From Idea to Bestseller with Authors On Mission’s Book Writing Services


Have you ever dreamed of writing a book that becomes a #1 bestseller? Seeing your name and story in print, holding that published book in your hands, having readers be impacted by your words and ideas? If so, you’re not alone!

Aspiring authors everywhere share that burning desire to author a book – whether it’s a memoir, informative how-to guide, novel, or anything in between – and achieve that badge of bestselling honor. But the truth is, most people never make it past the idea stage when trying to write and launch their book on their own.

The writing process is tough. Figuring out publishing logistics is complicated. And effective book marketing to reach those coveted bestseller lists? Forget about it!

That’s where Authors On Mission‘s suite of professional “Done-For-You” book writing services can turn your dream into a reality. They specialize in guiding everyday people just like you through the entire journey of bringing your book idea to life as an Amazon #1 bestseller.

Let’s explore exactly how Authors On Mission takes you by the hand and streamlines transforming your rough book concept into a renowned published bestseller through their proven process.

Breaking Down the Book Writing & Publishing Process

Before we dive into the specific services Authors On Mission provides to make publishing your bestselling book amazingly simple, let’s quickly review the typical roadblocks that trip up most aspiring authors who try going it alone:

Finding the Time: With jobs, families, and endless other responsibilities, most people struggle to find consistent uninterrupted time to sit down and write a full book-length manuscript.

Turning Ideas into Well-Written Books: Many aspiring writers have a great story or key ideas in mind but lack the professional writing chops to transform those into a compelling, properly structured book that hooks readers.

Dealing with Writer’s Block: It’s all too common for writers to start prolific, only to get stuck with dreaded bouts of writer’s block that derail their progress completely.

Tackling Editing & Revising: Even for those who manage to get words on the page, professional editing, content restructuring, and self-editing skills are necessities to elevate amateur writing to a publishable level.

Navigating Publishing Logistics: Securing ISBNs, selecting retailers, following formatting guidelines, acquiring cover designs – all the publishing logistics become massive headaches.

Understanding Book Marketing: Releasing a book with zero marketing plan virtually guarantees zero sales, yet most first-time authors don’t know the first thing about book publicity tactics.

With so many moving parts involved in transforming a basic book concept into a finished salable product, and so much specialized book writing and promoting knowledge required, is it any wonder most people throw in the towel? Aspiring authors face an incredibly steep uphill battle trying to go it all alone.

The team at Authors On Mission has made it their mission to remove every single one of those roadblocks through their various professional book writing and publishing service packages.

By leveraging their expertise and capabilities, your book dreams will finally become a seamless “done-for-you” reality.

Turning Your Ideas into a Captivating Story with Ghostwriters

At the core of Authors On Mission’s services is their “Angel Writer” ghostwriting program that makes getting your book written as easy as having a conversation.

Once you share the initial concept or rough draft of a book you’d like to write, Authors On Mission carefully hand-selects one of their professional ghostwriters whose experience and writing style align perfectly with your specific subject manner and storytelling approach.

This “Angel Writer” then goes through a process of extensively interviewing you to extract all of your expertise, personal stories, key ideas, desired messaging, overall creative direction, and more out of your mind and into an organized, compelling book manuscript.

Essentially, it’s like having the most skilled writing partner available to “speak and write” all of your book content directly from your voice with absolute precision. You, the visionary author, simply share your thoughts while your “angel” shapes it into a reader-captivating book for you.

Throughout the process, your Angel Writer will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure the book is unfolding exactly as you envision and polishing it to perfection. Unlimited revisions during this stage ensure your voice is authentically conveyed and you’re 100% satisfied with the outcome before it moves forward.

Enjoying a Full-Service Publishing Experience

Once your book manuscript is finally complete and approved, Authors On Mission’s white-glove publishing process kicks into high gear to handle the rest:

Professional Editing & Formatting: Their team of editors will go through your book line-by-line to tidy up any grammatical errors, clarify confusing language, fact-check details, ensure consistent pacing and voice, and more to craft a truly refined final draft. They’ll also format your book to meet all ebook and print publishing specifications.

Show-Stopping Cover Design: You know the old saying – people do judge books by their covers! Authors On Mission’s designers will craft a custom, eye-catching cover optimized to entice your ideal readers. After all, your book needs to look as magnificent as the words inside.

