How to change Vehicle sound In GTA 5? Complete Guide


How to change vehicle sound in GTA 5? Is this question bother you?  Have you felt the sounds of the vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 5’s creates disturbance? In this video game world, GTA 5 is considered the most famous and acknowledged in the resounding community. There are unlimited possibilities with a wide-open world for the players in the GTA 5 version. The sound of the vehicles in GTA 5 is irritating for some players, but the question raised is whether we could stop these irritating vehicles sounds. Stop your search immediately! In this article, we will guide you through the whole procedure of how a player can customize the sounds of the vehicles in this GTA 5 game.

How to change vehicle sound in GTA 5

This article unfolds something on you as we come up with the perfect sounds of the vehicle’s engine. But if you want to go more realistically, we have various new mods for you if you want some modification in the gameplay, like weapons, models and mechanics. So let’s start with how to change vehicle sound in  GTA 5 from here.

Step-By-Step Guide For Changing Vehicle Sounds In Gta 5

If you want to make some changes in the Sound of the vehicles in GTA 5, you have to arrange a few things. Ensure you are going with a fresh version of the game installed. Now go to the Steam library and open the properties of the game. After this process, you also need modding software like Open4, which ly free to download. You need a mod for your vehicle’s sound, but it now depends on you which mod you select, so let’s get started.


Total time: 1 hour

Downloading the necessary files 

If you want to change the sound of the vehicles in GTA 5, downloading some crucial files is necessary. The mods of games come in different shapes and sizes. To look for better than search for it. If an individual wants a free gaming experience without sound irritation, then make sure that the mod you have in your directory works according to the version of the game.

Installing the mod

Once you have completed the installation process, then you have to go for the installation of the perfect mod. The initial task is to extract the files from the mod’s archive. Look if Open4 opens up before you immediately go to the game’s directory. To install the mod, you have to copy the files from the mod’s archive to the game’s directory.

Configuring the mod

Once you install the mod, then you have to make a configuration to the mod. You have to go to the game settings option menu to change the sound setting of the game. Check it completely, whether it works completely or not.

Troubleshooting common issues

Once you install the mod, but you are facing difficulties in the working of the mod, then you have to make a few things happen. Check the mod is working with the compatibility of the version of the game if your game does not get going. Before starting, you need to make 100% percent sure that the copied files are placed in the right place. Go for the right configuration of the mod if the sound does not work properly for you.


Recent version of the game


 Modding Software


Right mod

Once you enter the game, you can go into real by making some changes in the sounds of the vehicle in GTA 5. You can do some experiments to find one of the best mods. Go for research work for additional resources to get more information if you want some customs changes in the sound of the vehicle. Once you do it, go for the right mods with which your car roars on the platform to achieve a different feel. This way, we will discover how to change vehicle sound in GTA 5.

Additional resources:

There are other options for the custom settings of the sounds of the vehicle. These resources can be helpful to your cause.

GTA 5 modding forums 

Some of these forums are available online. These forums are a great source of finding, mods, asking questions and sharing experiences. From the time of installation to the time of mods configuration, various tutorials on youtube are available.

The website that provides Gta 5:

These websites are huge in numbers. You will find forums and tutorials on these sites to get going and mods. Before joining, You will ensure the community is like-minded people who like modulating their game. Now it has become easier to share knowledge, experience and resources.

Changing the car’s sound, going for altered vehicles, the engine’s noise and replacing the car sound effect with custom vehicle audio mod in place are the right way to go by making changes in the right mod of custom vehicle audio. It does not matter which and what kind of purr you are searching for; this is a mod for your help.

Change Vehicle Sound in Gta 5 Issues and fixes

Making sudden changes in the GTA 5 is just entertainment and an effective way to make your own game. But concerns about some things you can change or improve them. You will do all this while making modding of Grand Theft Auto 5 and in which way we can make it fix or correct.

  1. On mod installation, if your game faces crashes, the possibilities are incompatibility between the add-ons or some conflict process between the mods. This issue can be resolved by eliminating turning off the mod you are going with.
  2. If your game is not launching after the mod installation or several tries, then look to change the mod as it is incompatible with your game, or there are some conflicting issues between the mods and anti-cheat systems. This also can be fixed by eliminating the mods.
  3. After the installation of the mods, your game shows graphical errors, then, it’s just because of the compatibility error. This also can be fixed by removing the mod creating problems.
  4. In the presence of multiple mods, if one mod conflicts with the other sound mod, it’s not working according to the compatibility of your game. Repeat the same procedure of eliminating the mod.
  5. The mods you have installed are in contrast with the other game-related mods that can cause damage or corrupt the game’s save data. You have to immediately remove the mod and then go for the restoration of a saved game file.

Faqs Of How To Change Vehicle Sound In GTA 5?

Can we change the vehicle’s sound in Grand Theft Auto 5 single-player?

Gta 5 permits you to change the sound of the vehicle.

Will changing the sound of the vehicles disturb the game’s performance?

Can we change the sounds of the other vehicles to those in Grand Theft Auto 5?


This article is all about how to change vehicle sound in GTA 5. We can change the sounds of the vehicles in GTA 5. You can make sudden changes in your cars, bikes and other automobiles. These are some of the problems faced by the common community during the modding of the Gta 5. Here is the method to get them fixed. Install the mods and fix game crashes. The sound problems you faced during the game are just because of the mods’ incompatibility with that of a version of the game. By installing add-ons, you can modify the sounds of the vehicles in GTA 5, like bikes, cars etc. Besides this, you can also change some other vehicles’ sounds and engine roars. Different mods are available for your help to improve the graphics and visual effects, including lightning, reflections and textures.


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