuring the use of Ulta MasterCard, they happily embrace 500 Bonus points in one go.
  4. People having Ulta MasterCard will also accept an extra point for each $3 the use of which he makes at any other place.
  5. One must note that an individual can use this MasterCard at any spot. Ulta Reward Credit Cards can only be exercised in Ulta Beauty Shops. 

Ulta credit card Login Details:

  1. Launch the corporate website.
  2. As a first step, you must visit the official website. You will search at https://www.ulta.com/ to reach the homepage of this official website. Now, push this Link.
  3. Activate the Ulta Credit Card website.
  4. Now, open the official credit card login page at this central point. Now push the Credit card Learn More and Apply Link given beneath the Rewards menu products, mainly on the homepage. Now, push the account option on the same page.
  5. You will also see a manage link at the bottom of this official Ulta.com portal. You can also be directed to the control and command page of this credit card by pushing this Link 
  6. at https://d.comenity.net/ultamaterewardscredit.
  7. Choose a credit card.
  8. You have two options to select your credit card on the following page. You must choose between Ulta Rewards Credit Cards or Ulta Rewards Mastercard link for a credit card.
  9. Click the Sign-in button.
  10. A sign-in link on the next tab is just under the menu product. To ensure your reach towards the login form, push this Link.
  11. Enter your login information to continue.
  12. Now, give your username and password in the login box, then push the Sign in button. Suppose you are using a personal computer or smartphone to visit this portal. You can have an option of using the “Remember Me” option.
  13. Now you have successfully logged into the website and have the capacity for account management and rewards points after pushing the Sign-in tab. 

How can I sign up online for an ultra credit card?

  1. Suppose you already have an Ulta credit card in your pocket or wallet but can still not log into your account online. You still have the chance to register your card to make your access to your credit card statement, online account management, and online bill payments possible.
  2. Here is a list of the registration processes.
  3. First, enter the official website at https://d.comenity.net/ultamaterewardscredit/.
  4. Secondly, in the presence of your credit card, you must choose either the Ultimate Rewards Credit Card or the Ultimate Rewards Mastercard.
  5. Press the link “Register Now” on the next window screen in the top right corner. On the next page, you will find a registration form mainly for credit cards. 
  6. You have to fill out the registration form with all the essential credentials. Now, give your ZIP code, credit card account number, and any other data you have in place with these options.
  7. The last four Social Security Numbers (SSN). 
  8. The last four Social Insurance Numbers (SINs).
  9. Identification numbers in a variety
  10. Push on the “Find My Account” Link towards the next step. The system will automatically verify the details of your account number online. You then transfer to the next page, where you must create a new password and username for your account after verification.
  11. After the completion of the creation of the username as well as the password, you are now free to use it. Now, you have permission to sign in, manage your account online, and use the service only for members who have already signed up. 

Ulta Credit Card Activation

  1. If you embrace your Ulta Credit Card, you can only do something once it is activated. We have two methods to activate your credit card.
  2. By establishing a connection with the customer care line.
  3. Web-based activation.


Dial 1-866-489-3455 will give you access to customer service, where you can easily activate your Ulta Credit Card. Customers can use the official webpage to activate their card online.

Online activation procedure: 

Initiate with the official website and make a selection regarding your credit card. 

Now press the Activate Card link on the next page in the top menu. Here on this new portal, you will see a form given only for activating credit cards online, as given below.

Each detail is given in this activation form, including the credit card’s account number, identification number, Zip code, and expiry date. Then, push the Continue button. 

Now, complete the steps left to activate your credit card online swiftly. You can use it online or in some locality of Ulta Beauty retail when activated. 

How can I make a New Ulta Credit Card application?

You can give your Ultra Credit Card if you want to take advantage of the opportunity of a particular reward point. You must complete the form and necessary paperwork, including your ID and income evidence. It will permit customers to apply for a credit card at any Ulta Beauty place. You can also apply using an official website if you like this procedure. You have to apply extra care. You must fulfill the requirements below before applying for an Ulta Credit Card online. This is just because Comenity Bank is the firm that assures you the card.  

Candidate Must Have:

You must become an owner of an active tax identification number given to you by the government, like an SSN or SIN. 

It would help if you came up with a legal age connecting you mainly with your region or state. 

I come in with a complete picture ID from authentic sources.

They must have some country, street, country, road, or postal address APO/FPO. They will not accept any PO Boxes as postal addresses.  

Online application procedure:

Now advance to the Official Ulta Website and open the learn and more apply Link. Then, you must push the Apply Now option to the next page. 

As for change, you must go to https://www.ulta.com/creditcards to see the online credit card application page. 

On a new page, you will see the opening, which can be seen below.

If you are in with an account named Ulta.com, write your email address and password on this page. Now, immediately push the Sign in and Apply button and start filling out the online application form. 

Alternatively, going through this online application process, you must go for the creation of an Ulta.com account. You can click the “Apply now” button on the right side. 

You will find a brand new credit card application form on the next page of the site. 

You have to fill out all the credentials on this application form. 

After completing the application form:

  • Hold the scroll bar.
  • Roll it down.
  • Push on the Submit Application button after verifying the box that utters “Yes, I consent.” 

You have admitted an application regarding a credit card. Comenity Bank will search it deeply, look at the verified information, or decide whether to engage you with a credit card depending on the history of your credit card or some other requirements. 

What is the process to pay my Ulta credit card bill?

There are several methods in place through which you can pay your credit card bill. You must go by the procedure given below. 

Online bill payment is in our access each minute while you use Ulta Comenity’s online account. Now, you can select the credit card by embracing an Ultra Credit Card Page option. For the next step, you have to log in to your account and pay with your card. 

Customers can reach them by contacting 866-257-9195, TDD/TTY: 888-819-1918, a community customer support contact. This is a free-of-cost service if you want to pay through an automated procedure phone line. If you have access to customer care, you must pay the fee. At present, its value can go to $15.


How do I set up alerts for my credit card?

Check mainly on the Alerts area of your online account after logging in. You will end up with a diverse range of alerts by email and text messages. 

You can alter your choice whenever it seems more manageable. Comenity Capital Bank ensures the availability of this alert service for users at no price. 

Where do I sign up for a paperless service?

We acknowledge that each account connects with a free paperless service, which further allows you to take out the monthly card statement, payment reminders, and some other account information in electronic form other than by using paper. 

After logging into the account, you can apply for paperless service. Coming up with enrollment, you will embrace your monthly email having in place with the card statement. 

What alternatives are there for making payments online?

We experience that all consumers can access various online payment options, including Easypay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, banks, and Comenity to pay credit card bills. 


Ulta Credit Card offers a convenient and rewarding experience for Ulta Beauty customers. Its array of benefits, including double points on purchases and no annual fees, is a valuable addition to any shopper’s wallet. The comprehensive guide covers everything from applying for and activating the Ulta Credit Card login to making payments online. Whether you’re a new applicant or an existing cardholder, this guide ensures you have all the information you need to manage your Ulta Credit Card effectively. Take advantage of its perks and convenience while enjoying a seamless shopping experience at Ulta Beauty.


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