Effortless Publishing & Distribution: From securing your unique book ISBNs to setting up print-on-demand distribution across all major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more, they’ll get your book officially published and available for purchase everywhere. This includes both ebook and paperback formats.

Personal Book Marketing Coach: You’ll work 1-on-1 with an expert book marketing coach who will walk you through all the strategies to fuel ongoing book sales. From optimizing your book’s online visibility to tactics for attracting media publicity and speaking opportunities, they’ll show you the ropes for maximum authorial success.

Throughout the publishing process, Authors On Missions keeps you in the loop with check-ins and ample opportunities for your feedback and approval. But unlike taking the self-publishing route alone, you get to skip all the technical hassles. They make the experience easy, efficient, and stress-free.

Skyrocketing to Bestseller Status on Amazon

Of course, most authors’ biggest dream is to not just get their book published, but achieve the highly coveted “#1 Bestseller” ranking on Amazon to get their success story into as many readers’ hands as possible.

Luckily, Authors On Mission doesn’t stop at simply publishing and promoting your book – they make it their top priority to launch your book directly onto the bestseller lists in record time.

Through a combination of pre-launch category optimization, strategic pricing, and leveraging their extensive influencer network, Authors On Mission effectively “forces” your book into Amazon’s featured bestseller spots on release day by manufacturing a massive sales spike.

Their team will also implement call-to-action marketing that incentivizes readers to leave positive verified reviews shortly after purchasing to maintain that coveted bestseller rankings long-term. Plus, they’ll provide you with #1 bestseller branding assets and graphics to celebrate your achievement.

Want to know the coolest part? For a limited window after your book reaches #1 bestseller status, Authors On Mission actively markets a special offer to provide your book at a discounted bulk rate to interested readers.

By moving hundreds or thousands of units almost instantly through this exclusive promotion, their team effectively “cements” your bestselling rank – often allowing it to maintain that momentum and #1 badge for weeks or months on end!

Explore the advantages of utilizing a self-publishing platform versus taking on the task of publishing entirely on your own.

You Bring the Idea, They Bring the Bestseller Success

From the very first seed of an idea to holding your very own #1 bestselling book in your hands just months later, Authors On Mission’s process makes attaining your long-standing book dream simpler than you can imagine.

Think about just how immense of an opportunity becoming a recognized #1 bestselling author provides:

  • You instantly amplify your credibility and authority in your industry by leaps and bounds
  • You own a published asset to consistently market yourself, attract premium clients, and boost your revenue streams
  • New doors open for paid speaking engagements, media publicity, and high-profile brand partnership opportunities
  • You have the chance to share your unique story, message, and impact with tens of thousands of readers worldwide
  • You’ll experience the profound sense of accomplishment and personal pride that comes with being a published author

With professional book writers, designers, editors, publishers, and marketers from Authors On Mission making this all happen for you seamlessly, you get to skip ALL the usual obstacles and headaches.

From concept to completed #1 bestseller, you bring the ideas and vision while they bring the skills and execution you need for success. That’s the power of their “Done-For-You” book writing service experience.

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It’s Time to Make Your Authorial Dreams a Reality

Dreaming of writing your bestselling book “Someday” is no longer acceptable. With the team at Authors On Mission providing this golden opportunity to bring your book from idea to published reality in mere months, why wait any longer?

Just think: Where could YOU be just a few months from now?

Struggling to find time to type out words between work, family, and life’s other never-ending demands?


Holding a gorgeous copy of YOUR very own #1 bestselling book, seeing readers rave about it online, and being invited to share your story on podcasts, speaking stages, and beyond?

The choice is yours. But for once, the roadblocks and difficulties of writing and publishing have finally been removed from the path toward your goals.

The team at Authors On Mission has mapped out the proven process to take you from book idea to #1 bestseller as smoothly as possible. Their services eliminate the need for you to master complicated writing skills or self-publishing logistics alone.

So if you’re ready – ready – to finally bring that book idea to life and reap the benefits of authorial success, reach out to Authors On Mission today. Explore their affordable “Done-For-You” writing and publishing packages to kickstart your journey towards bestselling author status!

Transform yourself from an aspiring writer with book dreams into a #1 bestselling author with a finished book ready to make your lasting impact on the world.

With Authors On Mission clearing the path ahead, your book journey begins the moment you take that first step. What are you waiting for?

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