Nothing Phone (2) Camera Samples: Impressive Upgrades


Date: July 4, 2023

Leading up to the highly anticipated and exciting launch of the Nothing Phone (2), CEO Carl Pei has been providing glimpses into the upcoming device. As the official unveiling approaches, prominent reviewers and testers have already gotten their hands on the phone, sharing teasers and insights. Today, Carl Pei treated eager fans with a great release of camera samples, showcasing the significant camera upgrades in the Nothing Phone (2).

The Promised Camera Upgrade

Back in May, Carl Pei tantalized tech enthusiasts with promises of remarkable camera performance in the Nothing Phone (2). According to the CEO, the device’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip would deliver an exceptional leap in camera capabilities. The latest camera samples shared by Pei affirm that these claims were not mere marketing hype.

A Leap Forward in Image Processing

While Nothing Phone (1) ‘s predecessor was an impressive device, it suffered from lackluster camera performance. The image processing capabilities fell short despite featuring a 50MP primary and 50MP ultrawide sensor. However, the camera samples from the Nothing Phone (2) indicate a significant improvement.

The images captured by the new device exhibit a striking contrast and vibrant colors, breathing life into every scene. The details are rendered sharply without appearing unnaturally enhanced. Notably, even the selfie shots surpass the quality of the Nothing Phone (1)’s front-facing camera.

Focus Challenges and Future Optimizations

According to a report by 9to5Google, the autofocus feature on the Nothing Phone (2) presents some challenges. However, it is important to note that the Nothing OS 2.0, which powers the device, is still in its early stages. As a result, the focus issues mentioned by 9to5Google can be swiftly addressed through software updates. Users can anticipate further refinements to the camera’s performance in the near future.

Stay Updated for More Camera Performance Insights

As we eagerly waiting for the official launch of the Nothing Phone (2), additional updates regarding the camera performance will likely emerge. Our team is committed to informing you about any new developments, so stay tuned for the latest news on this remarkable smartphone’s camera capabilities.


In conclusion, the camera samples shared by CEO Carl Pei provide an exciting glimpse into the impressive upgrades in the Nothing Phone (2). With enhanced image processing, vibrant colors, and sharper details, Nothing has made significant strides in addressing the camera limitations of its predecessor. While autofocus issues persist, they are expected to be resolved through software updates in the near future. As the official launch event approaches, anticipation builds to comprehensively assess the Nothing Phone (2)’s camera prowess.

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