Blue Diamonds: 7 Facts You All Should Know


Blue color exhibits royalty, loyalty, and wealth. It is also considered a symbol of wealth. Hence the significance of the color is exhibited in the diamond wearables. 

Blue diamonds are an interesting species. They have many cool facts that you should know if you are looking to buy one. Or maybe for throwing random facts here and there in front of your friends and sound cool. That’s a great party hack by the way. Take it from me

1. Boron gives the Blue Diamonds their inherent color 

The Diamond while forming in the Earth’s crust is exposed to the boron element which gives the diamond its inherent blue color. This boron element is then incorporated into its crystallographic structure, imparting its inherent blue color to the diamond. This is how the blue diamond gets it unique color.

2. Only Natural Blue Diamonds are rare and unique.

Natural Blue Diamonds are unique pieces of diamond. And fun fact: They are considered the 2nd rarest diamond on earth. Naturally, their formation in the womb of earth is rare, and they form very few in numbers, at very few places on earth.

What makes them extremely rare is that the boron and carbon integration is much less likely to happen.

Blue diamonds are mostly formed in labs. But you can find natural blue diamonds on the Flawless Fine Jewelry website. They have different shapes and classifications. Flawless Fine Jewelry is a certified and well-reputed brand. You can trust me. You can select the diamond setting and everything for yourself. They have a good pricing policy. Check out their page to learn more.

3. Rarest of rare Blue diamonds:

Some Blue diamond types such as the queen of Holland, the Blue Empress, and The regent Diamond. There are very few blue diamonds and the owners rarely sell them because of their value

4. They are grown in India and Africa  

The content available to form the blue diamond is only found in India and Africa.  

Blue and diamond ring, are imported from these countries. 

5. Shades of blue diamonds

Blue Diamonds come in various shapes. The intensity of the color of blue diamonds increases the price of the diamonds. 

  • Faint Blue
  • Very Light Blue
  • Light Blue
  • Fancy Light Blue
  • Fancy Blue
  • Fancy Intense Blue
  • Fancy Vivid Blue
  • Fancy Dark Blue
  • Fancy Deep Blue

6. Shape of the Diamond

The shape of the blue diamond enhances the overall price and feel of the diamond. 

It comes in 11 different shapes.

  1. Round
  2. Cushion
  3. Elongated-Cushion
  4. Oval 
  5. Radients 
  6. Heart
  7. Emerald pear 
  8. Asscher
  9. Princess
  10. Marquise 

7. Price of Blue Diamond

The price of the blue diamond is not sedentary or of a fixed proportion. One seemingly obvious factor that could enhance the price will not have any significant effect at all and the other will increase the price to the moon. For instance, the price of the diamond will be more pricey for a 1-carat size diamond and less for 2 carats. And that is because the more the demand for the diamond the pricier the diamond. 

1. Clarity

Clarity of the diamond increases the price of the diamond. Because clear diamonds are rare.

2. Color 

The darker the hues, the pricer the diamond. Of all the Blue Diamonds fancy deep blue is the most pricey of all. 

3. Carat Size

The size of the carat increases the diamond price. But some sizes have no compounding effect at all. For more details read the section below.

What are the 4Cs in Diamond Selection?

1. Carat 

The weight of a diamond is internationally weighed in carats. A carat’s size determines the weight of the diamond and how much the diamond is going to be worth. Generally, the heavier the diamond the hefty the price: rule is followed. But in some cases the more in demand the carat size the pricier the diamond rule is considered as well. 

For instance, 1 and 1.5-carat size is extremely common in diamond rings. And despite their small size, their price is generally greater than 2c diamonds. This is because when the demand for the product increases the supply decreases concerning it. So to keep the equilibrium the suppliers increase the price to counteract the increase in the demand. In this way, they are in the market despite their scarcity.

Also, the carat size affects the shape of the diamond. Not every diamond size can be made to be molded into every shape possible. It is just not every shape complements every size. Especially heart shaped diamonds are very difficult to form.

So when choosing a diamond keep in mind the size and weight before proceeding further.

2. Clarity

Clarity is just the measure of how clear a diamond looks under the microscope. Clarity is deteriorated by tiny inclusions, scratches, and milky textures during formation. Mind you, not all lab-grown diamonds are crystal clear. 

The clearer a diamond is, the pricer it is going to be. Firstly, because it is hard to achieve perfection in Labs. Secondly, the demand rises with the price.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that not everyone demands a perfectly grown diamond. So the price rise is not going to be too steep for the crystal clear diamonds.

3. Cut

The cuts of diamonds are tiny furnishing after the diamond is formed it gives texture and shape to the diamond. 

The emerald diamond has vertical cuts and similarly, the cushion shape has a different one. So take a look into this factor before proceeding further.  

4. Color

The color of the diamond plays a significant role as well. It not only adds to the beauty of the diamond but the price of the diamond is affected by it as well.

The rare colored diamonds are extremely expensive than the white diamonds. But for the beauty and embellishments they provide the price is just worth it. 

And for blue diamonds, the hues decide the worth of the diamond. The intense the color the pricier the diamonds.


Blue and diamond are the rarest and most beautiful diamonds ever. These are some of the most amazing facts about blue diamonds ever.

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