Top 7 best job posting sites in Saudi Arabia


The country of Saudi Arabia in the last century was a rather secretive country isolated from the outside world. But after some metamorphoses, it has become a fairly large labor market, moreover, attractive to foreign workers who are now drawn here from all over the world to try to find work here and arrange their lives. Due to a fairly high level of development, this country is popular not only for its good job offers, but also for its good wages. By the way, if you’re interested in working here, you can try looking for suitable vacancies on the site, which has a lot of different vacancies.

What jobs are accessible in Saudi Arabia?

Despite the fact that this country is known mainly for its oil and gas industry, Arabia is a major employer not only for people who are professionals in this business, but for all workers in general, in a huge number of areas. There are quite a few chances to find vacancies, for example, in the field of information technology, banking and telecommunications, and if you don’t have the education necessary for such work, you can easily find an easier-to-get job in the restaurant and hotel business, tourism, or catering. The current focus on diversifying the economy and lowering restrictions on foreign company ownership may also open up opportunities in healthcare, education, tourism and engineering to foreign workers and foreign companies interested in doing business in this country.

Where are the most profitable vacancies and where are the most jobs located?

As in all other countries, basically most of the available jobs are situated in major cities of the country. Most of the vacancies can be found just in the capital of the country – Riyadh, or the second largest city – Jeddah. It’s also possible that vacancies in other cities may be available, but there’ll be much fewer of them. However, even there you can find what you need.

Who has a good chance of getting a job in Saudi Arabia?

As in any other country in the world, there are cool job opportunities for people with and without higher education. In various industries such as construction, hospitality, service and retail, there are jobs available for job seekers without a university degree. It can be jobs such as workers, maintenance personnel, drivers, salespeople and other workers whose work requires mainly practical skills and experience. It’s important to pay attention to the requirements of employers and look for suitable vacancies in accordance with personal skills and interests, as well as in accordance with your capabilities. There are chances for people with a good education as well, but getting a job right after university in Saudi Arabia is quite difficult, especially if you didn’t have a chance to gain some experience. Also, you may be somewhat hindered by the fact that the country is actively trying to triple its citizens for work, and employers always give priority to their fellow citizens, but despite this factor, there are still many vacancies for which foreigners can work.

A fairly profitable and successful option for foreign specialists would be to get a job in an international corporation that also has offices in Saudi Arabia, but which are not local companies. It’ll be even easier to join a company in a country and then move onto a position in Saudi Arabia, while already having specialized skills and knowledge.

Do I need to know Arabic to work in Saudi Arabia?

Despite the fact that the official language here is Arabic, a good knowledge of English is of great importance for the chance of getting a fine job, not only in this country but in the whole world. Despite this, Arabic is the main language of communication, English is very widely used in the business environment and is the language used by employees of all international companies of which there are many. All employers value employees who are proficient in English as it enables them to interact more effectively with foreign colleagues and clients, as well as improve access to international opportunities and resources. Knowing this language is your chance to get a good job at least, because without knowing English, you’ll not be able to get the same good job offers as those who speak this language well. Knowledge of Arabic is not mandatory in most cases, but it’ll be a nice bonus, which may even have a positive effect on your salary.

Why is it worth looking for a job in Arabia on the Internet?

The process of searching for a job in Saudi Arabia on various online platforms offers several undeniable advantages over other methods, such as:

  • The sites have a wide range of job vacancies that are located in one place. This will save a lot of time and effort for those who are looking.
  • Online sites provide additional information about jobs and companies. This allows you to compare and choose the most suitable options among all available.
  • Online job application is a kind easy process. It allows you to quickly apply to several vacancies at the same time.

Internet sites provide an opportunity for active job search and self-presentation. Some sites provide features that allow you to get the attention of employers, upload a portfolio, or showcase your skills and accomplishments. This is done so that employers can search for workers themselves and make offers.

7 good job search sites in Saudi Arabia


It has good filters for selecting the vacancies, suitable for you from all the available ones, of which there are quite a lot, not only in Saudi but also in many countries of the world. This is an international site that is used by people from all over the world. It contains good job descriptions with prescribed requirements, conditions and parameters.

2.    SaudiJobSearch

A site that is exclusive to Saudi Arabia and contains only local vacancies. On it, you can also quickly set up a search and search for everything you need.

3.    Mihnati

Mihnati is one of the most popular online job platforms in Arabia with a huge number of clients. There are vacancies on the platform in both the private and public sectors. Users can filter jobs by various categories. Mihnati also provides free resume analysis and resume writing services, as well as resume promotion to top jobs.

4.    GulfTalent

A popular international site that has vacancies from all the countries of the Persian Gulf, and a large number of available vacancies.

5.    Wzayef

The site which is the most popular in Saudi and Egypt. There are a lot of people working with it, so there are a lot of vacancies.

6.    Grab jobs

An international site that is also popular for finding jobs in Saudi Arabia, but can also be used to find jobs in other countries.

7.    LinkedIn

A very popular worldwide resource for employers, companies and employees where employers are looking for employees and vice versa. Also popular among most of the companies in Saudi Arabia.

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