Maximizing Your Mobile App Reach: Choosing Between iOS and Android Development     


Is it tricky for you to choose between Android and iOS app development to maximize your mobile app reach? If yes, then this blog is for you!

It’s a fact that mobile app development has become an integral part of all sorts of businesses. However, at the beginning of mobile app development, both businesses and developers face challenges to choose the perfect operating system that fulfills the expectations of their global customers.

What Statistics Say?

The global market share of Android and iOS is 72.35% and 24.44% respectively. As per the report of Statista, the number of mobile phone users exceeds 2 billion and it is anticipated to grow more within the next couple of years. With the increased usage of mobile phones work, the mobile app development sector is also growing at a faster rate. The evolving business requirements and user preferences are also the reason behind its popularity.

To be competitive in this vast mobile app industry, it is imperative to make the right decision of choosing between Android Vs. iOS. To dive deep into these two mobile app dev platforms, it is important to know their features first.

Android Vs. iOS

Android and iOS both have their own pros and cons. When you count on the languages, Android apps are built upon Java and its derivatives, while iOS apps are built upon Swift and Objective-C. Fortunately, regardless of the mobile app development platform you choose to maximize your mobile app reach, there are top developers who work in both languages and solve your queries.

Your choice of building your mobile app on Android or iOS might be determined by a few important factors. These are-

  • Hardware Accessibility
  • Budget
  • Targeted audience
  • Design
  • Monetization
  • Hardware Accessibility:

If you want to get your mobile app built on Android, you can save a lot of development costs as there is no need for additional devices. While on the other hand, mobile app development on iOS will require original Apple devices like MacBook, which will exceed the development cost.

  • Budget:

Budget constraints can not be overlooked when choosing between Android Vs. iOS. Although every mobile app development project is different with unique features and requirements, delivering your app for Android will significantly fit your budget more than developing an app for iOS.

  • Targeted Audience:

The global market share of Android is higher than iOS. Thus, if you want to reach your targeted audience easily, then investing in Android app development can be considered a better option.

  • Design:

Both Android and iOS offer different interactions and user experiences. Mobile app design is entirely related to the development process, thus it is vital to consider the UI design principles for developing an app for Android or iOS. Developers should take a close look at Android design guidelines and iOS UI design guidelines.

  • Monetization:

The last but least factor to consider while choosing a platform for mobile app development is the monetization strategy. Well, monetizing the apps, in-app purchases, and a subscription model seems more lucrative if you choose iOS app development. Besides, ad-based monetization strategies work better with Android app development.

Along with this, when developing a mobile app on iOS or Android, there are other aspects to be considered such as timeline and revenue goals.

The Conclusion

If you are a business that is determined to develop a mobile app to engage your users and expand your market share in the global market, your choice for Android Vs. iOS will prove to be a wise decision. Choosing between app dev platforms is not an easy decision to make. Debating over which platform is the best is pointless as with the evolving technologies, both platforms have become efficient and easily accessible. Both platforms come with numerous benefits and drawbacks, so the right decision is dependent on your specific business needs.



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