When Should Regression Testing Be Carried Out?


Regression testing is an essential part of producing software. It can, however, be a relatively expensive and time-intensive task.

To alleviate this, almost everyone is encouraged to use a regression automation system to guarantee that the software behaves as necessary.

With this, the whole regression process is streamlined efficiently. This article talks about when regression testing should be done for accomplishing the testing process.

When should regression testing be carried out?

Regression tests are done at any phase during the software development cycle. Usual times, when regression validation is applied, are: –

  1. When introducing a fresh feature or function: When a new attribute or operability is put in, the pre-existing integrations or alterations could be detrimentally impacted. Hence, it is important to conduct regression tests.
  2. When the current application is modified: When alterations are done to an existing application, even a few tweaks or modifications can cause a huge disturbance to its standard operation. Introducing a fresh field to slight changes in the workflow process can prompt one to perform regression validation.
  3. Whenever an application is integrated with another: Adding a new integration with a third-party application can alter the existing codes, causing hindrance to the existing performance. These changes might hamper normal functioning and need scrutiny before they go live.
  4. When a software upgrade occurs: Software updates such as those distributed by ERP vendors need consistent regression assessment to ensure previous updates and features have not been influenced by new updates. This requires an exhaustive testing process that is performed regularly to guarantee the new software update will not disrupt prior settings and promote product reliability and usability.
  5. When dealing with problems related to performance: It is still important to check for regression, even when no changes have been made to the system. Such a check can often help pinpoint what is causing the performance-related issues you are facing.

Benefits of regression testing

  1. Regression testing ensures software quality is maintained. It aids in the identification of bugs, as well as establishes that no issues arise after making changes.
    2. Verification tests can detect defects at an early point in time, and as such reduce the cost and time associated with bug fixing.
  2. Running regression tests is a means to ensure the software works as expected, even when code changes are made. More reliability means fewer errors which translate to customer satisfaction.
  3. After tests are created and performed, they can be better documented than manual test cases. This helps save the tester’s time and energy when they’re carrying out repetitive tests.
  4. Regression testing is a measure to help developers improve their testing proficiency as it offers them a chance to understand the code and test the software in a better way.
  5. Extended coverage can be achieved by performing appropriate regression testing. This helps guarantee that all scenarios and conditions are satisfied and that software remains untouched for uncharted inputs.


Regression testing is an essential part of enterprise test automation and should be conducted regularly to ensure that all of the existing features of an application still function as expected.

Opkey offers you the ability to automate your regression testing process with the assistance of its varied selection of pre-built test accelerators and automated continuous testing for many enterprise applications. This guarantees that you can run all of your regression tests quickly and accurately without any human involvement. Operate the most efficient regression testing process with Opkey to get the full benefits of automated testing.

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