Aero Insta Apk Download: Latest Mod version of Instagram


There has been an enormous increase in social media users over the previous century due to their free entertainment benefits. You will experience that Instagram is an app that provides excellent content for entertainment. Here we study an Apk app named Aero Insta, famous for its amazing and attractive features where an individual can spend most of the time entertaining himself.

This latest mod version for instagram has filled all those gaps and deficiencies lacking in the original Instagram. Different themes are present in dark shades, one of the salient features of this Insta Aero Apk.The focused feature of this app is downloading, where you not only download the videos and images but can also watch the downloaded media in a high resolution. If you want an amazing experience, downloading the recent version of Aero Instagram Mod APK is a compulsion.

What is Aero Insta APK?

Sommer Damous(Soula Mods) has introduced this re-adjusted version of InstaUltra Official. Other sites provide instagram Mod and WhatsApp, but Soula Mods is one of the best websites. It has executed the best version of Whatsapp Mod, which is named Soula Whatsapp Lite, with various salient features. Aero is developed only for users who love the dark theme, and Bozkurt Hazar has the credit to his name for developing this Insta Aero APK. As for as Aero apps are concerned, Hazar is considered a well-known developer. You also have information about this edition of the Whatsapp Aero app. It is a famous app mainly designated for a variety of themes.

Features you will experience are almost the same as for Ultra, with some extra UI edits and symbols that satisfy you.

Aero Insta APK Features

There are many unique and interesting features in this instagram Mod. We will discuss here some of the more crucial ones.

Profile picture Zoom

You can take a full-screen view of any picture and video on Aero Insta. For this, you only have to tap double on the DP to zoom in and out.

Dark themes

We found a facility of only two themes in the official Instagram version from where we can switch once from one to the other. But with the changing time, developers of Aero Instagram APK, keeping this in mind, has added a scheme of dark color themes like dark green, dark blue and dark red, etc.


You can make changes according to your will in account settings, home screen, chat options, notification settings, themes and posts, and more amazing features.

Downloading media

It is simple to download some reels, videos, stories, and photos on Aero Insta. It was disturbing when you went for some screenshots or screen record activity and sent it to your friends after making changes in the content by editing it. Still, saving a media file in your gallery has become easy with only one click.

Ghost mode

There are different types of followers; some want to eliminate this privacy option. They want to execute their task without letting anyone know they are considered silent viewers of others’ activities. So, if you also want to benefit from this Ghost mode feature immediately, go for the installation of Aero Insta APK and enable this ghost mode. Now you can read others’ messages without giving them a sign of “view.”

Hide adds

We often face an ad while scrolling through a post which is quite irritating for us which distracts us and frustrates us. But now, with the help of this Aero Insta APK, you can block those ads by going directly to advanced settings and blocking the add option.

Fast forward or rewind videos

With a feature of this Aero Instagram, you can fast forward or rewind the videos at will to save your precious time.

Built-in app and Browser

Now this latest version of Aero instagram provides you with a built-in Browser through which you can search anything without jumping to another app.

App lock 

This feature of built-in App lock has made the task of locking the app more easy and viable. Having this app presence, you dont have to install some other app. This is a pre-build feature of this app.

Download with a double tap

You have to go to the setting where you will see the general setting. In these settings, You will find an option named “Download media on double tap.”Immediately activate this option to download the media by double tapping. This feature allows you to select the quality you want to download the media.

Feed Customization

If you want changes in the feed settings, you can set some shortcuts for the downloaded media. And if you want to zoom in on the post, tap it thrice, with this autoplay media settings managed easily by you.

Fast forward and rewind videos

When you see a post before your screen, press and slide on it; if it is a video post, you can easily manage the fast-forward and rewind videos on Instagram according to your wishful moments.

How to install Aero APK’s latest version on your Android devices?

This app does not match that of the play store but is very simple and straightforward to install. You only need to follow these steps to download and install the latest version of this Aero install app on your Android devices.

  • Go to the download button and click on it to download
  • After the download process, go to the download page in your browser and click on it.
  • After the install option comes before you, it will ask for permission from unknown sources when you click on it.
  • Immediately activate this option.
  • The installation process will start, which requires a wait of a few seconds. 
  • After downloading, open the app and log in to your account of Instagram and if there is no account present, create a new one and enjoy its brilliant and amazing features.


What is Aero Insta APK?

Insta Aero apk is a mod version of the official Instagram app with some resounding and additional features. This app has different features like hiding online presence, dark themes, downloading media, etc.

How can I download the newer Instagram Aero APK 2022 version on Android?

You can download it from any reliable and safe source.

Is it available on the play store?

It is still figurable whether this app is available on the play store.

Is it safe to use?

The Aero Insta app is safe to use, and if you have any problems, you can use an antivirus before use.


For those who like dark themes, the Aero Insta app is one of the best apps for them. As the appearance is concerned, this is an amazing application by Bozkurt Hazarr. All the features work in good condition, so we no longer have to look back.


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