Beginner Tips for Using the High-Tech Features in Your New Car


There’s nothing like buying a new car. You get to drive something brand-new in perfect condition and dream about the adventures you’ll have over the years. New cars are also more reliable than ever and offer fantastic technology. Of course, the technology can be tricky to navigate for beginner drivers and those who aren’t used to such features. Here are some tips on what to do.

Read the User Manual

The user manual offers a wealth of information. For example, if you are getting a new Acura for sale, you can turn to the manual for information on how to use the various systems and troubleshoot issues. If you prefer electronic reading, most user manuals are available online in formats such as PDF, and you can search by keyword.

Create Your Seating and Comfort Profile

Most cars let different drivers create their own personalized profiles. Focus on setting your preferred seat position, mirror angles, climate control, and infotainment preferences. Doing this right away ensures your comfort in the future and takes the headache out of transitions between drivers.

Explore the Technology When Not Driving

Driving is the worst time to try to familiarize yourself with technologies such as voice commands, music, and phone connectivity. Instead, keep your car in park and take at least a few minutes to interact with infotainment system features. Mastering these few things can be extremely helpful:

  • Pair your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Set up your preferred radio stations.
  • Make hands-free calls.

To the latter point, practice making voice commands, dialing numbers, receiving calls, and adjusting the volume. After at least a few minutes of practice, you should have the hang of what to do.

While you are still in the beginner stage, though, keep calls to a minimum. Wait until you are completely comfortable with the technology before taking full advantage of what it offers.

Explore Navigation with Easier Destinations

The same idea applies when you’re getting to know your car’s navigation system. Take some time when you’re not driving to learn how you can get real-time traffic information and updates on points of interest and predictive routing. Learn about voice-guided directions and how to adjust settings so you can drive the routes most convenient for you.

Do some hands-on practice by setting destinations to nearby spots. For example, you could choose a destination a minute away, then two minutes away, then five minutes away.  

If you’re considering buying used cars in Mumbai, our comprehensive guide on navigating the pre-owned car market in India’s bustling city might offer valuable insights.

Fine-Tune the Driver Assistance Systems

New cars can help you park and drive, for example, with adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and collision avoidance. Many of these driver assistance features, if not all, give you the ability to adjust alarms and sensitivity levels. You can also change the following distances on some features.

First, learn to make these changes quickly. Then customize them according to what you think you’ll want most. Take a few short practice drives to get a feel for what they do. Make any further changes as necessary. Focus on daytime driving in good weather conditions before moving to nighttime driving.

Also, practice parking assistance. With these cameras and sensors, you’ll be able to build your parking skills like never before. If you’re interested in learning more about buying a car safely in the UK, feel free to check out our comprehensive guide on the topic!

Enjoy the Tech in Your New Car to the Fullest!

New cars come with features that can elevate your entertainment, parking, and driving experiences. Devote some time to mastering these features for more enjoyable drives.

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