What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat


What does the purple circle mean on Snapchat? Snapchat, known for its vibrant and visually appealing user interface, employs various colors to convey different meanings to its users. However, understanding these colors can sometimes be confusing. Among the array of colorful icons, one may wonder about the significance of a purple circle around a user’s story. In this article, we will find the meaning behind this design choice and shed light on its implications within the Snapchat app.

Understanding what does the purple circle mean on Snapchat

Snapchat employs a range of colors to differentiate its various features and sections. For instance, on the Chat screen, users encounter red, blue, and purple icons, each representing different types of notifications. A red square signifies a new Snap without audio, while a purple square indicates a new Snap with audio. On the other hand, a blue square denotes the presence of a new chat message.

Differentiating Snapchat Stories: Blue and Purple Rings

When browsing through Snapchat Stories, users may have noticed the presence of blue and purple rings around certain content. The distinction between these rings depends on how users access their friends’ Stories. Stories viewed through the Chat section display a blue ring, while those accessed via the Stories page showcase a purple ring.

The Meaning of the Purple Circle

The purple ring surrounding a Snapchat story is primarily a design choice made by the app’s developers. Snapchat utilizes color accents to differentiate between different app sections, as evident from the purple color on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen is specifically related to Stories. Therefore, when users view their friends’ updates through the Stories page, the purple ring serves as a visual indicator.

Snapchat’s Private Stories

The purple circle on the Stories page may sometimes appear with a lock icon. This indicates that the user has been added to the creator’s Private Story. Private Stories are only visible to select users, adding an element of exclusivity to the content. Once a user views a Private Story, the purple ring and locks transform into a gray hue, resembling a regularly viewed Snapchat Story.

Decoding the Purple Circle Around a Snapchat Bitmoji

Snapchatters may also notice the presence of purple circles around other users’ Bitmojis. These circles commonly appear under the Quick Add section on the Stories page or within the Add Friends section. In the Stories section, Snapchat displays a row of recommended friends, accompanied by their Bitmoji, a purple circle, and a purple “Add Friend” button. However, the purple circle in this context serves no particular purpose and is merely a design choice to enhance the visual appeal of the interface.

Additionally, under the Add Friends section, only certain individuals within the Quick Add section have a purple circle around their Bitmoji. This purple circle indicates that the user has posted a Story that the viewer has yet to see. By tapping on the Bitmoji, users can play the Story if it is public. Alternatively, they will be redirected to the individual’s profile page, where they have the option to add the person as a friend on Snapchat.

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Snapchat’s color-coded interface adds vibrancy and visual cues to enhance the user experience. The purple circle surrounding Snapchat Stories signifies a design choice made by the app’s developers to differentiate content accessed through the Stories page. Moreover, the presence of a lock icon within the purple circle indicates that the Story is part of a Private Story, accessible only to select users. Understanding the meaning of these colors and symbols enables users to navigate Snapchat’s interface with ease, ensuring an enjoyable and informed social media experience. I hope all your question are clear about what does the purple circle mean on Snapchat.

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