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If there is one thing none of us can deny, it is that AI has played a significant role in the world of technology over the past years. Artificial intelligence’s impacts are visible in all fortes and domains, and its results are impeccable, too.

One aspect where we usually see AI in a more fun and creative way is the development of anime, characters, and faces from original pictures using the AI filter. If you are someone who saw such AI-generated characters and wanted to know which AI anime filter you can use to create one, then this article will answer your question. Hop on below to find out.

The Best AI Filter Tool – insMind

When talking about the best AI filter, the first tool that comes to mind is insMind. The service has been operating for a few years now and has managed to garner a loyal user base because of the exceptional features it possesses. If you are interested in knowing about what features this AI manga filter can bring with itself, then we have a few of those covered for you below:

Transform Photos with CG Filters

The service allows users to elevate their images using its cutting-edge AI art filter, which is specifically designed for computer graphics enhancements. This tool transforms any ordinary picture into an exceptional work of art in just a few simple steps. The service is great for all professional artists or anyone who simply loves unleashing their creativity to produce stunning visuals effortlessly. 

Convert Photos to Illustrations

Users can also convert their photos into striking, unique illustrations through the insMind AI filter. The tool allows users to convert images into unique flat-rate illustrations with a modern touch. 

The feature is exceptional and a great pick for creating eye-catching visuals for various purposes, such as social media content, personal projects, or other marketing endeavors. 

Turns Photo into Line Drawings

Another significant aspect of the insMind AI filter is its ability to transform photos into line drawings with ease. The service offers users a sketch converter tool through which users can upload any image of their own or whichever they want to convert into line drawings or sketches and then create stunning line art in just a few steps.

Convert Photo to Watercolor

There are hardly any AI filters that give images a unique watercolor outlook. However, the insMind AI filter excels in this domain as well. Through this service, users can convert their photos into beautiful watercolor paintings. All one has to do is upload the image, click on it once, and let the AI tool work its magic by transforming the image into watercolor art. 

Explore Cartoon and Anime AI Photo Range

The insMind character AI filter combines fun and animation. Using the anime or cartoon filter, users can quickly transform their photos into anime or cartoon-style images. These imaginative and playful images can be used for entertainment, social media, and many other purposes, and they are bound to stand out or give off a distinct outlook.

How to Transform Photo to Art with Filter Step-by-Step?

Now that you understand all the fantastic features that insMind AI filter provides its users, we are sure you’d be interested in using the tool to create some stunning visuals, right? Well, if that is the case, then you need to read through the steps required to transform your photo art with an AI filter:

Step 1. Open insMind

The first step is to go to the insMind official website or launch the insMind application. Once you have done this, you will need to find the AI filter tool among the many services that insMind provides.

Step 2. Upload Photo

Once you have located the AI filter tool and opened it, it is time to upload the photo you want to convert to anime, character, or any other filtered art. Users can access the original image from their gallery or any folder on their system and upload it to the website or application.

Step 3. Select a Filter

When your picture is uploaded, you can browse through the wide range of exceptional AI filters. The service provides several options for conversions, including converting photos to illustrations, cartoons, anime, watercolor, and many other styles. Choose the filter that you prefer or that you believe suits your aesthetics the best.

Step 4. Apply and Download

Once you have chosen and applied your filter, it is time to download the newly created image. All you have to do is click the download button, and the service will quickly save the image to your system.

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What Else insMind AI Filter Do?

While creating stunning visuals using its AI filters, such as anime, characters, and much more, is a pretty significant aspect of insMind, this is not the only area this AI-powered photo editing tool limits itself to. In fact, the service has many other exceptional photo editing features that make editing any image in any form so much easier all in one place.

The service is incredible in several aspects, but one of its most renowned functions is its ability to remove, change, or replace a background. Yes! You heard us right! If the background of any image doesn’t suit your aesthetics or you believe replacing it with something else would be better, you can do it with this tool in just a few simple steps.

Moreover, the service also lets users enhance and expand the image using the image resizer. It erases any unwanted objects that might hinder the focused object of your image or may look unappealing. The insMind service is incredible and one AI filter which you should definitely give a try.

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The AI filter tool on insMind is incredible, and if you have heard about it and want to know more, then we hope this article was helpful to you. The service, other than this, has a bunch of exceptional features and tools that have helped it garner quite a fan base over the years. So, if you are planning to give it a try, take this as your sign to do so today

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